How to Arrange Hydrangea Flowers

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I love having hydrangea flowers in our home. They are such a beautiful flower and come in so many great colors. Today I am sharing ways to arrange hydrangea flowers.

Hydrangea Flowers

Hydrangeas are my favorite flower. Now don’t get me wrong, I love peonies and tulips. And roses. But there is something about hydrangea flowers that just make me happy.

Hydrangeas are one of the easiest flowers to arrange. The secret is using different containers to arrange my hydrangea flowers. Often I use containers that aren’t even vases. I think this makes the appearance more interesting and fun to arrange!

Over the past few years, I have featured hydrangeas frequently on my blog and Instagram. I have used white hydrangeas, blue hydrangeas, green hydrangeas, and pink hydrangeas, coral hydrangeas, more!  

Arranging Flowers

These are the hydrangea bouquets I arranged for the Engagement Party we hosted a few years ago. 

I needed sixteen arrangements for the tables so I used some glass vases and ball jars. I also added some other white flowers, in addition to the white hydrangeas, to ass some variety.

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Hydrangea Flowers on the Beach

I set this table in front of our beach house for an intimate dinner with our family. It was just magical. I used darker blue hydrangeas and used vintage blue jars from the flea market as vases. (I got these hydrangea flowers at the grocery store.). 

Light Green Hydrangea Flowers

These light blue hydrangeas look amazing in our living room. I have a lot of galvanized containers and these are some of my favorites to use with hydrangeas.

White Hydrangeas

White hydrangeas are my favorite. Here I added fresh limes in the vase to tie in with the green accents on our back porch. The vase is a vintage battery jar! I own two of these and I am always looking for more. They have gotten very popular recently and unfortunately, some are overpriced. If you ever see one for a reasonable price, be sure to buy it! (Or call me!)

Hydrangeas on a Mothers Day Table

My Mother’s Day table from two years ago was a dream to create. I made the chandeliers from old vintage lampshades. I wrote a tutorial on how I made these chandeliers in a blog post. These blue and green hydrangeas are amazing. And I used all different vases including a vintage battery jar and two vintage jars from Hungary.

Hydrangeas in a Basket

It’s easy to arrange white hydrangeas in a basket. You can even see the galvanized metal vases inside that help support and hold water for the flowers.

Hydrangeas for the Flowers

These rose and green hydrangeas are perfect for the holidays. I am hoping to use a lot of them this holiday season.

Colorful Hydrangeas

These peach/coral hydrangeas are dyed but I love how they spruced up our family room. I put them in ball jars in an old wooden box. Aren’t they fabulous?

Hydrangea Flowers in a Champagne Crate

I arranged these blue hydrangeas using a French Champagne Bottle Crate from my friend Debra Hall at Debra Hall Lifestyle. She has the coolest vintage items for sale. I love how it looks with these hydrangeas!

Hydrangea Flowers in the Kitchen

I was just unboxing my hydrangeas and saw this crate sitting on my kitchen floor. I knew it would be perfect for this bok of hydrangeas. I love this!

Arranging Blue Hydrangeas

As you can see, I put ball jars in the bottom, filled them with water, and added the flowers. To keep hydrangeas fresh all I do is cut the bottom off the stems and clean and change the water every other day.

Hydrangea Flowers on the Porch

By now, you are probably wondering where I buy all of my hydrangeas. I get my hydrangeas from the grocery store, flower market, and an online place called Dollar Hydrangea. Dollar Hydrangea ships their hydrangea flowers directly from South America. Their prices are better than any most hydrangeas you find at the grocery store and they are so incredibly fresh. 

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How To Arrange Hydrangeas Flowers

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  1. Love hydrangeas. Your fresh bouquets always stand out in your postings. But I’m curious if you ever dry some of the flowers and if they retain their colors?

  2. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers also. Love the different containers you chose. Great ideas and so beautiful!

  3. We have an Incrediball hydrangea bush in front of our house. The blooms are gigantic and in the past I’ve cut them down by this time of the year but this year I’m planning to keep them there through the winter to give a winter interest in front of our house. I always go back and forth whether I want to cut them and use them for flower arrangements inside our house or not so that it looks great outside our house. Thanks for the tips in arranging hydrangea flowers!

  4. I learned a tip this summer when I was doing flowers for my sister in laws bridal shower that hydrangeas actually take in water from their petals as well, so if you soak the full bloom in water before arranging they last for so much longer!

  5. I love all these photos ! Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers but they always seems to wilt quickly – I will try the changing out the water every other day – thank you for the tips !

    1. Best way to rehydrate an hydrangea is in hot water. They are probably the only flower that likes it hot! Put a fresh cut on the stem, and soak in a container that preferably retains heat. Can take hours up to over night. You have nothing to lose.

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