My Obsession with Cranberry Glass


I love vintage items. It is hard to choose a favorite, but my go-to, most used vintage item, has got to be my cranberry glass.

As most of you are aware, I love to collect vintage items. I have more than a few collections, but my cranberry glass is the one that I love and use most often.

Cranberry Glass
Favorite Finds

Cranberry Glass

My Cranberry Glass Collection

I am in love, ok, maybe even a little obsessed with colored glassware. For years I have hunted for cranberry glass at vintage flea markets, antique stores, Round Top, and online at Etsy and eBay. I have been lucky that a lot has been gifted to me and I treasure all of it.

But my favorite glassware is Cranberry Glass.

I love to set a table with cranberry glass. It turns just a regular table setting into a fantastic one. The cranberry holds the light in any room and in such a special way.


Whether it is daylight streaming through a window, or candlelight bathing a table in the evening, the cranberry glass holds the light and the color deepens. 

My Obsession with Cranberry Glass

If you are interested in more detail about this glass, here is a post on Collecting Cranberry Glass.

I also did a post on collecting colored glass. Hmmm, funny, the photo is all pink glassware, there is definitely a theme here!

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Ombre Theme

Recently, I set a table using an ombre theme. This was so much fun to create and may be one of my favorite tablescapes I have ever created. Everything on the table was ombre, the flowers, the glassware, the chargers, the china, and the napkins.

And shockingly, I used cranberry glasses! 

Valentine's Day Table Decorations Ombre

I have been cleaning out my butler’s pantry and I decided to move all of the glassware into the butler’s pantry to take advantage of the glass shelves and lighting. I started with all of my pink and cranberry glassware.

Glasses in the Butler's Pantry

Instead of simply lining them up on the shelves, I decided to create an ombre effect and I am so thrilled. Every time I glance into the butler’s pantry from the kitchen, this view makes me so happy.

My New Glassware Cabinet

This is such a beautiful example of taking something ordinary, storying glassware, and making it extraordinary! 

Collecting Cranberry Glassware

My Obsession with Cranberry Glass

Where can you find cranberry glass?

I love to shop flea markets and there is no doubt that you can find cranberry glass at local vintage flea markets. Some of the best deals on cranberry glass are at garage sales and antique shops.

Often I buy cranberry glassware online on eBay and on Etsy. The prices can vary because obviously, the sellers likely all paid a different price for the glasses. I have paid as low as $5 a glass and as high as $15.

Unique View of Cranberry Glass

Just be sure and check to see if there are any chips. And check the size because sometimes glasses look taller in a photo. It’s important to know what you are buying. Of course, also check the shipping costs.

Most of the glasses for sale are vintage cranberry. But there are a few newer glasses. It’s not too hard to tell the difference, and most sellers state if they are new or old. 

 I don’t suggest that you get too caught up in patterns and age and color. Just buy what you love.

You can’t lose if you always buy what you love.

Cranberry Glass on the shelves

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My Cranberry Glass Collection

Here are close-up views of my glass collection. For those glasses I can identify, I have listed the names. Many of these are also available for purchase below.

I absolutely love how well the light reflects on my Cranberry Glass Collection.


Sometimes I think my cranberry glasses are reproducing in my butler’s pantry. Just kidding.

Collecting Glassware

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you identify cranberry glass?

Cranberry glass is easily identified by its color. When looking on Etsy or eBay, true vintage cranberry glass usually is identified by a brand such as Vintage Pilgrim Glass or delineates a circa timeline.

How is cranberry glass made?

Cranberry glass is created by adding gold chloride to hot molten glass creating shades from deep cranberry to light pink.

What does ombre mean?

Ombre is a French word defined as “shadow” or “shade.” The word ombre has been embraced for hair color, nail art, baking, decorating, and graphic design as the blending of one color hue to another, usually moving shades from light to dark.

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Vintage cranberry glass on a table set in pink and white tones.

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  1. I have a beautiful vintage set with 8 dinner plates, 8 dessert plates and 2 sizes of beautiful glasses with etchings on them. They were handed down to me from my 98 year grandma who just passed away. Vintage glasses are the best !

    1. Oh Allison, how amazing and sentimental are your dishes and glasses! That is so special! Every time you look at them or use them, you will think of her!

  2. I have a beautiful set of vintage dishes and glasses. The glasses have gorgeous etchings on them. This set was given to me by my 98 year old grandma that just passed away, so they have extra special meaning.

  3. I’m pretty sure you are hoping one of those boys gives you a granddaughter one day…with your obvious love of PINK!!

  4. My cousin has a large collection of the Cranberry glasses. I love when she has the lights on in her cabinet.

  5. I’m wondering if you have a post on painting glass. I have some adorable little wine bottles that would make lovely colored centerpieces.

    1. I do! If you search “painted glass” on my blog, there is a post about painting some drinking glasses that would be applicable. Good luck with your project! Let me know how they turn out!

  6. When I first started collecting cranberry glass several years ago, I told my mom that’s what I wanted for Christmas, just a couple of pieces bc of the cost. When I opened my gifts from mom and dad, there was a long skinny box. To my amazement, my mom had put several pieces of cranberry glass in the box, all carefully wrapped in paper. Needless to say, I was thrilled! I told her that next Christmas she could get me another long skinny box filled w/ $100 bills. She thought that was really funny. Well, I didn’t get the box full of $100 bills but I got another box with more cranberry glass. I still laugh when I think of that Christmas and think of my mom when I look at all the pieces she bought me over the years. She’s been gone for 9 years now and I sure wish I could talk to her sometimes. Oh, and I got her hooked on cranberry glass too. When she passed away, I inherited most of her collection.

  7. I absolutely love your Cranberry glass collection. I too recently began collecting it when I found a large bowl, two candlesticks and two vases (One tall and the other low and small) at a favorite thrift store here in Texas. My Mom had an extensive collection and I always loved the items. Thank you for featuring this beautiful glassware on your blog!

  8. Hello. I enjoyed reading your article about cranberry glass. I live in Colorado Springs and I am moving to Rwanda. I inherited some absolutely beautiful cranberry glass years ago and it’s just been in boxes. I have to let it go and I would like to sell it but time is running out. If someone could come and get it they can have it all fir little money thanks Deborah

  9. I have an extensive collection of cranberry glass and interested in selling some of it….glasses, cake stands, etc,,,
    If you’re interested please contact me via email.
    I live in southern California.

  10. Where do you store all of these different sets of glass ware and dishes? I don’t have a lot of room and no basement here in Florida.

    1. Margie, I am very creative and have dishes and glassware stored in cabinets, shelves, nooks and crannies throughout the house. I am lucky to have a butler’s pantry and a “California basement” but I am definitely nearing max capacity!

  11. I too love cranberry glass. My Mom collected it, though I did not inherit any of those pieces,
    I always wanted to collect. A couple of years ago, my man bought me four pieces: Two tall vases, a small vase, and two candle sticks. I then found an entire set of Christmas tree balls. I have a large Christmas tree, so I’d love to purchase more cranberry colored ornaments. Do you know where these might be located? I’d also love a nice set of drinking glasses or wine glasses. About two months ago, I found a full set of desert plates, and little desert bowls at an estate sale, that I quickly added to my new collection. I love your blog and I too love all things pink.

    1. You are just starting your collection, so exciting! I have some of my favorite colored glasses linked at the bottom of my blog post. Thanks for all your kind words and best of luck to you.

  12. I love your cranberry collection! Colored glasses and dishes make such a pretty table. I do have some green depression glass pieces that were my mothers. I recently purchased some pink stemware for Easter that came from Marshall’s. Amber is my next purchase!

    1. I bet those glasses from your mother are so beautiful and more importantly, sentimental. Best of luck to you as you search for your collection!

  13. Okay. You’ve sold me. From now on I’m going to be on the hunt for cranberry glass and just colored glass in general. I have a large set of the standard clear wine glasses and I have a couple amber and some green glass but literally enough for a table of 4 and I haven’t collected beyond that. Part of the issue in my case is storage space but where there is a will – there is a way! I’ll find or make a space for more.

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