How to Organize a Bedroom Closet

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I finally found an easy project! Today I am sharing how to organize a bedroom closet. This was simple and very easy to do. Thank heavens!

Closets can be a HUGE source of anxiety for people, especially when it comes to organizing them. How do you fit everything in and make it look nice at the same time? If you’re looking for some tips on how to organize a bedroom closet, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading for our best advice.

Bedroom Master Closet

How to Organize a Bedroom Closet

It’s day five of our Organizing Week and I am so happy I found an easy task. I decided to share how to organize a bedroom closet. I just don’t think I could have handled a big project. (I have too many things to do!)

This entire week my friend KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms and I are sharing organizing tips. You will want to check out her post today about Easy Closet Organizational Ideas.

I wanted to make sure you saw our previous linen closet, office/craft room, butler’s pantry, and kitchen organizing posts.

The After Photos

This is my newly organized master bedroom closet.

I love how everything is organized by style … casual, sporty and, fancy. And it all just makes so much more sense.

I use to organize things by color in my closet. But I decided I am usually getting dressed with a style in mind. And the styles appear to be casual, sporty, and fancy.

Master Bedroom Closet

How to Organize Your Master Closet

Apply the One Year Rule

The One Year Rule is simple. If you haven’t worn it for a year, then you probably don’t need it. There are some exceptions (such as special occasion outfits), but this has always worked really well for me.

Until this year.

Master Bedroom Closet

I couldn’t use the “One Year Rule” this year for my clothes and shoes. I haven’t been anywhere in a long time so I would have needed to discard at least half of my wardrobe.

With all of the stay at home orders, especially in Southern California, I haven’t dressed up much. Like hardly any at all.

So I simplified the process and got rid of 12 pairs of shoes. And a lot of clothes.

Master Bedroom Closet

I reorganized my shoes as well by style as well You can see all of my “sporty” shoes on the bottom shelf. If I am looking for party shoes for an outdoor party, then I know exactly where to look.

Master Bedroom Closet

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Here you can see two photos of the redone shoe and purse area for my closets.

The Before Photos

My closet wasn’t that bad. It’s not near as bad as some of my BEFORE photos earlier this week.

Master Bedroom Closet

By the way, the boxes were basically nothing. I am not sure why they were there in the first place.

I hope you like my quick remodel.

All you have to do is remember three words.

Casual, sporty and fancy.

Master Bedroom Closet

Don’t forget to check out my friend Karianne at Thistlewood Farms and her Easy Closet Organizational Ideas. Look at her gorgeous master bedroom.

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How to Organize Your Closet

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  1. Usually after the holiday rush my closet seems to get a little bit scrambled.Actually I’m a neet fanatic and I like to know that my close are all in order this way you don’t need to spend time trying to find everything Let me tell you that I sort of use your casual sporty fancy rule. It works great. I also popped over to read your friend’s blog on organizing and she is right about the velvet hangers.They don’t take up much space and the close cling on to them.Wonderful post I hope everyone likes it as much as I did.Have a great day.

  2. I organize my closet by season
    All my tops are organized by color and pants, skirts too. My shoes are organized by color, too. It’s just easier for this OCD 72 year old.

    1. Oh my gosh Rosie, I love how organized you are! Thank you so much for reaching out and for sharing your comment!

  3. I’m in love with all those wonderful shoe shelves. What I would do, since they are obviously adjustable shelves, would be to lessen the “dead head space” that is above so many of the shoes and add another shelf or two. I have always organized that way and am able to easily gain more space. I love your whole look. Thanks for the post.

    1. Thank you Eileen for reaching out with your comment. Yes, adjustable shelves are key! Thank you for following along with me. Have a greeat rest of your weekend!

  4. Ummm, what about a category for work/professional? Casual, sporty, dressy doesn’t fit a working woman’s closet at all (at least not mine). I understand that these categories can be adjusted but I feel like you’ve overlooked a big chunk of many women’s closets.

    1. I have worked from home for over 20+ years, so I don’t need a work/professional category. I shared mine based on my needs and lifestyle. That being said, I love that every closet can be personalized. I’m sure yours will be different from mine and exactly what you need!

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