How to Create a Summer Flower Centerpiece

I love creating a summer flower centerpiece with grocery store flowers. They are inexpensive, easy to make, and colorful on your table!

Do you love setting summer tables? I sure do! And we still have a few more weeks until summer. I have always believed that a flower centerpiece can make your table. But one important thing to know is that your centerpiece does not have to be expensive! Most of the summer flower centerpieces in this post were made using grocery store flowers. I hope to inspire you to try these designs for your tables.

A clear glass vase holds pink peonies with green stems on a wooden table. Sunlight filters through a window in the background.
You Made that?

Summer Flower Centerpieces

La Flower Market

If you asked me when I fell in love with arranging flowers, I would have to answer that I have no idea! Perhaps forever? Haha.

I have been creating flower centerpieces for my tables for years, and I love it. Sometimes, I make a centerpiece just because I want fresh flowers in our home; other times, I may create twenty centerpieces for a party.

Most of the time, if I make only a few flower centerpieces, I buy my flowers at the grocery store. I am usually pretty flexible with the type of flowers I buy, and often, when I head out to buy my flowers, I have nothing in mind other than color.

Colorful Flowers in a Copper Vase

You can see how I arranged these colorful flowers in my Summer Fun Outdoor Dinner Party. post

Floral Arrangement for Summer Fun Dinner Party

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Arranging Peonies in a Crock

The one flower I focus on is peonies. These peonies were originally very bright and vivid deep pink. Over time, they changed colors—pretty remarkable! You can see how I arranged these flowers in my post How to Arrange Flowers in a Vase.

How to Decorate Flowers in a Crock

Peonies became available for sale at Trader Joe’s this week! I anxiously await their arrival every year as they are always beautiful and priced cheaper than anywhere else!

A blue and white floral patterned vase filled with white and light pink peonies sits on a wooden table outside, with a few fallen petals scattered around.

Gorgeous Pink Flowers

I have many crocks and thought filling them with ranunculus and double carnations might be fun. You can see precisely how I arranged these at How to Arrange Flowers in a Vase.

How to Arrange Fresh Flowers

How to Make a Large Flower Arrangement

This is one of my favorite arrangements, and I hope it inspires yours. The details are in my blog post, How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers.

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Flower Centerpieces

How to Create a Summer Flower Centerpiece

I do love these flowers. I shared how I made them at Summer Entertaining in a Farmhouse Dining Room.

Farmhouse Dining Room Table in Blue

A Colorful Flower Centerpiece

This centerpiece was so much fun to make. I found all of the flowers at—you guessed it—Trader Joe’s. I thought it might be fun to share how to make them!

Summer Centerpiece

This overhead view is one of my all-time favorites. Aren’t these colors simply amazing?

Summer Dinner Centerpiece

I used my favorite pink, orange, and yellow plaid placemats on the table and looked for coordinating Trader Joe’s grocery store flowers. I bought sunflowers, roses, eucalyptus, and some berry-looking flowers in a yellow, pink, and orange palette. Don’t these flowers look lovely together? I thought they would make a great summer dinner centerpiece.

Grocery Store Summer Flowers

Do you use fruits in your flower arrangements? I bought some fruits, such as oranges, cherries, lemons, peaches, and apricots, put whole oranges in the glass vases, and started filling each vase with flowers.

For some reason, I always use odd numbers of flowers in each vase, and I love how they all work together. (I own about thirty glass vases in all shapes and sizes. They are all stored in our basement (in my flower-arranging section), and I love selecting the vases for all my flower arrangements.)

I placed 5 – 7 oranges in each vase and added the flowers. The oranges helped to prop up the flowers in the vase.

How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers

Next, I added the eucalyptus. This was a straightforward process.

On our outdoor back porch table, I arranged four vases next to each other in the center. I love how they looked lined up along the center.

Arranging Summer Dinner Centerpieces

As you can see, I added fresh fruit to the table alongside the vases for a very summery feel.

Setting The Table For Summer

I love how this came out. The bright colors make me smile and are perfect for a summer dinner party.

Setting a Summer Table

I dream you are inspired to make a flower centerpiece from grocery store flowers this summer. They are inexpensive and so much fun to make!

Gorgeous Florals for Spring!


Here are some talented bloggers and the wonderful summer dinner centerpieces they created. Be sure to follow the links to see their blog posts.

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  1. I love these beautiful centerpieces!! Do you feel inclined to remove them during the meal? I always struggle with this because I feel everyone can’t see each other. Any thoughts?

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