9 Best Ways to Use an Ice Cube Tray

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An ice cube tray is a fun way to make your drinks festive and preserve foods. Today I am sharing nine great ways to use an ice cube tray.

Fun Ways to Use an Ice Cube Tray.

Ice cube trays are also the perfect way to make a drink look pretty and also taste amazing!

Ice Cube Tray

Can I just say that I have completely missed so many opportunities to use ice cube trays! As I look back there are so many things I should have chosen to freeze. Frozen ice cubes can enhance so many drink options with wonderful flavorings. Next time you have a container of fruit juice, freeze some ice cubes to flavor waters or cocktails.

Using ice cube trays also saves money and it makes things a lot more convenient! If I think about all those times I bought a two-cup container of cream or buttermilk when I only needed two tablespoons. I always threw these away! Had I frozen the leftovers, I would have had more to use next time!

I put together lots of easy and fun days to use ice cube trays. Let me know if you have more ideas to share in the comments below.

The Best Ways to Use Ice Cube Trays

Fun Ways to Use an Ice Cube Tray.

Freezing leftover juice, berries, and food in ice cube trays is really easy to do. Most items freeze quite easily. Once the cubes are frozen, be sure to pop the ice cubes in a tightly sealed Ziploc bag. Label, add the date, and enjoy!

Flavored Water

Water is water and even in a pretty glass, it looks a bit plain. It also tastes a bit plain.

But add a few fancy ice cubes made from juice or fresh fruit and suddenly your plain water takes on a life of its own.

These ice cubes are made with fresh blueberries, raspberries, and water. They add a light berry flavoring but look so pretty on any table.

I love to make ice cubes (using just water) in a fun shape. I used this snowflake-shaped ice cube tray and made some very pretty ice cubes. They look wonderful in water glasses on any table.

Cocktail Mixers

A Cocktail with Frozen Cranberry Roses

I love a cocktail with a “splash” of flavor. Lime, lemon, orange, or cranberry are my favorite.

I made two types of ice cubes to flavor my cocktails.

These striped ice cubes, made with cranberry, orange juice, and a fresh strawberry are the best.

These rose-shaped ice cubes are made from cranberry juice. That’s it! As they melt the cocktail turns pink and takes on a wonderful cranberry flavor. They are perfect in a vodka tonic!

Mimosa Bar Ideas

I shared this idea for New Years’ here and so many of you bought this ice tray for your Mimosas. For New Year’s Eve, I made cranberry and orange-flavored ice cubes with rosemary.

I made some new ones with orange juice and sliced fresh strawberries. As these melt, the refreshing flavor will make any Mimosa taste cool and amazing!

Leftovers – Iced Coffee

Freezing Coffee in an Ice Cube Tray

All those times I threw out leftover coffee are no more! By placing the coffee in ice cube trays, you can now enjoy iced coffee without a watery taste! Just fill the tray with coffee and freeze overnight. Once frozen store in a Ziploc bag. When you are ready to use, add some flavored cream or more coffee! Enjoy a very cold iced coffee for a long time! This also works well with tea.

Coffee in an Ice Cube Tray

Leftovers – Buttermilk

I have two recipes that need buttermilk but it’s a very small amount. I am always throwing out leftover buttermilk! Now I freeze the buttermilk as soon as I am done with the recipe so that next time I have buttermilk ready to go in the freezer. Each ice cube is 1/4 cup so I know exactly how many ice cubes to use.

Leftovers – Broth

Freezing Broth in an Ice Cube Tray

Just like buttermilk, I never seem to use up a carton of broth. So I now freeze the broth and keep it in a Ziploc bag in the freezer.

Yogurt and Fruit for Smoothies

Freezing Yogurt in an Ice Cube Tray for Smoothies

I love making healthy smoothies and my favorite ones are made from yogurt and fruit ice cubes. We go through a lot of yogurt in our family and frozen yogurt ice cubes make the creamiest smoothies ever.

I love banana smoothies so I mix the yogurt with ripe bananas and put them in the ice cube trays. Now, anytime I have fruit that is getting ripe I freeze it with yogurt for my smoothies.

All I add is almond milk (or juice), some greens, and fresh fruit, and my smoothies are ready in less than a minute.

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Here are the ice cube trays I used to make all of these fun ice cubes. They are linked below.

Ice Cube Tray Collection

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9 Best Ways to Use an Ice Cube Tray

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  1. hi,
    how can something so simple be so much fun?!
    going to try the banana smoothie idea immediately, or as soon as frozen, lol.
    have to get the snowflake trays.

  2. Yes, ice trays are wonderful for freezing many things. Two of my favorite things to freeze in them; liquid Sofrito (a Spanish seasoning), 1 cube equals 1 tablespoon. Eggs, 2 cubes equals 1 egg (each egg must be blended together before freezing). Love your different ice trays.

  3. Leslie!!! Thank you for this blog today. I had never thought about putting buttermilk in trays. What an awesome idea. I am always tossing some out; not anymore!!!

  4. I always enjoy your ideas, and you can find them in my home. KayThe Ball jars with the iced coffee are a different shape, where did you get them?

  5. Not that I have wine left over very often, but on the odd occasion when I have a bottle that we have not finished I’ll pour the wine into ice cube trays and freeze it. When they are frozen I’ll put the cubes into freezer bags and save for those recipes calling for wine.

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