A French Dining Table Inspired by Our Trip to France

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When we went to the Provence region of France this summer on a vintage flea market tour, we left feeling inspired to create our own French dining table.

We created a gorgeous table using many of the treasures that we collected while in Provence and mixed them together with many items that I already had. Can you tell which are our flea market finds and which items we already owned on this French dining table??

French Provincial Table

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French Dining Table Inspiration

Table French Provincial Inspired by Lavendar

During our trip to the Provence area of France, we were absolutely smitten with the style of the region. Elevated simplicity or maybe simple elegance is a good way of describing the style.

Simplicity was found in the textures and colors. Antiques, which are used daily in France, whether furniture, silverware, plates, and linens added to the feeling of elevated elegance.

When we set the table in the evening for our dinner of baguette, cheese, fruit, and wine, there seemed a perfect combination of linens, which had been softened by years of washing, layered onto an antique wood table together with plates that were from Zara Home, but looked antique. The perfect amount of new was mixed with the perfect amount of antique which resulted in an exquisite table setting.

Lavender Color

French Provincial Table Inspired by Our Trip to France

While we were in France, we would stop at lavender fields each morning on our way to the vintage flea markets and each afternoon on our way home. The sea of lavender color and the heady lavender smell, was entrancing while we watched the lavender sway in the gentle breeze and listened to the buzz of the happy bees. These are some of our favorite memories from this trip.

For the French dining table we are sharing today, we incorporated the lavender color with some incredible green and white plates that were found at one of the many vintage flea markets we visited.

We also wanted to incorporate a number of green glass, hinge top jars that were found at various markets anchored the green in the plates. And so, a color palette was born. Lavender and green! This is a new one for us. Please let us know what you think.

Is this a color palette we should use again?

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Setting the Table

French Provincial Inspired Table

We set the table on the back porch. The table is a beautiful rustic wood from Arhaus so it was the perfect backdrop for this french inspired table.

Next, we added my favorite water hyacinth placemats. I use these placemats for casual dinners and also for formal dinners like Christmas or more formal dinner parties. They are so versatile and perfect for this table.

French Provincial Table Inspired by Our Trip to France

Sticking with the lavender and green color palette, I used some green charger plates layered on top of the placemats. One of my favorite dinner plates to use is by Park Hill. I have these basketweave plates in cream, they also come in green. I might have to get the green ones! Any cream-colored plates would work here.

French Provincial Table Inspired by Our Trip to France

Sage green linen napkins and my favorite Rocco Bormleo goblets and water glasses added just the right amount of green to the table.

Finishing The French Dining Table With Decoration

French Provincial Inspired

My favorite part of setting a table might be the decoration of it. Once the placemats, chargers, plates, napkins, silverware, and glassware are set, the fun part begins. The decoration of a table is what brings the table to life and sets the stage for the gathering that is to come.

For this table, we parlayed the green glassware and placed the green hinge-top jars down the center of the table. We had some green glass bottles that we usually use to style shelves and we popped some lavender roses and eucalyptus into them.

French Provincial Table

This amazing cellar bottle (on the left) from a flea market here in California is one of my favorite vases. It has the most amazing green hue and is a great size. The mouth of the vase is not very large, so it requires a smaller arrangement of flowers.

For this arrangement, we were lucky to find some flowers in lavender colors at Trader Joes. Dahlias with a lavender tinge on the edges of the petals, two kinds of roses in two different lavender tones, and some seeded eucalyptus were everything we needed to make these arrangements. Lavender roses are also sometimes called sterling roses. This arrangement is so sweet. While it is on the smaller side, it also looks as if it is the perfect size for this vase and table.

Table French Provincial Inspired

Lastly, we added a flower to each plate to tie the lavender and green together. We also added a lavender color vintage platter that was carefully carried home from France.

French Provincial Inspired Table
French Provincial Inspired Table

So, what do you think about this new color combination? We think it’s a keeper and can’t wait to hear what you think! Let us know!

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French Provincial Inspired Tablescape

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A French Dining Table Inspired by Our Trip to France

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  1. Do you serve wine in the goblets and water in the smaller glasses? I’d like to buy just one of them for water. I like both of them!

  2. Beautiful table. I enjoy your blog so much since I have had the pleasure of being in your home. I treasure the painting of the yellow boat that you did and I won. It proudly hangs in my studio.

  3. What a fun post! You and Mary Liz so inspired me with this wonderful trip. I was on the wait list and Tracey just emailed to say that my girl friend and I got in. Provence in June 2023. I am rereading all your diary posts (blogs) and just bought another French cookbook. Bubbling over with excitement!
    As you have had time to think about it, would you change anything, add anything, not do anything???? Feel free to PM me, if appropriate…. Excited!!!!

  4. I look forward every day to read your blog. The table setting for today is beautiful. I love the glasses, I keep thinking about getting them.

  5. Stunning table and the lavender and green is a long standing favorite of mine !
    The beautiful salad plates make the whole table for me

  6. Your table setting is totally gorgeous and awesome! I totally love the unique look of the lavender and green. It brings in the European influence and nature together. I am already looking at adding the look and shopping on Amazon for your look with a little twist of mine. Thank you for sharing all your unique ideas and influences for decorating he table and home. You will always be my absolute favorite blogger!

  7. I love that you and Mary Liz are thick as thieves. All of this is so much more fun with a bestie! No need for me to tell you how much I love all of it. I still want to be you when I grow up. Nothing’s changed.

  8. What a gorgeous table setting. The lavender and green are my favorite colors. I love the green glasses and those salad plates are what makes it for me. Can you share where you got those?
    Thank you Leslie

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