Five Ways to Ease Into Autumn Decor

Labor Day is here and it is beginning to feel more like fall. Today I am sharing five ways to ease into Autumn decor.

Five Ways to Ease into Autumn Decor in the Living Room

It’s so fun to add autumn decor to your home. But here’s the thing. It doesn’t have to be hard. Check out my five tips to help you ease into autumn decor.

Are you Looking for Ways to Ease into Autumn Decor?

Five Ways to Ease into Autumn Decor 7

Decorating for the autumn season doesn’t;t have to be hard. In fact, it should be easy.

I have been gradually decorating our home for a few weeks now. Because it still feels like summer here I decided to do it gradually. I also was not ready for our entire home to have autumn decor at once. I wanted to ease into the new season

Today I am sharing five ways you can ease into your autumn decor.

Tip #1 – Don’t Feel Rushed

Five Ways to Ease into Autumn Decor 11

You do not have to change the seasons in your home all at once. Take your time and do it gradually.

As I mentioned, I didn’t want to have my entire home full of autumn decor while it was still 100 degrees outside. So I added some light decor and added a bit more each week. To be completely honest, I haven’t even brought the fall bins down from the attic. So that is the primary reason you only see one pumpkin in our home. I just happened to see this one at TJMaxx and it went straight from the bag to the general store counter in our living room.

Five Ways to Ease into Autumn Decor 12

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Tip #2 – Use What You Have and Add to It

Five Ways to Ease into Autumn Decor 2

My summer decor this year was inspired by our beach house and I used a lot of aqua and green. I thought it might be fun to add to this decor rather than start over.

So what was my inspiration?

We have a painting over our fireplace that was painted by a dear friend of ours, Ray Turner. If you look closely, you can see the colors are dark brown/black, aqua, and orange highlight. Why not go with that, right?

Five Ways to Ease into Autumn Decor 3

Tip #3 – Use Fall Florals For Color

Fall is the perfect time of year to add colored branches and florals. They are all gorgeous and I am so in love with the autumn decor foliage that is available this year. (See below.)

I actually bought these pinkish/orange leaves at Joann last year. I had them all over my house and they were on sale forever and I kept buying them. I couldn’t; resist and I was so happy when I pulled them out again this year.

Five Ways to Ease into Autumn Decor 6

These maple leaves are new this year and I listed them below. I love the array of colors and they look so great in the light. I still have a ton of fall florals that I need to bring them all out next week.

Five Ways to Ease into Autumn Decor 10

These exquisitely made, maple leaf branches, can be a fresh element in your fall wreaths, autumn theme decor, farmhouse style decor, flower arrangements, etc.

Tip #4 – Change to Fall Pillow Covers

Five Ways to Ease into Autumn Decor 5

Most normal people buy new fall pillow covers. Or use ones they already own.

I love to make my own fall pillow covers. I know it’s more work but I always see so many amazing decor fabrics that I can’t help myself. I usually make them every season.

If you want to make your own fall pillows, you can see how I make them here.

Five Ways to Ease into Autumn Decor 13

I made some sage green burlap pillow covers (from some leftover fabric) and some green pin-striped covers. I made the aqua floral covers earlier for summer.

Tip #5 – Use Metals (Copper) as an Accent

Adding some highlights of copper, brass, gold, or even silver to your home can be great for fall. I absolutely love this copper pot filled with some wonderful fall florals.

Copper Pot Fall Home Decor

I love these vintage chairs which I got from Debra at Debra Hall Lifestyle. Aren’t they amazing?

Five Ways to Ease into Autumn Decor 8

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I decorate for fall without spending a fortune?

First, shop your own home. What do you already have that helps to make your home feel warm and cozy? Adding faux fall florals is a really easy way to add Autumn colors for very little money. See the photos below for inexpensive options from Amazon.

Easy ways to ease into Autumn. Click on the photos below to add some faux Autumn foliage to your home.


I know that I have already shared these, but seriously, they so are amazing, you really need to have some in your home.

For just a touch of fall, add these subtle decor items.

Wreaths are a great way to welcome fall into your home.

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Five Ways to Ease Into Autumn Decor

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  1. I love al your ideas . So similar to my own but I’m from the northeast central New York so I just enjoy the California views so much. I have pumpkins I bought from you last year just love them and yes of course they are pink !!! Have a great day. KK

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