DIY Hand-Painted Leaves Fall Door Wreath

Today, I am combining two of my favorite things, painting, and crafting. I made beautiful hand-painted leaves and then a door wreath.

I love metallic paints and was inspired to create a door wreath by using metallic paint on heavy paper and then cutting out leaf shapes using a stencil. This project is kind of like grown-up paper dolls!

Fall Wreath
You Made that?

This Front Door Wreath Requires Very Little Artistic Ability

Fall Wreath

You read that correctly, zero artistic ability is required for this project. And, this may be the least expensive craft I have ever made. Why?

Because I painted card stock, traced the leaves, and cut them out. The cost is very minimal.

Are you ready to learn how to make one?

What You Need to Make This Door Wreath

Fall Wreath

This is one of those projects that I absolutely love. I literally had everything I needed to make this wreath already in my craft room and I was inspired by the gorgeous Arteza Metallic Acrylic Paint set that I have been using lately for a lot of my crafts. The paints are also the ones I used to make this Easy and Gorgeous Fall Tablecloth DIY.

I have the set of 36 metallic paints and these came from the set.

It is perhaps the best paint I have ever used, and I have been a professional artist for many years! The paint is thick and the color is dense, but it dries quickly. The metallic element of the paint has an amazing sheen which made this project turn out especially incredible!

What do you think of my color selection? Gotta love those pinks, golds, and oranges.

Fall Wreath

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How to Paint Cardstock with Metallic Paint

Fall Wreath
  • one – Using a small paint roller (brayer), cover the cardstock with three different colors on each sheet. Roll it out in all different directions.
  • two – Let the sheet dry, flip it over, and use a brush to lightly paint the back side. I watered down the paint a bit. (This is optional.)
  • three – Let the sheets dry.

Steps to Stencil and Cut the Leaves

  • one – these are four stencils I used for the leaf patterns.
  • two – Using the stencil (or a leaf print), draw around the outside edges. Be sue to draw the stencils on the back side, so the pencil marks wouldn’t show. I drew around 6 – 7 leaves per sheet, using whatever sizes would fit.
  • three – Cut out the leaves into smaller pieces so the paper is easier to cut.
  • four – Cut out each leaf.
  • five – Each leaf looked like this.

How to Fold the Leaves

  • one – Each leaf needs to be folded to make it look more authentic. All it takes are three folds to dramatically change the look of your leaf.
  • two – Gently fold the leaf down the middle, with the right sides in.
  • three – Open the leaf back up.
  • four – Next, fold each large leaf section toward the center fold.
  • five – Open the leaf up and flatten it slightly. You can see the fold lines on this leaf.

How to Attach Leaves to the Wreath Form

  • one – I painted the metal wreath form gold because I knew some of the wire would show through. The green looked terrible but the gold was hardly noticed.
  • two – Using a glue gun, attach the leaves around the outside of the wreath.
  • three – Continue attaching the leaves until the entire wreath is covered.

Hanging the Wreath

Fall Wreath

I am so in love with this wreath and it can be hung just about everywhere in our home! of course now I want to make more of them because they look so good as a window or door wreath!

Fall Wreath

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If you have wanted to try some of my crafts and have been intimidated, then this is the craft for you! Imperfect painting, stenciling, cutting, folding, and hot gluing. That’s it!

Let me know if you make one. If you post one on Instagram, tag me and I will reshare your photo!

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A handmade and hand painted leaves door wreath.

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  1. Hi Leslie!

    Did you use the same leaf stencil/shape for all the leaves in your wreath? Also, which size stencils did you use?

    Do we need to buy the 36-tube paint sets in order to get the colors you used or could we get them in any of the smaller sets?

    Thanks for your help. As always, I LOVE all your crafts!


    1. Hi Laurel, I used all different sized stencils for this one, you can do any shapes and sizes you want! The Amazon leaf stencils I tagged in the post work great. Also, there is a smaller paint set I tagged right below that would work! Hope this helps!

  2. What a beautiful wreath, Leslie! The color combination is just perfect!! I love learning from all of your creative ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. this is beautiful especially combined with the lovely pumpkins. Did you choose colors to coordinate with the pumpkins or did you also paint the pumpkins? I’m really enjoying the color direction you’re going in for fall decor and looking forward to more. But I honestly don’t know how you manage to craft such gorgeous projects in the midst of room switches and repurposing, travel AND of course your beautiful granbaby. Is there more than one of you ;)?

    1. Oh you are so kind, thank you Pamela! I covered the pumpkins with foil leaf ☺️ I’ll be sharing a post soon on how to make the pumpkins- stay tuned 👀🙌🏻

  4. Beautiful wreath Leslie. About how many leaves did you cut out? Im trying to find Live video where you did demo on how to use the Arteza acrylic paints.

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