Around the House – Week Twenty

Welcome To Around The House At My 100 Year Old Home. This Is A Weekly Update I Share On Weekends About What Is Going On Inside My 100 Year Old Home.

Spring Table with Pink Transferware

Welcome Inside My 100 Year Old Home

Happy Mother’s Day. I know this will be a Mother’s Day like we have never had before, but it’s comforting to know we can celebrate all of the moms in our life, even from a distance. 

My New Blog

My. 100 Year Old Home website
photo by Gillian Sarah

It seems kind of silly to be talking about my new website and blog when you are on my new blog reading this. But it’s had such a huge impact on me that it makes me smile every day.

So why did I need a new website and blog?  I basically outgrew my old website. I kept adding more content every week (and say) and it became overloaded. None of my categories made sense, it was impossible to find anything (such as recipes), and I had really outgrown my website and blog.

I was at the Alt Summit in Palm Springs in February and I met a gal named Gillian Sarah who designs websites. I liked her and looked at her Instagram and LOVED what I saw. I wanted my website to look like the ones she had designed so I hired Sarah. And it was the most incredible experience. Gillian not only designed a beautiful website for me, but she guided me through the process of rebranding and reorganizing my 550+ blog posts. I also want to mention that Gillian has created theme templates too. You can find those here.

My favorite things about my new website are the new pages and categories. I love the Home Tour section. I broke it down by home and by room. So if you want to know a paint color or more about the room all you have to do is click on it! I also love the Shop My Home section. I get asked every day where I bought something for our home and now it’s all there 24/7. 

So many of you have reached out to say how much you love the new redesign. Thank you.

Planter and Egg Carton Lights

I really enjoyed creating and posting an upcycled craft project on my blog. It took me a while to come up with something. I literally walked around our home looking for something to upcycle and fortunately found a carton of eggs! These egg carton lights were easy and fun to make and a craft you can make in less than two hours. You can see the complete DIY here.

What’s New in The Family Room

My theme for the month of May is collecting. 

My love for collecting things needs no explanation. I collect mostly vintage items such as quilts, English advertising pots, crocks, scales, flower frogs, transferware, and more.

This week I shared my transferware collection on the blog. I have vintage and new pieces and even though some of my collection is rare, I use it all the time. I even listed some places where you can find both old and new transferware.

brown transferware

Around the House

Party Supplies Storage

I get asked all of the time where I store all of our party supplies.  

So I finally showed you a room inside My 100 Year Old Home I have never shared before … our basement!

It’s a room I don’t really share because it’s not finished and it’s really only used for storage and laundry. (If you would have told me a month ago I was going to post pictures of my basement on this blog I would have said you are crazy! California basements are tiny. And not glamorous!) 

But this is where store most of my entertaining supplies. And I spent three days cleaning and organizing it so why not share? It’s not pretty but it’s my real life.

I also shared a virtual dinner party we attended this week.

Zoom Wine Dinner

Our family participated in a wine makers dinner this week. It was a Zoom Dinner and I absolutely loved it. And of course, that got me thinking … why couldn’t I host a Zoom Dinner Party myself?

So I shared on my blog How to Host a Zoom Dinner Party.

Dinner Table Set for Zoom Dinner

Inside My 100 Year Old Home –  My Craft Room

Free Motion Embroidery Pillow

I was blown away by your reaction to my post on My Favorite DIY Pillows.

I love making pillows and thought it might be fun to share all of the DIY pillows I have made on my blog. 

I am not sure which one is my favorite. I think it’s this Free Motion Embroidery pillow with pink and orange flowers.

But seriously, I love them all.

Some of these DIY pillows are more difficult than others. Some don’t require any sewing. I just hope these ideas will inspire you to try a pillow craft project at home.

Twelve Pillow DIY ideas

Let’s See What My Friends Are Up To

Speaking of pillows, my friend Karianne from Thistlewood shared the cutest ever DIY Hydrangea Drop Cloth Pillow.

Janine at Happy Happy Nester made an Easy Homemade Granola Recipe. It looks so good!

Sarah at Dreaming of Homemaking shared the Best Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins.

Liz Marie Blog shared the most amazing How to Buy Plants Online

Looking Out the Front Door

Next week on the blog I will be sharing a DIY that you all voted on. Plus I have more fun crafts, a new recipe, another one of my favorite collections, and an exciting update on our Waco Airbnb.

I am really enjoying writing these blog posts and sharing what’s happening inside My 100 Year Old Home. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support!

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