My Favorite Places to Find Inexpensive Holiday Greenery


Today I am sharing Where I Find inexpensive holiday Greenery. I love using greens to decorate and here are the places I go to save money!

Fresh Christmas Tree

Welcome to Day Five of Twelve Days to Get Ready for Christmas. Today KariAnne @ Thistlewood and I are sharing our favorite places to find inexpensive greenery. I am sharing where I shop to find my holiday decor including wreaths, Christmas trees, garlands, bunches of greenery, and flowers.

I love fresh and faux greenery when it comes to the holidays. So I am sharing both.



If you haven’t figured it out, then I am going to say it again. I love wreaths!! I do not think there is a window in our home that hasn’t had a wreath hanging in it.

When it comes to Christmas time, I always buy boxes of fresh wreaths, for the inside and outside of our home. I think I bought 27 fresh wreaths last year.

Fresh Wreaths: Home Depot, Trader Joes and the Los Angeles Flower Mart


I used to buy my wreaths at Trader Joe’s. They come with a nice red bow and are usually very fresh. The only problem is that the wreaths aren’t in the stores until December. As you all know, I tend to decorate in November. So a few years ago I started buying my wreaths at the Los Angeles Flower Mart. They are well priced and very fresh but priced higher than Trader Joe’s.

If you want to find out if there is a flower mart in your town, google it. If you find one, call ahead to see if they let non-wholesalers attend the flower market. I shop at the Los Angeles flower mart. I can shop there, but I have to pay $2 to get in. I am fine with that.

christmas-kitchen-decor (1)

Last year I found fresh wreaths at The Home Depot outside with the fresh Christmas trees. They were priced at $9.99 so I bought 27 of them! They smelled so good and I hope to find them at our local Home Depot again this year. (They are pictured above.)

Faux Wreaths: JOANN

These frosted wreaths with the red berries (as seen in the photo above) are from JOANN are my absolute favorite faux wreath. JOANN has carried these wreaths for the last two years and I hope they have them again this year. They are so pretty and everyone comments on them. JOANN always has a large assortment of holiday wreaths and they are almost always on sale. 


Faux Wreaths: Amazon

The greenery available on amazon is really well priced and I love that shipping is so expedited. Listed below are a few of the items on my Amazon Holiday Greenery List. Just tap on the link to see them all. 

Christmas Greens

Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree and Wreath

Fresh trees: Local Christmas tree lot, Home Depot

I will always suggest that you try to buy your Christmas tree at your local tree lot. Of course, if you can find a tree farm and cut your own then that’s the best option for a really fresh tree.

We bought our tree from the YMCA Christmas tree lot for twenty years. Were the trees of great quality? Yes. Did we want to support a local business? Absolutely. Were they the cheapest? Definitely not.

This was an important family tradition and we all loved it. The boys always played hide and go seek in the lot (while Dave and I picked out a tree) from ages four to 28. Sadly, the YMCA stopped selling trees last year. 

We bought our tree last year at Home Depot (and a lot more holiday decor) and the price was amazing and the quality was wonderful. We were late buying our tree and they still had a great assortment. I think we paid half of what we paid at the YMCA lot.

Fresh Christmas Tree

Faux Christmas Trees: Amazon, Walmart, Target, King of Christmas

Faux Christmas trees are not an inexpensive item. I got one this year from Home Depot and it is gorgeous. Amazon has a lot of Christmas trees and their prices are very reasonable. You c an also look at Walmart, Target and online at King of Christmas. Watch for their sales!

The tree below is from Balsam Hill. while they are not cheap, they are my favorite. I love them!


Garlands and Greenery

Fresh greenery at the Flower Mart

Fresh Garlands and Greenery: LA Flower Mart, The Home Depot, Trader Joe’s

I have bought garland for years and I have never found it cheaper than the prices at the LA flower market. I usually pay $75 for 100 feet of mixed cedar garland. You can also find garlands at Trader Joe’s around the holidays and their prices are very reasonable.

The Christmas tree lots at the Home Depot stores sell greenery and garlands. But I am going to share a secret with you. When The Home Depot trims the  Christmas trees, there are often leftover pine branches that are discarded in large bins. For years I have collected these Christmas tree remnants (they are free) to use as decor around our home. I promise you there is no better price than free. Haha.

Trader Joe’s also sells pine garlands at the holidays, They also sell bunches of greenery year-round. They always have eucalyptus and I love that!

Faux Greenery: Amazon, JOANN, IKEA


When I am out and about and I see faux branches or flowers that I love, I buy them (if they are reasonably priced). The arrangement on our table seen above contains white amaryllis from IKEA and beaded berries and greens from JOANN. Anytime I see eucalyptus greenery on sale, I usually buy it.

Amazon has so many options for holiday greenery, it is wonderful. I put together a shopping list that features my favorites. Tap here to see my list.

Christmas GreeneryChristmas Greenery

All of the Christmas greenery seen below is from JOANN. They have the best greenery which is often on sale at highly discounted prices.

christmas-decor-in-the-craft-room (2)


Flower mart flowers

I took the photo above at the Los Angeles Flower Market. The flower mart consists of large warehouses that are entirely full of flowers. It kind of a magical experience and I love it so much. On the weekends, aka without traffic, it’s only about 15 minutes away.

I wanted to share with you a site called This site helps you flower vendors, farmed land, and more. Here a few 

  • This user-friendly directory allows you to locate flower sources by searching City, State or Zip Code. Choose a category (Retail Flower Shop, Floral Studio, Supermarket Floral Department, Weddings/Events, Flower CSAs, Flower Grower) and then choose a specific area of the country.
  • Depending on your search categories, you will see a list of the Slow Flowers participants in a city or state.
  • Basic listings feature the flower provider’s Name, Phone & Web Site

Craft Room Christmas

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Enjoy and happy shopping!

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