Seven Reasons You Need Fresh Flowers in Your Home


I love fresh flowers in our home and today I am sharing seven reasons why you need fresh flowers in your home.

seven reasons why you need fresh flowers in your home

One of my goals this year is to bring fresh flowers into our home more often. I love to arrange flowers and I love the beauty that fresh flowers bring in to our home. When I was asked to be part of this blog hop and to style a spring vignette, I knew I wanted to share our flower arranging room. There are always some flower arranging happening here and today I am styling some roses and ranunculus. I opted not to share a photo of the finished flower arrangement. Rather, I wanted to share where and how things are created. 

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These are grocery store flowers by the way, and I just love them. Besides, they are pink! If I can’t get to the flower mart then I am always at either Trader Joe’s or our local grocery store buying flowers.

I feel very strongly that you need fresh flowers in your home. So I put together a convincing argument as to why you need to do this too.

Seven Reasons You Need Fresh Flowers in Your Home

Reason #1 – Flowers are Beautiful and Make Your Home Look Pretty

I love fresh flowers in my home. There is no doubt it looks better and often the pop of color in my very neutral home makes me smile! It always amazes me how great our house looks once the flowers are put throughout our home.

Flowers also bring the outdoors indoors which is great when the weather outside isn’t good. Last week I wrote a post about how to force flowering branches to bloom in your home. If you are looking for a way to add color to your home during this dreamy winter, just bring some fresh flowers home!

Reasons you need fresh flowers

Reason #2 Flowers Have a Wonderful Scent That Makes Your Home Smell Wonderful

Flowers are a great natural air refresher. The scents of flowers can make your home smell so good. This reason alone should motivate you to bring some fresh flowers home.

Reason #3 Flowers Can Help You Sleep

We all know that flowers can help you physically heal. Many hospitals provide green space for recovering patients because simply looking at plants every day helps stressed people feel more relaxed. Less stress always leads to better sleep. Which is good!

need fresh flowers

Reason #4 Flowers Reduce Stress

There is a reason so many stressed-out people buy and grow flowers to combat the blues. Not only is the experience of growing things cathartic, but floral scents can do a lot to lower stress. We get an inner sense of peace when we smell good things and there is no doubt these good smells reduce stress.

Seven reason you need fresh flowers

Reason #5 Flowers Can Improve Relationships

Buying flowers for someone is about more than wanting them to have something pretty. It’s a simple way to let someone know you are thinking about them.

Flowers make most people happy so we know that giving (and getting) fresh flowers is a good thing.

Reason #6  Flowers Make You Happy

Getting flowers delivered to your door is always a wonderful surprise. I think you all know how true this is! A bouquet of flowers is a sign that someone cares for you, and the thought can do a lot for a person’s well-being. A pretty flower bouquet with bright colors and a soothing scent can brighten a room and your mood at the same time.

Rutgers University study found that the link between flowers and your satisfaction with life is far more important than previously thought. In fact, the study said, “The presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed.”

fresh flowers in your home

Reason # 7 Flowers Can Help You Focus and Boost to Your Memory

A study done by Texas A&M University found that having fresh flowers in a workspace increased problem-solving abilities, boosted creative thoughts, and helped workers generate ideas. Fresh flowers can also help you focus. Did you know that keeping plants in indoor spaces may help with concentration and memory? Since plants oxygenate the air, this can boost your brain cells and help make you feel more like your best self. 

Are you convinced? Fresh flowers do a lot more than make a room pretty. They can enhance your mood, reduce stress, help you concentrate and help you sleep better. Who knew that a bundle of flowers picked up at the grocery store could do so much.

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  1. Great post!!! I really enjoyed reading it, I did not know they are studies done on fresh flowers or the befits of having fresh flowers around you , so I learned something, thank you. Have a great day.

    1. Leslie, I ended up making my own “I must have flowers always and always” print with my Cricut Maker! Thank you so much!

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