The Best Fall Pumpkins DIY

As you are getting ready for fall, I wanted to share a very fun Fall Pumpkins DIY. I made these pumpkins with fall fabric and driftwood!

Fall Pumpkins DIY

I love these fall pumpkins so much. You don’t need a sewing machine and they are one of the easiest crafts I have ever made.

Fall Pumpkins

Fall Pumpkins DIY

Not only are these pumpkins really easy to make but they are the best pumpkin decorations. Almost all of the pumpkin decor in our home is something that I have made. These fall pumpkins are filled with rice and polyfill and the stems are made from driftwood I collected at the beach. For the stems, you can also use old sticks, cinnamon sticks, and dried fresh pumpkin stems if you can’t get to the beach. 

I tied the pumpkins with raffia and ribbons I made from the fabric. I love how the colors work with all of my fall decor.

Easy Fabric Pumpkins

Fall Pumpkins

When I make a DIY my goal is always to make something that looks amazing but is easy to make. These pumpkins fit both of those requirements.

How is that? Well, most of us can cut a circle and use a needle and thread. We can also stuff a pocket of fabric with rice and Poly-fil. And I know we all know how to tie a bow.

That’s pretty much the only skills needed to make these pumpkins.

How to Make Fall Pumpkins

You can use any fall fabric you want for these pumpkins. I love working with decor fabric because it is heavier and better lasting. It also holds its shape better. So here are the two I selected. I bought them at Joann and here is the link to the printed Waverly Dashing Damask Natural Burlap. Combined with the colorful orange fabric, it’s unexpected and I think the pumpkins turned out great.

Fall Pumpkins Fabric

What You Need to Make Fabric Pumpkins

Fall Pumpkins DIY Materials List

Materials List

fabric (I used 1/2 yard of two decor fabrics and I love them)

large needle and thread

round circle template – 10″, 14″, and 19″ (or any similar sizes).

hot glue gun and sticks

driftwood or small branches


one bag of rice

autumn themed raffia

Step-by-Step DIY Instructions

  • one – As you can see in both photos, I used anything round I could find in my house as a template. I used a pan lid and a pizza pan to cut my cardboard template and cut a 14″ template as my sample size. I am proud of how clever I was to cut a larger one (about 19″) from the grey and white fabric. It is amazing how handy a deck of cards can be at a time like this! (All I did was tape a pen to the deck and carefully outline along the cardboard circle.) Cut one pattern and draw up the fabric at the top to see the finished size of the pumpkin. It’s deceiving how large you need the circle to be!
  • two – With a needle and double thread, sew a running stitch along the outside perimiter so you can gather the pumpkin once it is filled.
  • three – Lightly gather the pumpkin once you are done sewing so that you can make sure your stitches will hold the stugging.
  • four – Depending on the size of your circle, add one to four cups of rice. Just make sure there is enough rice to weigh down the bottom so the pumpkin will lay flat. Fill the remailing inside with poly-fil.
  • five – Carefully tighten the thread and place your stem inside. At this point, secure the bottom of the stem in the fabric by placing a generous amount of hot glue at the bottom and along the inside of the fabric. Pill the thread tight.
  • six – Once the stem is glued, this is what it should look like.
  • seven – Tie one end of the raffia aroud the stem at the point where the fabric meets the stem.
  • eight – Wrap the raffia all the way around the pumpkin, pulling it a bit and tie the raffia to the stem. This will add “sections” to your pumpkin. Do this three times to make six sections on the pumpkin.
  • nine – Tie more raffia, and a ribbon cut from the fabric to complete the pumpkin.

Don’t these finished fall fabric pumpkins look great?

Fall Pumpkins DIY

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Links to the Items Shown in This Post

Here are some of the craft supplies you need to make these pumpkins. Who knew that you can buy driftwood online!

Here are some fabric pumpkins you can buy. No crafting needed!

Check out this fall foliage for under $15. Click on the photo to see more.

Here is some fall foliage under $21. Click on the photo to see more.

And look at this fall decor for under $26. Click on the photo to see more.

Fall wreaths are so gorgeous. Below are some of my favorites! Click the photos to check them out, they are all under $45 each, most are under $30!

You might also like the containers for your fall foliage. Click on the photo to see more.

I hope this has inspired you to add some fall porch decor.

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The Best Fall Pumpkins DIY

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  1. Leslie, you’re so creative! I love your fabric choices and the driftwood stems are such a clever idea. I’ve actually collected a box of especially nice pumpkin stems over the years that have come in handy. Now I have another reason to use them!

  2. Im shopping tomorrow for fabric and Walt made me some great stems….best fabric pumpkins ever Leslie.

  3. I make out of sleeves of all types of might have some in your closet or thrift stores are full of them, and garage your too..

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