Pink Christmas Table Favorites

One of the things I love about this community is all of the talented people I have met. Today I am sharing a new friend, Carolyn Binder, and her Pink Christmas Table items.

Gorgeous Pink Christmas Table

Carolyn Bender and her company CB Lifestyle are amazing and I just love everything she does! Her incredible taste and careful curation of so many wonderful table items literally took my breath away.

CB Lifestyle

Setting a Table with Pink Tableware

I came across Carolyn’s Instagram, @cbealifestlye, and immediately wondered where she had acquired so many gorgeous tabletop items. I did a little research and soon realized she had curated all of the items on her feed in her store.


You can check out her website CB Lifestyle here.

Pink Table for the Holidays

I am thrilled today to be sharing some of Caroly’s beautiful tableware. Doesn’t this table look amazing?

Pink Christmas Table

I thought it might be fun today to share a little bit about how I put this Pink Christmas table together. This table is the perfect one to use as my example because I literally opened the box from Carolyn, laid everything out, and started pulling my own items to create this beautiful table.

Pink Table for the Holidays

Here is what I received from Carolyn:

Please note – Some of the items are out of stock. But they will be replenished soon.

The first thing I do is determine the setting and the theme. Since I had just decorated the Carriage House in pink I knew I wanted this table to be located in there. And Pink Christmas is definitely my theme.

Once I had unpacked the box, I knew I needed to add a dinner plate, charger, glassware, silverware, and tablecloth.

Since the candlesticks were gold, I decided to go with gold accents. I pulled out my white and gold porcelain plates and loved how they looked with the Oro Di Docccia plates that I got from Carolyn. It was easy to decide not to use my Cranberry vintage glassware and I went with the gold etched wine and water goblets instead. I picked out the gold and white chargers, and six sets of mixed silver and silverplate. That’s all I needed.

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Pink Table for the Holidays

The Short Gold Candlesticks and Cream Lacquer Twist Candles are very cool. The candlesticks are gold and I love them. The candles are twisted and very modern but I like them!

Pink Table for the Holidays

In case you are curious, the white vase is a Sullivans Ceramic vase. I love it!

Candleware for Pink Christmas

In case you can’t tell, the Dusty Pink (or cream) Ruffle Placemats are velvet! They are so soft! I love them.

Pink Table Set for Christmas

For the tablecloth, I used one of my vintage pink quilts. I love using vintage tablecloths and quilts in every room!

Pink Table for the Holidays

I just realized that I completely forgot to use the pink chargers I made a few weeks ago. Perhaps they were too new and I forgot.

Do you remember these chargers? You can learn how to make them here.

Pink Charger Plates

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Pink Christmas Table Favorites

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  1. This is the first thing I do every morning! Read your Blog and just enjoy all the beautiful ideas you so generously share with all of your viewers! MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎁🎄 TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY..

  2. I understand this is actually a money making business for you. I don’t mind bloggers pitching a few things, their books etc. and making some money. It’s a lot of work to put these up. What is starting to grate on me is the pretense of” read my blog and share my great ideas my dearest friends” while blatantly pushing the sale of every possible thing that can be thought of. It is so disingenuous and manipulative. Why not just be honest and say you are in the sales business and want to make a lot of money? KariAnn is a master of this as well. I can no longer stand to read these kind of blogs.

    1. Jillian,
      I wanted to comment on this as I am not sure you understand that blogging is my full-time job. I spend about 60 hours per week brainstorming, creating, photographing, writing, and sharing all of my ideas. I do need to make a living doing this because I share all of my content for free. By sharing items to buy on my blog and partnering with brands, I make affiliate commissions and can afford to do this. If I didn’t do this I would have to charge a fee to view my blog and I NEVER want to have to do that.
      The ads and affiliate links you see on my blog are just like the ads you see on TV, in the newspaper, and in magazines. You are free to click on them or ignore them, that is up to you.
      I think I have a right to make a living while doing something I love to do. I am not sure why you are offended by this but please feel free to unfollow my blog if you aren’t enjoying it.

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