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Happy Summer! As I finalize my summer decorating plans, I thought I would share some of my Summer Decor Finds and a little bit about what is happening around my home.

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Thanks for joining me for Sunday morning coffee. Today I am sharing my weekly thoughts about entertaining, decor, crafts, and recipes, and some great summer decor finds for your home.

A Little Bit About Me

Summer Decor Ideas

I hope you all are having a wonderful 4th of July weekend. For those of you not celebrating the US, I am sure you are having a wonderful summer weekend!

I am working on finalizing my summer decor and I have found some amazing decor ideas that I can’t wait to share with you.

My Plans for Summer Decor and Decorating

Summer Decor Ideas in the family Room

What do you do for summer decorating? Before I start changing things around, I like to think about the overall look of my house for summer. Since my house is all neutral, I can easily change to summer colors with accessories.

I am about done with the pink accents as they have been in my house for a very long time and I am ready for a change. Do you have any ideas for accent colors? Blue? Green? Aqua? Those three colors are something I haven’t really done in a long time and I thought it might be fun to get away from the pinks and oranges.

I need to pick a color this weekend so please send over your ideas.

My next step is to shop our home. I really do have a lot of decor items stashed in various places in our home so there is a good chance I have almost everything I will need for a summer refresh. I would love to make pillows, because they are my favorite thing to make.

I am due for a few fun craft projects anyway so I can’t wait.

My Favorite Summer Decor Amazon Finds

There are so many holiday sales happening right now and every time I look online I find something I love! Today I thought it might be fun if I share some of these wonderful summer decor finds for your home.

Living Room/Family Room


Dining Room

Back Yard / Porch

My Favorite Summer Anthropologie Finds

They are having a big sale this weekend!

My Favorite Summer Decor Pottery Barn Finds

PS – Pottery Barn is having a sale over the 4th of July weekend, up to 75% off!!!

Reflections on the Week

Another amazing week is behind us and I loved sharing so many fun ideas on my blog. I love my new crystal chandeliers and the beach house taco recipes. My succulent wreath and 4th of July wooden crate were really fun DIYs. And the summer entertaining ideas and 4th of July table decor were so much fun to create!

Which was your favorite?

My Favorite Things

In the House

My friend Karianne shared how to make a faux roman shade. I have never made one of these and I want to try! Check out her DIY here.

Becki Owens shared Four Can’t-Miss Kitchen Renovations. Isn’t this a fabulous kitchen?

Good Things From Martha – 25 Main-Course Summer Salads That Are Packed with Protein

Martha and I thought you might be interested in these salads packed with protein and vegetables.

What’s Ahead for The Week

How is it the 4th of July weekend already? Are you alI feeling like his year is flying by? I know I am. I hope you are having a restful and relaxing holiday weekend. I am grateful for some downtime with my family and to spend some time at the beach and on the golf course.

Next week is going to be another fun and full week. This week I am sharing a fun dinner on the beach with solar lanterns. You don’t need a beach to set up this fun table and lighting. I will also be discussing summer centerpieces and a really fun DIY on flower art. I am joining some of my blogger friends and I will be sharing our ideas for outdoor entertaining and also a DIY about summer colors. At the end of the week, I will take you on a summer home tour.

Be sure to follow my Instagram stories every day this week as I will be sharing all of the behind the scenes for each blog post.

I am excited for next week at My 100 Year Old Home.

If you would like to help me out, you can use my Amazon link here. You can also find my Amazon link in my Instagram highlights and in every blog post. I make a small commission on your purchases but using my link does not cost you a penny! Thank you again for using my link to shop on Amazon.

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Summer Decor Finds

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  1. I am never really over pink…but mainly because the only place I use any significant amount of pink is in the guest bedroom. One of my favorite summer changes is blue and white, my home is primarily all neutrals, so it’s an easy change! looking forward to seeing what you choose!

  2. I am really favoring ALL the different shades of lavender for summer with canyon rose (very unique color) along with grass green or cilantro green color. Right into Fall. Guess I am talking more flowers than house elements. However, the Canyon Rose is a nice complimentary color to Navy. I prefer saturated color over muted colors and as a quilter (maker of quilts) I look at color values mostly. How I wish there were periwinkle blues in my real nature palette – favorite color.
    Cannot tell you how much inspiration and thinking outside the box you bring me through your posts. Thank you for such a joyful blog. JudyCinNC

  3. I personally love blush pink and a certain shade of sage green, but I love navy and touches of red, so it’s hard to tell you. I am not a fan of blue (minority I know). I love greens, there are many shades, as one comment above says. I, too, am talking as an accent.. I hope you share your choice. I enjoy your posts!

  4. It was a fun week – I loved your chandelier post! On a separate subject, did you move your sitting area into what used to be a dining area? It looks great there, just wondering if you still have a secondary eating area, and what you put in front of the fireplace? Maybe
    I missed where you told us about that, but your house fascinates me, obviously! 🙂

    Happy 4th!

  5. I’m in love with sage green, it gives everything that’s light a clean, calm look that pops. Trouble is… It has become very difficult to find.

  6. Aqua, me semble une jolie couleur estivale. Nos maisons française étant beaucoup plus petites que vos maisons américaines, nous n’avons pas autant de possibilités de faire des décorations différentes dans divers endroits de la maison ou du jardin.
    J’ai fait l’erreur il y a quelques années d’acheter un canapé de couleur bordeaux, cela me bloque pour changer la couleur des mes décorations ! Mais il est tellement confortable que je ne souhaite pas le changer. Donc je ne varie que du bordeaux l’hiver au rose poudré l’été.
    Bonne journée.

  7. I love the idea of Aqua… it reminds me a lot of the 50’s and that era has been on my mind of late… it is also so refreshing with white.

  8. I think green is your new color. It mixes so well with pink, nothing says summer to me more than pink and green, you already have the pink, so bringing in green to mix with your pink would be lovely and summery!

  9. Love your kitchen as is, it is just classic. Your island is just gorgeous, could you tell me how wide it is. I am redoing my kitchen and just wondering if that style would fit in my kitchen. My island now is enclosed all the way around and not very efficient and I like how you have drawers on one side and stools on the other side….Thank you

  10. Blue is my absolute fave!! Lately I’ve been loving blues, yellows, greens and/or blues, white, and pinks. With the exception of my kitchen and den, all the rooms in my house are done in some shade of blue. I would have it in my kitchen and den, but our counters are black granite (🥴) and I don’t see us changing them any time soon. If you have any ideas about how I can incorporate blue with my black counters, I’d appreciate it! My cabinets are glazed off-white and our floors are hickory.
    I have to tell you, I am loving your pink! It is just so yummy. For me, a natural change in accent color would be to blue and/or green. Any and most shades….as you do so well!

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