Celebrating the End of Summer Colors with a DIY

I love how I rescued this stained tablecloth by painting it in summer colors with a paint roller. It looks perfect on my citrus-themed table!

I liked this project so much, that I think I will make one for each season. I am confident that I have three more tablecloths that qualify for this project! There are a lot of vintage tablecloths at flea markets and occasionally I get one that can’t be saved. Today I shared a DIY on how to rescue a stained tablecloth with bright colors.

Summer Colors Tablecloth and Table
You Made that?

A Painted Summer Colors Tablecloth

I think this photo makes it pretty clear how I painted this tablecloth. It wasn’t hard! Although, my husband came downstairs while I was painting this and said, “I can’t believe you are painting this so fast!” He really did think I was painting it by hand.

Summer Colors Tablecloth and Table in the Backyard

Before this project, I had not used this tablecloth in years. I bought it at the flea market for a few dollars and was surprised that I couldn’t get the stains out. I assumed it was destined for the trash until I decided to paint it. Can I just say, that I love this tablecloth so much!

I thought it would be fun to use paint in summer colors and the grapefruits, oranges, and lemons look wonderful on the table.

Summer Colors Tablecloth and Table

How to Make a Painted Tablecloth with a Paint Roller

I first started painting with paint rollers when I bought some vintage French paint rollers at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Back then, they used paint rollers to create a wallpaper effect.

Unfortunately, the vintage rollers are beautiful, but due to their age and fragile condition, they are difficult to use for a project.

Luckily, I found rubber paint rollers on Amazon and I am absolutely in love with using them for craft projects.

You don’t need much to make a tablecloth like this one. All you need is the tablecloth or other cloth, the paint roller, and some acrylic paint. The roller comes in many patterns, I have linked a few of my favorite patterns for you below.

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  • select a white tablecloth for this project (if it has stains then it is better!)
  • place the acrylic paint in a flat pan lined with parchment paper
  • roll the paint roller into the paint
  • place the roller on the fabric and roll. As soon as the paint starts to run thin, remove and add more paint to the roller. Place the roller back in the same spot (you can actually match up the design if you want but it doesn’t have to be exact).
  • roll each section of paint by color. You can also make the entire tablecloth in one color.
  • here you can see the color variance between the orange and the pink/coral.
  • the completed tablecloth is just perfect as none of the stains can be seen.

Setting the Summer Colors Table

Summer Colors Tablecloth

There are a lot of different paint rollers available but this paint roller is definitely my favorite. I have already used the roller to make dish towels and napkins.

Setting the table is really easy. I started with grapefruits and then I added oranges and lemons. I love how the citrus fruit looks in the center of the table.

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Summer Colors Tablecloth

This flat-lay photo looks so wonderful!

Summer Colors Table

Summer Colors with Friends

I love joining my friends to see what kind of projects they share! I think you are going to love all of these projects!

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Five different Color Schemes for Christmas

Look at this wonderful summer color scheme for the holidays.
I love how I rescued this stained tablecloth by painting it in summer colors with a paint roller. It looks perfect on my Summer Colors Citrus Table!

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A late summer table with a painted tablecloth and lots of citrus.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant!! I love this idea and it can be taken in so many different directions!
    I’m always mesmerized by anything you create with paint!! You have been inspiring me for years snow!❤️❤️❤️

      1. What a fantastic idea. Oh, and finding that stain, would be like finding Waldo. Just too many other pretties going on. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OK!!!! I am in love with this idea! I have a bridal shower I am throwing in September and my wheels are turning! Thanks for another fun-easy-doable idea!!

  3. Perfect. I too have a large white / stained tablecloth. I already used your roller to make tea towels and I LOVE them. Thank you for this citrus idea. Colors are magnificant.

    1. I have noticed the acrylic paint stays on! (I have shirts from 8 years ago that still have paint on them!) But if you want to be extra safe, use fabric paint!

      1. Years ago when my kids were small we used to capture their handprints on cloth. There was a fabric medium solution you could mix with the small acrylic paints so you could wash the item. Usually, I remember finding this on the same isle with the paints ,like at a Hobby Lobby. I bet there are better products out there these days you could find on Amazon, lol,but this is my input.

  4. Leslie, how fun is this project. It just screams summer time. You make me want to break loose with the 26+ stamp rollers that I have and get creative with them.

  5. Love this idea, already have some fall and Christmas ideas. Something so simple bringing it to the next level.
    Thanks you for the inspiration.

  6. Hi! Thanks for a great blog!
    I am thinking of using oranges like you, as a center piece for my Christmas table setting, could you give me a tip what kind of candle holders would fit among the oranges?
    I always do different settnings for every Christmas, and I thought oranges would be a fun theme.
    Best regards
    Susanne from Sweden

  7. Was away camping and just looking back at your posts Leslie. What a fabulous idea – absolutely love how you set this table – I can picture so many different ideas for it – simple but so effective. To paint a stained tablecloth – so smart. Thank you for sharing this.

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