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Happy Labor Day Weekend! Today I am sharing some fun ideas to help make your 3 day weekend special and fun.

Summer Fun Outdoor Party for the Family

Thanks for joining me for Sunday morning coffee. Today I am sharing my weekly thoughts about entertaining, decor, crafts, and recipes, and some fun ideas for a happy Labor Day Weekend.

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A Little Bit About Me


Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I used to dread this holiday.

As a kid, it meant that summer was over. Don’t get me wrong. I loved school. I just loved summer vacation more.

Labor Day also meant that the days would soon get shorter and darker in the evenings. (There was a silver lining as we did gain an extra hour of sleep of course.) Because I played three sports in high school and had some sort of practice every day after school, shorter days meant it would likely be dark by the time I got home from practice.


Summer Colors Tablecloth with Citrus

Fortunately, now I am a grown-up. And I love Labor Day weekend.

I still hate to see summer end but I live in Southern California where summer never really ends. (That is because I can almost guarantee every year we have a few 80 degrees plus days in February!)

I am so excited to have a happy Labor Day weekend! This weekend is a wonderful time to celebrate with family, enjoy the beautiful outdoors and get ready for fall.

I thought it might be fun to share some ways to make it even better.

So today I am sharing lots of recipes and fun ideas to add to your happy Labor Day weekend.

The Best Labor Day Weekend Recipes

The Best Labor Day Weekend Flower Arrangements

Looking for Some Fall Decor Ideas?

Just in case you are looking for fall decor, I wanted to share the fall florals that I am so in love with. Why do I love these?

It’s simple. They are really cheap and look amazing.

Plus, they last a really long time so you will be reusing these next year. I promise.

Where to Find Fall Florals to Make Amazing Fall Floral Centerpieces

Five Ways to Ease into Autumn Decor

If you are looking for some ways to add fall to your home, check these out.

I just found a whole bunch of new fall foliage and added it below. Just click on any of the photos below to see many of my favorite faux greens that I bought for our home.

Check out this fall foliage for under $15. Click on the photo to see more.

Here is some fall foliage under $21. Click on the photo to see more.

And look at this fall decor for under $26. Click on the photo to see more.

Fall wreaths are so gorgeous. Below are some of my favorites! Click the photos to check them out, they are all under $45 each, most are under $30!

You might also like the containers for your fall foliage. Click on the photo to see more.

I hope this has inspired you to think about once your happy Labor Day weekend is behind us!

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Reflections on the Week

Last week was all about fall and it was fun! I still can’t believe how many of you made my Best Fall Pumpkins DIY. Wow. Thank you so much for your comments and love!

It was a busy week writing all of these blog posts. Which was your favorite?

Good Things From Martha – The History of Labor Day and Why We Celebrate it Every Year

My friend Martha Stewart (who yes, STILL doesn’t have any idea who I am) shared the history of Labor Day and why we celebrate it every year. This is very informative!

Check out the story here.

What’s Ahead for The Week

Next week is going to be very busy. We are filming a commercial Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and I have a lot to get done before they take over my home for three days. We have to completely move out for the entire time so I am not sure if I will have any photos. I have lots of fall ideas to share, including a fall wreath, a fall leaf DIY, a fall pillow (finally!), a fall dinner on the beach, my best fall recipes, and some amazing farmhouse fall decor.

It’s going to be an exciting week at My 100 Year Old Home. Let’s have some fun together.

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