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Rose Gold Candlesticks DIY

I made the most incredible Rose Gold Candlesticks today. I used wooden candlesticks and covered them with Rose Gold Metal Leaf.

DIY Rose Gold Candlestick Holders

Look what I made! These DIY Rose Gold candlesticks are the best. They are inexpensive, easy to make, and amazing looking!

I know what you are thinking.

“Wait, she is doing another metal leaf craft?”

I am! And if you haven’t tried this it is so easy. And it looks so cool.

Here is what the wooden candlesticks looked like before I did my “project”.

Here is how they looked afterwards.

DIY Rose Gold Candlesticks

It’s true that this isn’t my first metal leaf project. I made copper pumpkins, silver and gold pears, and pink apples.

So why not make another?

There is something about combining pink and rose gold (or copper) that makes me happy. The color combination on this table is just fabulous. Look at these photos!

Of course you could make these with silver leaf or gold leaf. Or even pink leaf!

Rose Gold Candlestick Holders DIY 2

Before I get started on the DIY instructions, I have to tell you about a big GOOF I made on my first attempt to make these.

One of the products I bought last year for gold leafing is called a “sealer.” I assumed it went on the top of the metal leaf to “seal it”. Right?


I started making the wooden candlesticks. I covered them in the special adhesive glue, let it dry, and guess what? The glue soaked into the wood and the leaf would not stick!

I picked up the bottle of sealer and read the directions. I realized it was supposed to be used on porous surfaces (like wood) BEFORE you add the glue.

So I started all over again. I put the sealer on first, let it dry, and then added the adhesive glue.

And it worked perfectly.

Note to self: always read the directions first.

Rose Gold Candlestick Holders DIY

What You Need to Make Rose Gold Candlesticks

Materials to Make Rose Gold Candlesticks

One package of Imitation Leaf Gold Rose for Gilding for Crafting (you can also use any color)

Wooden Candlesticks – Two wooden 9” candlesticks, Two wooden 6-3/4” candlesticks, Single wooden candlestick,

Mona Lisa two ounce Metal Leaf Adhesive

Mona Lisa water-based sealer

Rubber gloves

Assorted paint brushes

Gray Acrylic Paint

How to Make Rose Gold Leaf Candlesticks 1

This was my first attempt to add metallic leaf to wooden candlesticks.

How to Make Rose Gold Leaf Candlesticks

Once I realized my mistake, I went back and painted on the sealer, let it dry, and then added the glue.

How to Make Rose Gold Leaf Candlesticks

I let the glue sit for about fifteen minutes and then gently laid the sheets of rose gold foil on top. I continued to add the foil until all areas were covered.

Applying Rose Gold Metal Leaf to Wood Candlesticks

Let the glue dry. Using your fingers, gently rub the foil so that all of the extra pieces are smooth (as seen on the right side)..

Rose Gold Metal Leaf on Wood Candlesticks

I used grey acrylic paint to add some “aging” to the candlesticks.

You should watch the video to see how this is done.

Rose Gold DIY Candlesticks Up Close

Add that’s it! You are done.

Don’t these look amazing?

Rose Gold Candlestick Holders

The Copper Taper Candlesticks in this photo have always been my favorite candlesticks. Of course, I love my new DIY Rose Gold metal leaf ones as much.

Maybe even more!

I hope you will try to make these candlesticks. They are easy and fun to make.

Rose Gold Candlesticks on the Table

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10 Responses

  1. Leslie, the candlesticks are gorgeous, I love them. I
    I just finished the icicle pillow and I love it.
    Any ideas where to find another icicle to copy or I will hold on to the other pillow I have in case you do another pillow.
    Mary Ann

    1. Thank you so much Mary Ann! I’m so glad that you made the snowflake (?) pillow and that you love it! Hold on to that other pillow 😊

  2. love this ! You indicate that there is a video to watch? I didn’t see the video or a link to the video? I am sure I am just missing something!

  3. I’m not seeing the video to do this? But I love it! I also love the pink flowered dishes. Do you have a link for those?

  4. This looks really nice! I’m in the process of doing gold leaf on a very large mirror frame. I think it’s a lot of work! It looks gorgeous where it does stick and I haven’t gone over the missed areas yet and it really is easy to do but again, for me a lot of work and patience!

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I started my blog so I could share my passion for entertaining, décor, cooking, and crafts. You will find all this and more right here.

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