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Two weeks from today, Christmas will be in the rearview mirror. Yikes! Join me for Sunday Morning Coffee as I am sharing what is on my to-do list!

Christmas Family Room Home Tour

Thanks for joining me for Sunday morning coffee. As I prepare for the holidays and “two weeks from today”, I’ve got a million things on my to-do list. We’re having a smaller version of our annual Christmas party in less than one week and we had a kitchen disaster last week. Oh, what fun!

But it is still exciting! Why? Because the next two weeks are going to be so special!

Volume 41

A Little Bit About Me

Christmas Family Room Home Tour

Getting Away

It’s hard to believe that just one week ago, my family and I were in Hawaii. Now that my children are grown and one of my boys is married, it is almost impossible to get all six of our schedules to align. A miracle occurred and all six of us could make the week after Thanksgiving work to get away for a family vacation. I jumped at the opportunity, found an incredible residence on the Big Island, and off we went.

We had a wonderful week filled with many days at the beach, pickleball, golf, golf, and more golf. We cooked, lounged by the pool at our residence, and cooked some more! (I know you aren’t surprised!) We enjoyed a lot of amazing meals at restaurants and played a lot of games.

It was a magical week.

My Schedule For the Week

Christmas Family Room Home Tour

I am kind of freaking out as I type this.

Two weeks from today, Christmas will be over. I have so much to do! Our Christmas party is next weekend and even though it is much smaller, I still need to shop for all of the food, cook everything, finish decorating, and get organized. Yikes!

I also need to order our holiday cards, track down all of my Christmas card addresses (I just discovered they were lost when my computer crashed), finish shopping, and order some family gifts.

I know I can do this. Right?

Please tell me you are a lot more organized than I am.

In case you are still decorating your home, here are some of my favorites.

Stuff Happens

Broken Dishwasher

Being lucky is such a good thing.

Two nights ago, at around 10:00 pm, I came downstairs to find a very crazy malfunctioning dishwasher. It was steaming, all of the windows in the kitchen were fogged, an error message was flashing, and water was pouring out everywhere from under the dishwasher!

The odd part about this was that the dishwasher wasn’t even turned on!

As I was yelling for Dave to come down and I was grabbing beach towels to soak up the water, the power in our entire home started flashing on and off.

Fortunately, our plumber lives down the street and he was able to come over get the water off. It wasn’t until a bit later that we discovered the basement and wine cellar had flooded.

Our amazing plumber came back this morning and sadly he told me our fairly new dishwasher was completely “fried”.

Apparently, a mouse (ok, it wasn’t a mouse but it was the much creepier version of a mouse that rhymes with “hat”) had chewed through the waterline, shorted the electricity, and fried the dishwasher. Surprisingly, there was not an electrocuted rat also hiding behind our dishwasher.

The bad news is I can’t find a replacement dishwasher that fits our custom panels that will be here within three months. The good news is when we remodeled our kitchen we didn’t even have a dishwasher. So I put in two of them. I know, it was a little bit excessive (even though we use both all of the time) but I am very happy we have one that works.

And I am so grateful this happened while we were still awake. Had it happened a few hours later when we were asleep, our entire first floor would have flooded.

We were very lucky!

Shop The Look

Planning for the Holidays

Have you decided on your Christmas table yet? I have way too many ideas. I was convinced I was going to do a Cranberry theme and then after I did my amazon Live last week titled How to Set a Christmas Table, I think I also want to do a metallic-themed dinner. Perhaps I should style one for Christmas Eve and the other theme on Christmas Night?

Watch the Amazon Live and let me know what you think!

Shop This Look

Two weeks from today is a day I don’t want to think about. That’s because the next two weeks are my favorite time of year! The boys will be here in less than a week and the fun really begins. I cannot wait.

Watch Me Live!

I love having the chance to talk with all of you about all of the things that I love. I am now sharing a few Amazon Live broadcasts every week that are so much fun!

Here are my latest six! Just tap on the links to take a peek.

Reflections on the Week

Last week was so much fun! It was a bit of an adjustment coming back from vacation and I am still catching up. But I already told you that! I loved all of the blog posts from last week. Click on any link to learn more!

Good Things From Martha

What’s Ahead for the Week

This week, while I will be cooking like a crazy woman for our Christmas party, I will be sharing a beautiful pink holiday table, a new Christmas pillow DIY, some holiday gift guides, Christmas cookies, a beautiful holiday table centerpiece, and some fun wrapping paper to make!

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Two Weeks From Tonight

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  1. Leslie, i can sympathize with you, for the same thing happened to us, except no flood, the RAT at all the wires on the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher, over a period of 2 wks. we could not catch the thing, as it was between the wall and appliances, yes we had to replace each one, the guy who installed our dishwasher, finally caught the RAT and it had built a huge nest between the wall and appliance. this happend a year ago just before Thanksgiving, so I had no way to cook a turkey. Thank God it happened when you were home and awake. Happy Holidays

  2. So sorry this happened to you. No rat — but a squirrel just about did me in. I had just come home from the hospital after a stroke. I was on the couch and kept hearing a clattering in our chimney. I sensed a squirrel was trapped and he evidently and persistently kept trying to climb back up. He kept falling back down and since the flue was closed, the clatter was loud when he fell. I became hysterical after three hours of this. I kept thinking he was going to die in there. I called an exterminator who came out after hours. He opened the flue and the squirrel ran out and scurried all over the house. He chased him into my bedroom closet and finally sacked him. Cost-$500. The next morning, I came home after a doctor’s appointment and knew that something was really wrong. There was a ripped open bag of chips scattered everywhere. My living room curtains and blinds were in shreds. I heard it running into the bedroom. Not another one. I locked it in the bedroom. It destroyed my bed linens and all the curtains in that room trying to climb up. I called the exterminator again. He came to my house five hours later and showed up drunk. He bagged that squirrel and charged me another $500. He checked the flue. HE HAD left it open after the first squirrel fiasco. He also told me that both squirrels were female, pregnant and looking for warmth to give birth. Oh, lord help me. Three days later, I opened the dryer and out ran a squirrel. I felt like I was losing my mind. But I was not going to call that drunken exterminator again. I opened all the doors and the squirrel made a hasty escape. We had wire cages put on the chimney and dryer vent. Two weeks later, my neighbor came over crying. She couldn’t start her car. She thought that it blew up or something. AAA came and found a dead squirrel under her hood. He had eaten through her battery wires. Here in my neighborhood in Michigan, we have what seems like millions of squirrels because we have lots of hundred year old trees surrounding our properties. AAA also told her that a lot of wiring is made with SOY and the squirrels and rats think of it as a food source. Please keep your sanity this holiday season, I love your posts. You are so creative and inspiring.

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