How to Plan a Trip to the Round Top Vintage Market

Earlier this year I made my fifth trip to the Round Top Antiques Show. Today I am sharing how you can plan a trip to the Round Top Vintage Market too.

Each year, in the fall and the spring, the tiny town of Round Top, Texas swells with eager vintage market shoppers. Keep reading to find all of my tips on planning your trip to the Round Top Vintage Market!

vintage cutting boards and wooden bowls at the Round Top Antique Fair.

I have been to a lot of Vintage Market shows. You know, the kind of shows where vintage items are lined up for yards, acres, or miles and there are amazing bargains to find.

I have been to Brimfield, The Rose Bowl Flea Market, The Long Beach flea Market, Scotts in Atlanta, The Roundtop Vintage Market, and more.

So which one is my favorite?

Favorite Finds

It’s Time to Plan a Trip to Round Top, Texas

I think my favorite just might be the Round Top Vintage Market.

Ironstone bowls and crocks for sale at the Round Top Antique Fair

How could it not be? Almost every single vintage piece in our Waco Airbnb Home is from the Round Top Vintage Market.

Waco house with vintage furniture and decor
The cabinets. chippy doors, end table, lamp, general store ledger, and small decor pieces from Round Top, Texas in our Waco Airbnb.

Today I am sharing all of my tips about how you can shop this show, have a fabulous time, and find some great bargains too! You better read this as the Round Top Vintage Market is right around the corner!

It’s fun to realize that a little tiny Texas town called Round Top, which has a population of about 90, welcomes about 40,000 visitors twice a year when it hosts Round Top Market Week.

And they do it so well!

How to Plan a Trip to the Round Top Vintage Market

The Round Top Vintage market is kind of magical. There are so many treasures to find. Each booth has its own personality and I promise you, if you are looking for it, you will find it in Round Top! Sometimes I think that the hunt is just as much fun as the marvelous treasures that are found.

The East End Salvage Tent at the Round Top Antique Fair.

If you are not familiar with the Round Top Vintage Market, it is held twice a year in the spring and fall. I must admit that the scheduling of the show has always confused me. I finally figured out that there isn’t one group in charge of the Round Top Antiques Market. It is actually multiple independent events, and each one has its own vendors. Also, Round Top isn’t located just in Round Top. It is also in Warrenton and Carmine.

To be honest, my favorite vendors are in Warrenton.

I linked a map and information for the Round Top Texas Antiques Show. The site includes information on dates, tickets, vendors, really all of the information you need to better understand the show.

The next Round Top show is October 14 – 28th.

How to Plan a Trip to the Round Top Antique Market

The Best Way to Get to Round Top

La Grainge

Round Top is located right in the middle of Austin and Houston and is less than an hour and a half drive from each city.

The closest “major” city is La Grange, and we actually stayed in La Grange one time we were there.

If you are flying, you should fly into Austin, and rent a car at the airport. It’s a very easy drive. You can take the Toll roads, but they are very short and likely will save you about five minutes. Since most rental car companies charge a daily rate for the ability to use toll roads, I do not use them. (You have to have the tracker to use them.)

On this blog, I may sometimes use affiliate links, which means a small commission is earned if you purchase via the link. The price will be the same whether you use the affiliate link or go directly to the vendor’s website using a non-affiliate link.

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Round Top Vintage Market

Where to Stay in Round Top

Linda and Chris House

Most of the time I was at Round Top, I stayed with friends in Warrenton and La Grange. But there are a lot of places to stay in Round Top and the surrounding cities.

I would definitely suggest that you check Airbnb and VRBO. There are some hotels in La Grange, which is about 20 minutes outside of Round Top. I stayed at the Hampton Inn once and it was fine. Check Expedia for listings of hotels near Round Top.

There are some private homes to stay at that come highly recommended. I put together a list with links and photos. You might like these!

Here are more listings for lodging in Round Top, Warrenton, and more.

Where to Eat in Round Top

My favorite restaurant in Round Top is The Garden Company. It’s an adorable house with fabulous outside seating on a deck under a gorgeous tree. Every item on the menu is amazing and the Brussel Sprouts are to die for.

Lulu’s has really good Italian food.

Royers Round Top Café is a great local place and the Royers Pie Haven is where they sell all of their pies.

While you are shopping there are a lot of places to eat in the fields. The food is pretty good. Especially the BBQ sandwiches!

There are certainly other options but I haven’t actually tried them so I am hesitant to make any recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a ticket to attend the Round Top Antique show?

Round Top is actually a lot of different groups of vendors or shows. One show, titled Marburger, requires a paid ticket to enter. All of the others do not.

What are the dates for Round Top?

The Round Top Vintage Market is held twice a year in the spring and fall. I must admit that the scheduling of the show has always confused me. I finally figured out that there isn’t one group in charge of the Round Top Antiques Market. It is actually multiple independent events, and each one has its own vendors. Also, Round Top isn’t located just in Round Top. It is also in Warrenton and Carmine. You can find the dates here.

How to Plan a Trip to the Round Top Vintage Market

The Round Top Antiques Show

I have been to a lot of Antique Flea Markets over the years. Many years ago I went to Brimfield and I have been to the Rose Bowl Flea Market almost every month for years.

I have also been to the Scott Antique Flea Market in Atlanta and of course The Round Top Vintage Market. Hopefully, soon I can get to First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas.

How to Plan a Trip to the Round Top Vintage Sale

So which one is my favorite?

I love that I can get to the Rose Bowl Flea market in ten minutes (we live that close!) But my favorite is definitely Round Top,

I even made a list as to why.

  • The people are the nicest I have ever met.
  • The selection is incredible. If you are looking for chippy items, you have come to the right place. I have never seen so many gorgeous pieces of old furniture that would all look great in my home in one show. I am not kidding!
  • The prices are even better. The prices are very affordable and you can negotiate a bit.
  • You can shop for days. The fields go on for miles and you don’t really run out of places to shop.

Here are three cabinets I bought at Round Top for our Waco home.

round top antiques

What To Pack

You have to have comfortable shoes. The Spring show can be cold and rainy so bring layers. The attire is very casual so plan for comfort over fashion.

Most of the vendors take cash, credit cards, and Venmo. So bring a good over-the-shoulder bag to keep your belongings. The cell service in the fields isn’t great so sometimes it might take a bit of time for the credit card and Venmo purchases to process.

Bring a light rain jacket as the weather can be unpredictable. The fall show can be really warm so bring sunscreen and light clothing. And a water bottle.

Round Top Shopping

Tips to Shop the Show

Round Top lasts for a few weeks. It’s confusing since the different vendor areas don’t coordinate together. So you may see shows listed over different dates. All that means is that the show is open over all of the dates. A few don’t overlap but I think the show is better at the beginning so I highly encourage you to go as early as possible.

Another thing I love about Round Top is that you don’t have to carry all of your purchases with you the entire time. If you park in the fields you can load up your car as you shop.

There are a lot of parking options at the show. You will see signs all along the road offering parking for $5. I usually park in the middle, shop at the fields nearby, and leave my larger purchases in the booths. (Of course, I write down where I left them!). At the end of the day, I get my car and drive the fields and pick up all of my purchases from the vendors.

Sometimes I shop the show with a rented SUV or a Cargo van or a truck! When I was buying furniture for our Waco home, I filled up an entire truck!

I always start shopping in Warrenton and work my way toward Round Top.

How to Plan a Trip to the Round Top Vintage Market

There are so many great items to find!

How to Plan a Trip to Round Top

Where to Find Information About Round Top

Now is the time to plan for the Fall show. I recommend you attend the show as early as possible so it’s not too picked over. Choose some dates, find a place to stay if you need it, and get ready to have some fun!

For more information about the Round Top Show, click here.

Links to the Items Shown in This Post

I know a lot of you won’t be able to shop at the vintage show, so I have included some similar items that are well-priced and my favorites. I already ordered the milk bottles!

Vintage Inspired Farmhouse

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Last year I made my fifth trip to the Round Top Antiques Show. Today I am sharing how you can plan a trip to the Round Top Vintage Market too.

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  1. I would love to get down to Texas for this vintage fair! It reminds me of the one in Brimfield, MA, which I attend every year (until COVID). I am hoping they go ahead with that fair this year!

    1. It is similar, vendors set up in fields and each has it’s own personality. I hope you are able to go!

  2. HI Leslie, I had a good friend here in CO who drove down and came back with a haul. Thanks for the recommendations. Pinning for future trip plans!

    laura in Colorado

    1. Driving is a great way to get there so that you can take back all of your treasures! Such a fun road trip.

  3. Round Top is the best! I LOVE the fields at Warrenton the best – sometimes we find a house Air BNB and sometimes we stay in Brenham. Carmine is always fun too. We try to go before the actual week so it’s not quite as crowded. Royers Pie is amazing. We always go to the wine festivals too. Such a fun little place.

  4. It sounds like so much fun. My question is if you fly how do you get your purchases home, especially if you purchase furniture? Is it best to drive? Thank you.

    1. There are many booths set up by people who ship. They will pick up your pieces and either arrange shipping or bring them to you. If you see something you want to purchase take photos and dimensions and you can get a quote before you buy. If you see one of these shippers get their card that way you can text them the information.

  5. Thank you, Leslie, for all of the information. Round Top looks like so much fun. I hope to make it there someday. It would be a fun girls’ trip.

  6. I absolutely love the Texas Antiques Week! A couple of things to mention. There are many people set up that are for shipping. So if you fall in love with a big piece you can have them pick it up and arrange shipping.

    If you go with a group of friends or hubby, make sure they don’t get bored in a 12,000 sq ft antique mall. This place isn’t for the faint of heart! As Leslie stated it’s miles and miles of vintage/antique goodness! This isn’t a junk flea market, you won’t be finding boxes of tube socks and cheap imported tools. This is the real deal!!

    There is every level of shopping available. When it’s hot I suggest starting in the fields before it gets too hot and then move to the inside shows like Big Ref Barn (the original show that started it all) Cole’s and Marburger Farms. If you have one bring a rolling flea market cart or wagon wagon. I also bring my own bags like TJ Maxx and some extra paper, bubble wrap just in case.

    Also I would like to add to Leslie’s advice is if you’re not familiar with fire ants educate yourself or ask a vendor. Because so many of these shows are in pastures there is the chance of getting into fire ants. Know what their mounds look like and watch where you step.

    Last but not least many of the shows do a sip and shop. This is a great time to go to the Big Red Barn because with your admission you get wonderful appetizers wine, beer and soft drinks included. Also once you purchase an armband/ticket you can return to the show as many times as you would like! There is a magazine with maps and dates available at most motel lobbies and at the shows.

    In my opinion this is a bucket list must!!!

    1. Tracy – you hit it perfect especially mentioning the fire ants – I have been stung and can say it’s not fun! Traveling all over the states for various shows I can truly say Warrenton is my favorite!

  7. I saw that your going to Canton Trade Days. I hope you’re not disappointed like I was. I felt like a lot of things were overpriced and there were a lot more ‘other’ types of vendors as opposed to antiques. We are headed to Round Top in October and I’m very excited!

  8. Hi, we have been a vendor in Warrenton for 10 years! We love what we do so relaxing we get to meet wonderful people and so much fun! Please come and visit us ARC shabby and antiques. We are behind the food stand right next to St John Lutheran Church. Hope to see you guys!

  9. Leslie, your article was wonderful and you captured the flavor of the show. My husband and I have been going for 20+ years and love it. This year 2 neighbor ladies and I rented a house and had a wonderful time. We usually shop in Warrenton as the prices seem better. I will look for Alice’s spot in the fall. Thank you for your lovely postings.

  10. This will be our third trip to Round Top. It’s definitely the best! I love hearing what others think about when to go, their favorite places to shop, etc. Since you love to go early in the show, is there any particular reason you don’t go to Marburger?

  11. Round Top is definitely on my list of must sees. I went to Brimfield last week for the first time. It was great.
    Thanks for the tips.

  12. I hope you are not disappointed, Canton is not what it was 20 years ago. But Round Top is great, but lots of walking on uneven ground, hard for older folks. So many wonderful “pretties “

  13. Already on the calendar. Will be flying in to buy stuff for my new house in Texas. My daughter and I are so excited as it is our first time going.

  14. Wow did you ever do a great explanation of how to maneuver Round Top! Best way to cure fire ant bites is WINDEX, cause they are all over Texas and it instantly stops the sting.

  15. Great information Leslie! I like to know where the best prices are so I’m not wasting my time. Some shows / vendors are overpriced.

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