How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers

I love having fresh flowers in our home and my favorite source is Grocery Store flowers. They are so plentiful and affordable!

You know that amazing feeling you get when you walk into a grocery store and are surrounded by flowers? It’s like nature is giving you a big hug. Well, guess what? You can create that same effect at home with a few simple steps. Keep reading to learn how to arrange grocery store flowers like a pro!

Centerpiece for Outdoor Table

I cannot even remember the last time I ordered flowers from a florist. I am a do-it-yourselfer and love making my own flower arrangements. As much as I love going to the Los Angeles Flower Mart, it is a lot more convenient to find flowers at the grocery store.

I made this flower arrangement with flowers from Trader Joe’s. I also love Whole Foods flowers.

I love adding decor in our home, and I think fresh flowers are a really great and inexpensive addition. Grocery store flowers are easy to access, inexpensive, and quite plentiful. Especially right now.

I don’t spend a lot of time arranging flowers. I have the same routine I go through every time and it’s very straight forward. I am guessing that it took me about twenty minutes to arrange these flowers.

My daughter in law walked past this and said she thought it looked like a $250 arrangement.

I think I spent $38.00.

Outdoor Centerpiece

What You Need to Make a Flower Arrangement

I love arranging flowers with different kinds of vases. Over the years I have collected a large variety of containers to use in my flower arrangements. My favorite vases these days are my vintage crocks! I love these and wrote blog posts about my collection of vintage crocks and also how to arrange flowers in vintage crocks.

Here are all of the flowers I used to make this arrangement. I bought two mixed bouquets and three bunches of eucalyptus greens at Trader Joe’s.

Getting Started

I selected these flowers because I loved the colors. But I picked the eucalyptus first because I love it so much. It wasn’t hard to pick the flowers because I just needed to make sure I liked the the flowers and that they looked okay in my home. The only problem I had was that I wanted to buy them all!

Flowers From the Grocery Store

How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers

The first step to arranging flowers is taking them out of their packaging and cutting the stems to the desired length.

Inventory of Flowers

I always start my arrangements with the greenery. My goal with the eucalyptus was to create a grid with the stems that would help hold the flowers upright. Usually, I use floral oasis for support, but unfortunately, I was out of it. 

You can see below how I started adding the greenery.

Arranging Flowers

For this arrangement, I chose to use a lot of greenery, so this was how it looked before I started adding flowers.

Adding the Greenery

I always start with my “statement” flower. I added the protea flowers first.

Using Statement Flowers

Next, I added the roses.

Adding the Roses

As I filled in the remaining flowers, I added them and just walked around my arrangement. I just kept filing in with more flowers until they were all gone!

Flower Selection

I even cut some hydrangeas from my garden. I love how they look in these arrangements.

Adding More Flowers

When I was done, I took the vase (it was heavy) outside so I could take some photographs.

I love the larger size arrangement and the impact this makes on our back patio. I also love that it only took me twenty minutes to create!

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Centerpiece for the Outdoor Table

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  1. I always have fresh flowers in the house And naturally they come from the grocery store
    Thanks for showing me a much better way to arrange them
    And yes they do look like flowers from a florist

  2. Trader Joe’s is the only grocery store with inexpensive, good flowers! Sadly for me, Trader Joe’s is 90 miles away. The supermarkets near me have terrible flowers.

  3. This is so gorgeous! For that arrangement how many packages or bouquets or whatever you call it of each type of flower did you buy? The step by step photos are so helpful. Thank you for this post. It’s extra timely as I was just discussing Trader Joe’s flowers with my mom a minute ago!

  4. I love your beautiful arrangement! I had those roses delivered and didn’t use them. Now, I must rethink my flowers! You made them go so lovely in your flower arrangement! I love it!!!

  5. Leslie, with all your wonderful artistic talents, flower arranging is high on that list. Just beautiful!

  6. Yes Trader Joe’s is the place to get flowers. I haven’t been since February. My husband got me some peonies from there on several trips. Great tips I was placing flowers first then greenery.

  7. Beautiful arrangement! I buy flowers from Trader Joe’s almost every week. When I was selling my house a few years ago, my early Saturday morning trip for flowers was to Trader Joe’s! Also, the eucalyptus is lovely and it dries wonderfully, so you can continue to use it in containers, on mantles, added to wreaths.

  8. Hi Leslie,
    I was spending lots of money on fresh flowers regularly but since reading your emails I have invested in faux flowers that you have recommended. Your tips on flower arranging are great and I will be getting some fresh flowers to work with today, my birthday. How timely was today’s email from you! Thanks and Cheers, Louise

  9. I so wish we had a Trader Joe’s in Traverse City but we do have a wonderful Farmer’s Market downtown every Wednesday and Saturday with flower farmers. My parents live on the family farm still. I just asked them for their old crocks so I can make these. You are amazing! I love all your diy projects!

  10. Your floral arrangements always look beautiful. Flowers in a home just is the finishing touch to a room. It brings beautiful into the home and brightens up a space.

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