Au Revoir Provence

Today was our last day in Provence and I cannot believe we are heading home. This was a trip of a lifetime and all I can say is Au Revoir!

We spent ten days on the road and had the most glorious trip. We toured the most wonderful towns, shopped until we dropped, and dined at some amazing french restaurants. Today I am going to wrap up the trip and offer some fun tips and advice about how we can get all of the stuff we bought home!

Au Revoir Provence
This is our group for the week, That’s me, Tracey from French Larkspur, my bestie Maryliz, our new friend Larissa, and our driver Paul.
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Au Revoir and Our Last day in Provence

Au Revoir Provence

Wow. How could this amazing trip be ending tomorrow?

It went way too fast and I wish that we had another week here. I honestly loved everything about Provence and we will come back someday. I promise!

Since today was our last day in Provence, we had to visit one more lavender field! we went to one of the most iconic lavender fields in Provence. This is Abbaye Notre-Dame Senanque and it is a very popular and well-photographed place.

Tracey from French Larkspur knew how crowded Abbaye de Senanque would be so she scheduled it first on our day and we truly beat the crowds!

Au Revoir Provence

Touring and Shopping at Menerbes

Au Revoir Provence

Next, we stopped at Menerbes and did some shopping and touring in this quaint little town.

Au Revoir Provence

I loved Menerbes. It not only has great views but the shops and cafes are wonderful too. I did manage to buy a linen tablecloth. It is white and tan, 144″ long, and perfect for the beach house!

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As you can expect, I took a lot more photos of the colorful buildings and shutters.

Au Revoir Provence

If you haven’t been to Provence before, it really does look this cute everywhere!

Au Revoir Provence

I even took a selfie! Hehe.

Au Revoir Provence

Winetasting at Domaine de Marie

Last Day in Provence

Tracey planned a really special day for us. We went wine tasting and then walked just next to the winery and had an amazing lunch.

Au Revoir Provence

The wine was really good.

The last time I was in France and we spent a lot of time in the Champagne region, I finally learned to appreciate champagne. On this trip, I fell in love with Rose. My favorite bottles were usually less than €10, which is about $11.00!

Lunch at Bastide de Marie

Last Day in Provence.

Bastide de Marie is a wonderful little hotel, located next to the winery, and they have a wonderful outdoor seating area that is open most of the day.

Au Revoir Provence

We enjoyed a wonderful two-course lunch and the food and ambiance were great!

We also toured around the lobby a bit and the decor was amazing!

Au Revoir Provence

Look at this bookcase/cabinet! Isn’t it exquisite? I love it.

Au Revoir Provence

How Will I Get My Purchases Home?

shipping items home

You might recall that when we packed to leave for France we placed a fully packed medium-sized suitcase inside of a large suitcase which meant we would have an entire empty large suitcase to bring items home!

Everything fit perfectly in my two suitcases and I still have a carry-on suitcase as well.

I also shipped one box via Fedex which held my nicest purchase – the largest beaded chandelier. It wouldn’t quite fit in the suitcase and I was worried it would get damaged in a suitcase. Our host Tracey, from French Larkspur, took us to a hardware store to buy the boxes and bubble wrap. Plus her husband works for FedEx so he was able to make all of our shipping labels.

I don’t know the cost of the shipping yet but I expect it will be about $200.00.

As I mentioned, I brought a hard carry-on suitcase and for the return, I packed all of the breakables in bubble wrap and put them in my carry-on. I have my lavender platter and small chandelier in my carry-on bag because I know they will be safe!

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Au Revoir Provence

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  1. Oh Leslie,

    I have absolutely loved tagging along on your wonderful trip to France.
    It has been so much fun for me even though I was sitting in my house in Williamsburg, Virginia!
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. So wonderful to follow along with you on this adventure. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you safe travels as you return home.

    PS I look forward to seeing your treasures from this trip in your future blogs of your renovated beach home.

  3. Dear Leslie,
    I’m a long time reader from San Diego.
    As luck would have it, my husband and I are headed to our house in Provence today! Since you know the area a bit, you might want to explore on your own next time. If you’d like more info, I’m happy to share pictures, etc. We stay a month or two at a time and the rest of the year we rent to friends.
    I’m smiling just thinking about all your fabulous memories!
    Welcome home!

  4. Thank you for taking the time to post while on your trip! I felt like I was there too and looked forward to your posts!! Such a fun trip and definitely one I would like to take! Looking forward to seeing how you use your purchases in the future!

  5. I’ve gotten so excited opening up your blog post each morning here in Oklahoma to see what “we” did & found today in Provence…thanks for taking me with you!

  6. Leslie, thanks for sharing this awesome trip! I always look forward to your blogs but this last week has been so fun! Safe travels to you!💗

  7. I can almost smell the lavender. I’m amazed you were able to get a chandelier in a carry-on bag! 🙂

  8. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip. The pictures were just beautiful and I hope one day to see it all. I see that platter in my dreams.

  9. Leslie, I needed this trip! So thanks for taking me “along!” I enjoyed every minute of it, and appreciated you blogging and photographing for us also. I’ve always wanted to do a trip like this, so it was really appreciated!

  10. Such a Fun Trip! Really appreciate you posting and sharing. Looked forward to your post each day. Had to save them to read and view when I knew wouldn’t be interrupted. Hopefully you can recoup a little on your ride home.
    Thanks Again

  11. Thank you for sharing this most wonderful adventure in Provence with us. I loved all of your photos of the beautiful buildings and lavender fields and of all the flea markets that made me want to jump on a plane and head straight there. You will cherish the memories of this most amazing trip always and I’m so glad we got to go along with you, even if only through cyber space! Safe travels home.

  12. Leslie,

    What great fun sharing your trip with you! You have been an excellent tour guide and so kind to share your adventure with us, as well as all your beautiful treasures. Can’t wait to see your new items displayed when you return. So thoughtful of you to post updates while you were away. It’s been such a joy tagging along.

  13. Have love seeing where you went on this journey in Provence, France very beautiful indeed .. on my bucket list would love to go there…one day.looking forward to more on your blog…safe journey home.

  14. I had a great time following you on your trip! I meant to ask you a few days ago. I love hats, Maryliz is wearing a beautiful hat! Did she get the hat in Provence or did she bring it with her? Is there a brand?

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