How to Choose Bedroom Paint Colors

bedroom paint colors
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I just finished a fun room renovation project in our home and I am jumping up and down because I love it. I added new paint colors in our boy’s bedroom and cannot believe the impact it has made in the room. I reached outside of my comfort zone and went more bold than usual and I am so happy I did! 

Last week I realized summer was over and it was time for a new project. The double bedded boys room upstairs needed the most attention and really needed some help. If you are trying to figure out which room it is in our home, don’t worry. You have never seen it before. It was that bad.

Ask For Input

Our three boys are grown (they are ages 27, 24 and 23) and no longer live at home, but they do come home often to visit. I thought it might make sense if I reached out to our boys and asked for their input on this project. So I sent a text message to our boys asking for input on what they would like to see done to the room.

After spending considerable time trying to google the term “instagrammy” I went back to the source. According to my son Michael, Instagrammy means “too much white decor, no color, chippy furniture, and no stuff”. So I decided to add color to the room with paint and try not to include too much white decor. I still intended to sneak in the chippy furniture and find somewhere to hide all of their “stuff”. But I was excited about the challenge.

Select the Bedroom Paint Colors

This bedroom in our home was an old bedroom for our boys, and then became a storage room and guest room for the last two years. This photo shows how bad it looked. The old paintings and rug were in here for storage and there was barely room for anyone to sleep. And to be totally honest, this photo was taken after I cleaned up.

bedroom makeover

When most people select their paint colors, they go to the paint store, bring paint chips back to their home, hold them up on the wall, and then head back to the paint store for samples. They then paint the samples on the walls and try to decide which color they want.

I had no idea what colors I wanted to try, considering my favorite color white was forbidden by my sons.  Instead of heading to the paint store, I went online and pulled up the Behr 2019 Color Trends. I used the Behr Paint Your Place® and uploaded some images of our bedroom and then viewed different colors on my walls. It was so easy, and I found two I really liked. They were the BEHR 2019 Color of the Year Blueprint S470-5 and Cotton Grey HDC-NT-20.

Here is the photo of the boy’s bedroom I uploaded on my computer. 

  paint colors in the bedroom

Here are the two colors I selected. It is so easy to try different paint colors on the Behr site.

blue bedroom paint colors grey bedroom paint colors

I decided to paint the room in Cotton Grey and also create a focal point in the room by painting the window alcove in Blueprint. I have always wanted to create a sitting area under the window and I love how it turned out.

Painting the Room

We picked up the Behr Marquee®Interior Paint at The Home Depot and got to work prepping the room. The hardest part was emptying out the room. There was so much “stuff” left in the room and it took me hours to sort through old college binders and junk. The prep was easy as all we had to do was patch a few holes. It only took a few hours to paint the entire room. 

bedroom colors

Adding Decor to the Room

I already had the white chippy end table and cabinet and overruled my son’s requests and placed them in the room. I gathered all of the accessories from around our home and the only purchase I made was the duvet covers. 

  wall paint colors

I went with minimal accessories so there would be plenty of room for the boys to be comfortable when they come home to stay.

bedroom paint

interior paint colors

I have a feeling I will be enjoying this reading nook until our boys come home.

wall painting

As a finishing touch, I added one of my paintings on the wall. I thought about painting a new one but this one was just too perfect!

master bedroom colors

I am sure you are wondering what the boys thought of the finished room. I sent them another text.

It means a lot to me that they like the end result. I absolutely love it.


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blue bedroom paint color

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of the Behr Paint Company. The opinions and text are all mine.


239 thoughts on “How to Choose Bedroom Paint Colors

  1. My laundry room needs a cheerful color so I won’t dread going in there. It’s small and windowless and needs brightening. It’s amazing what paint can do!

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  5. Love the makeover! I have a long entryway 🛣 with no windows that needs color 👩🏻‍🎨but not sure what color to pick so that it doesn’t feel too narrow. I’ll head to the Behr site and upload a pic. Cant wait to check it out!

  6. Can’t wait to try out the Behr site’s “Paint Your Place”! It looks simple to use. I’d like to do an accent wall in our bedroom, and the blue just might be perfect.

  7. I have many rooms that need to be painted. We had a house fire 16 years ago and everything now needs to be redone! Four boys have lived here so you can imagine the wear and tear!

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  9. The room in my house that desperately needs painting and a make over is the “grandkids” room. This room initially started out as a girls room and now the gran girls have grown up and now have 2 new grandsons ages 2 and 4. I need to make this age appropriate and yet this room doubles as the guest room, too. I need new paint and color scheme for this room.

  10. Just moved into a new house with builder grade paint so my whole house will be getting new paint eventually. i think the Cotton Grey will work.

  11. We are in “the process”of trying to get full custody of our little grandson.We do have legal custody and have him with us 4 days out of the week.We are responsible for all medical decisions,(he was in dire need of medical attention).We have him Thurs eve-Mon eve at this time..and trying to get all medical appointments “squeezed in”on Friday’s and Mondays are difficult to say the least!!He is 2 1/2 yrs old…We have a narrow bedroom on our main level (that used to be an office),that we are using for his room…it is in need of hole patching and paint,and a cute makeover!!!His room is the one I would redo-for sure!!!

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