A Thoughtful Christmas Gift

I am always looking for Christmas gifts that are practical, useful and thoughtful. I have such a hard time finding gifts for my family members. This year I partnered with Caséta by Lutron and I think I have found the perfect gift.

Caséta by Lutron is a smart home lighting system that allows you to always come home to a well-lit home. We own a system for our home and last week I connected it to our back porch light.

It actually has also solved our dog barking problem, but that’s another story. (When Sport barks at the back door I just turn on the light with my phone. Silence every time!)

So what’s the latest news? I just connected our Caséta by Lutron to our Christmas trees. Which means we are fully automated! I even set two different lighting scenes for the trees. The first one turns it on at noon and turns it off at midnight. The second scene turns them on a dusk and turns them off at 2:00am. The latter option will likely be used when our boys come home for the holidays.

One thing I love about this system is it doesn’t require a neutral wire, so it works with most older homes. Like my one hundred year old home.

Either way, it’s nice to be able to select whichever I want with a tap on my phone.

I can’t wait to gift a Caséta by Lutron to my siblings. I think it’s a great gift for a lot of reasons. It provides peace of mind, it’s practical and it’s even easy to set up. I set it up myself so it must be easy, right?

And don’t forget it’s really thoughtful.

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