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Summer Beach Dinner – Part One

It’s been a wonderful week on the beach and I decided to treat my family to their favorite beach celebration … a summer beach dinner.

Summer Beach Dinner Flowers on the Table

This is part one of a two-part series about the dinner I am hosting for my family on the beach. Since my summer beach dinner actually takes place on the beach, there is a lot of setup! I try to do as much in advance as I can and I thought it made sense to arrange the flowers on the day before.

Dinner on the Beach

I have hosted three summer beach dinners in the past and all of them have been amazing. Finding the right evening is a bit tricky because it weather is an important factor. Ventura has been known to be windy at times and this is not a dinner you want to set up if it is windy.

Summer Beach Dinner

I actually decided to host this summer beach dinner when we were out to dinner earlier in the week. We were discussing the fact that there are very few restaurants in Ventura and Santa Barbara that have ocean views. As we were talking, I smiled quietly when I realized that I needed to host our own dinner on the beach and create our own romantic restaurant.

Arranging Flowers for the Summer Beach Dinner

I haven’t found a source for great flowers in Ventura yet. I haven’t looked too hard since I seem to find lots of great flowers at the Grocery Store. I went to Vons and found out they had a $5 Friday special which was amazing. When I saw this color palette I knew I wanted it. the colors reminded me of the sunsets on the beach!

Summer Beach Dinner

These centerpieces are just the most amazing colors and I love them! They aren’t fancy and I think the casual style is perfect for the beach.

Summer on the Beach Colors

Summer Beach Dinner 1

I found the glass vases lined in sea grass at the grocery store too! I saw them and thought they would look amazing on my table and just about everywhere. When I saw they were priced at $10 each, I was sold and bought three of them. I am pretty sure you will see these a lot at my home too.

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Summer Beach Dinner

Here are the flowers I bought at the grocery store. These colors just make me smile. Do you like them?

Flowers for Summer Beach Dinner

How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers

Gorgeous flowers for the Summer Beach Dinner

I made three arrangements for my table. I bought four bunches of flowers plus two lunches of eucalyptus.

  • one – Select a nice vases (or multiple basis) and prepare your flowers by remoing the plastic, and cutting the stems.
  • two – Add water to the vases and add the greens. Add one type of flower and try to evenly arrange the flowers in each vase.
  • three – Keep adding the flowers until you think they are done.
Arranging Flowers for Summer Beach Dinner

When you are done, turn the vases to make sure all angles have flowers!

Arranged Flowers for the Summer Beach Dinner

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Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how this summer beach dinner comes out! I am so excited.

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Summer Beach Dinner - Part One

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10 Responses

  1. Leslie,

    Trader Joe’s has inexpensive flowers in nice colors! I bought white roses and eucalyptus and did the same thing for dinner at home yesterday!

  2. Leslie,
    These colors are beautiful for a beach theme! What a wonderful dinner you will have. On my way to Rosemary Beach for a week with daughters, spouses and grandkids! Can’t wait to see everyone and get all those HUGS 🤗!!

  3. Until I read your post on how to place flowers in a vase, I had always done the flowers first-then added the greenery. Now I just need to get some flowers to arrange! And the glass/rattan vases you nabbed at Von’s? Fantastic! I wonder if they carry the vases here in Palm Springs….

  4. Very beautiful flowers and eucalyptus makes it more beautiful. The colors are just lovely snd vibrant. I do wish you might have mentioned where you got the wicker? Holders the vases are in. They are lovely. I see you show sone to shop for but not those. You are very creative and that is a great talent to have, and to trust your instincts. I am not sure I have tgat faith in myself, but I think you have been creating snd cooking for family snd guests many times which builds confidence. Looking forward to Part Two.

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Welcome to My 100 Year Old Home

I started my blog so I could share my passion for entertaining, décor, cooking, and crafts. You will find all this and more right here.

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