Settling In to Our Home in Provence

It was our first full day in Provence and we just finished settling in our amazing apartment. Luberon is such a beautiful area and so quaint!

We drove from the airport city to the countryside, winding along narrow roads and circling through roundabouts. We stopped at one of what will be many lavender fields to see and ended up in the quaintest village where we will stay for the next week.

L and Ml Lavender Fields
Favorite Places

Settling In

Settling In Provence .

Like everything in the countryside of France, the building where we are staying is old. I think we need to do some detective work to discover the age and origin of the building, but it is safe to say we went from my 100 year old home to a several hundred year old home for the next week!

Settling In on Our First Day in Provence France .

We reached the top of the winding staircase to find a gorgeous door, adorned with an apartment name and a key with a vintage tassel. When we opened the door, we found a beautifully appointed apartment. The fireplace is absolutely exquisite and has a mirror hanging above it that Anthropologie potentially used as the model for their signature Primrose mirror. I was very pleasantly surprised to find a Frame TV, just like mine at home. I must search for this art to display when I get home!

Settling In Provence.

Obviously, we didn’t have any trouble settling in.

The kitchen is beautifully European. The wall color, together with the exposed beams and polished concrete counters gives you the feeling that the kitchen has been here forever, however it has the luxury of modern accents like the stainless steel backspace above the stove and stainless steel appliances. All of the windows have incredible linen coverings.

A Beautiful Living Space

Settling In on Our First Day in Provence France

The living room is quite large and features a marble mantle. When we arrived in mid-afternoon, we had a goal of settling in right away so we unpacked and then had a bite to eat. A fresh baguette and of course, some incredible cheese was just enough to tide us over until dinner.

Settling In and Lunch in Provence
Settling In Provence

I took a few more photos so you can experience the beauty of this wonderful apartment.

Settling In on Our First Day in Provence France

Tracey Leber at French Larkspur is a spectacular tour guide. She has thought of everything, even a vintage linen bag which we leave hanging on our front door knob in the evening and she fills with fresh croissants each morning.

Settling In on Our First Day in Provence France.

Please reach out to her if you are considering booking a tour with her. Tours are planned a year in advance and are small, so if you are on the fence about booking a tour with her, do it!

(Also, if you want to know about this apartment, just book a tour with Tracey as I am pretty sure this is where you will stay!)

The Town of Apt

Here is a photo of the town where our apartment is located. Isn’t this fabulous?

Tomorrow we will be visiting Sault and some other beautiful cities nearby. I cannot wait to start shopping.

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Fresh Lavender in Provence France

Yes, those are the same placements I have at home that I use every single day.

Settling In on Our First Day in Provence

This is the view from our apartment window.

Lavender Fields

The amazing lavender field we visited!

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Settling In to Our Home in Provence

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  1. This would be a dream trip! I have already sent an email to Tracey for 2023 trip info. The pictures are so beautiful. Can’t wait to see more. The apartment is wonderful. I wish I was there. Have fun and be safe. Pamela A/ PA

  2. This is amazing. Lavender my favorite scent, I can only imagine closing my eyes and taking in the scent of that field. What town does Tracey have you staying in?

  3. I am so excited to get a look at your tour and the apartment!
    I can’t wait to be there in September! Enjoy every minute!❤️

  4. This is so much fun following your trip! It’s so exciting and your words beautifully describe every little detail! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Looking forward to following you on your trip and all the pictures journaling all the wonderful places!!

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