DIY Fall Pumpkin with Pink and Copper Leaf

Metal leaf is one of my favorite craft materials and this gorgeous DIY Fall Pumpkin craft took less than thirty minutes to make.

Whether you are a master crafter or brand new to crafting, this is the craft for you! Do you know why?

DIY Fall Pumpkin with Metal Leaf
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Fall Pumpkin with Metal Leaf

Metal leaf is a craft material that adds an instant patina to any surface. The reason it is a material for both seasoned crafters and newbies is that Imperfection is the goal. It’s a little tricky to work with, but that only adds to the uniqueness of each piece.

Do you see the two tall candlesticks in the back of the photo above? I also made them with copper leaf. You can find the DIY here.

Fall Table Decor Ideas for Your Dining Room

I’m not sure what inspired me to try a combination of two colors for these fall pumpkins, but I’m glad I did. Pink and copper are two of my favorites and I absolutely love the way the metal leaf looks on these white pumpkins.

I was excited to make pumpkins for this blog group and I went through a lot of different ideas. You might have seen the copper pumpkins I made previously. These pink and copper pumpkins are so different and I really like them. You could make yours with any color metal leaf.

Copper and Pink Metal Leaf Fall Pumpkins

Here is a close-up of the two fall pumpkins I made. I think I am going to have to make a few more. I really like them!

Fall Pumpkins with Pink and Copper Leaf

I used two different pumpkins for this craft. You can use any kind, color, or size of faux pumpkins to make yours. These pumpkins are similar but just enough different!

Fall Pumpkins in the Carriage House

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How to Make Fall Pumpkins with Pink and Copper Leaf

Supplies for Fall Pumpkin

Materials List

White pumpkins

One package of Imitation Leaf Gold Rose for Gilding for Crafting 

One Package Multi-Color Imitation Gold Leaf Sheets

Mona Lisa two ounce Metal Leaf Adhesive

Mona Lisa water-based sealer (optional)

Rubber gloves

Assorted paint brushes

Fall Pumpkin DIY

With a brush, cover the pumpkins with the metal leaf adhesive. Let the pumpkin sit for about twenty minutes which will allow for the adhesive to get sticky.

Rubbing on the Metal Leaf

While wearing the gloves, carefully remove one piece of foil and gently lay it on top of the pumpkin. Do not worry if it isn’t perfect and if some of it doesn’t stick, that is fine too. The goal is to have an uneven application of the metal leaf. So don’t worry about anything!

Look at the close-up below. These are not perfect by any means!

Applying Metal Leaf to Pumpkin

Alternate between the copper and the pink sheets. One thing you might want to do is try not to have too many perfect straight edges of the foil. I just rubbed it with my finger in some places so that there weren’t too many straight edges.

DIY Fall Pumpkin Metal Leaf

Continue applying the foil so that you have about 75% of the pumpkin covered.

Take a dry brush and gently brush on top of the pumpkin to remove any stray pieces of foil.

Apply the sealer if desired. And let dry.

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Two white pumpkins covered in orange and pink metal leaf sitting in front of a window.

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  1. your color story here is just delightful. Thank you for sharing your wisdom of metal leafing. We always learn something new and interesting from YOU sweet friend. Blessings on your weekend…HUGS!

  2. How many faux pumpkins of this size will 1 bottle of the size & 1 of the 100 sheet packs make? Just curious how much to order. These are gorgeous!

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