Dining Table Decor Ideas for Summer

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The summer refresh is continuing throughout our home and today I am sharing my new dining table decor ideas!

I do like to add seasonal decor to our dining room throughout the year. I’ll always change it every season and I often leave our dining table set and ready for guests! I think it makes the dining room feel more welcoming and I am excited to share my dining table decor ideas for summer.

Dining Table Decor Ideas for Summer

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Dining Tabel Decor Ideas

Dining Table Decor Ideas for Summer

This is my third summer room refresh and I knew it was time to add another color. Copper (or Rose Gold) is such a beautiful accent color. and if you have followed me for a while, then you know I have a supply of copper dining accessories.

Dining Table Decor Ideas for Summer

I pulled out my copper candlesticks and chargers. I love them both and the minute you set them on a table they really shine! I use to rarely use candles on my table but I do think they add so much ambience. What is better than a candlelight dinner, right?

I think they also make the food taste better. Hehe.

Table Decor


Dining Table Decor Ideas for Summer

I know you won’t be surprised but I mixed my glassware on this table. I pulled out my favorite green water glasses and I know I share them a lot. But they really are that wonderful (and they have matching wine goblets).

Dining Table Decor Ideas for Summer

The wine glasses are my absolute favorites! These gold rimmed wine goblets have a very intricate design on them. Aren’t they wonderful?


Dining Table Decor Ideas for Summer

Since I added the accent color of copper to the table I decided to use my copper rimmed plates and these wonderful Portmeirion salad plates. They offer a fun option to a typical table with green plates and I love that it’s different!

The placemats are ones I have used a gazillion times. They are so versatile and reasonably priced and you can literally use them every time you set the table!


Dining Table Decor Ideas for Summer

I thought it might be fun to try something new for vases, so I took my set of three apothecary jars and used them to hold my fresh flowers. A quick trip to Trader Joe’s and I grabbed white roses and peonies which look wonderful on my table!

I use apothecary jars as decor all throughout our home. Who knew they would look so great as vases! Check out my post How to Decorate with Glass Apothecary Jars.

Dining Table Decor Ideas for Summer

I thought it might be fun to share some of the different seasonal designs I have created in our dining room. Our dining room has changed a bit in the last five years. If you look at the last two photos you can see the heavy silk drapes. Believe it or not, the sun shredded the drapes and I am kind of thankful it happened. Why? Because I don’t think I would have taken them down otherwise.

It wasn’t until I took them down that I realized how great the windows look without them.

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Dining Table Decor Ideas for Summer

I love adding copper accents to the room so I used my copper bowl and filled it with faux flowers. I love how the light reflects on the side of the bowl!

Dining Table Decor Ideas for Summer .

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Summer Decor Ideas for the Family Room

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Dining Table Decor Ideas for Summer

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  1. I love this combination! Definitely my colors and you could even use them at Christmas too. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Your dedication to updating your dining room with seasonal decor is a fantastic way to keep your home feeling fresh and inviting all year round. It’s thoughtful to set your dining table in preparation for guests, making them feel welcome and adding a touch of elegance to your home.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your dining table decor ideas for summer! Seasonal decor can bring a wonderful burst of energy and color to your dining room, creating a lovely ambiance for gatherings.

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