Five Secrets to the Perfect Craft Room


Converting my office into a craft room was the smartest thing I did last year. I love DIY’s and I think our family was tired of living amongst my projects! My craft room is a wonderful and beautiful room. I have lots of natural sunlight and every time I walk in there I feel creative!. It is organized, and everything I need is right at my fingertips.

In the past six months, I have made a few changes to my craft room and I am really happy with how functional it has become. So I came up with five things that I think every craft/project room needs.

Five Secrets to the Perfect Craft Room

#1 Choose a space that is light and a room that allows you to be creative.

This room is located right off of our family room, so it is near the main hub of our home. I have a great view of our porch and the daytime light is just perfect.

Just so you can appreciate how important the white paint was in this room, this is what the room looked like before (when it was my office). Can you believe the difference?

A craft or project room needs to be a place where you can be creative. So make sure it has great light and is a place where you want to be.

#2 Find a craft table that allows you to finish all sorts of projects.

I wanted a tall table because I like to stand when I create. I found this table and I can promise you it looked very different when I bought it. It is large enough to cut fabric, lay out my silhouette stencils and manage just about every project I have created this past year. At Christmas, my table was always occupied with projects every day!

I bought my project table at the Rose Bowl flea market and I refinished the top and painted the legs. You can see how I completed that DIY here.

#3 Create a storage system for the supplies you need for your crafts.

I bought plenty of clear storage bins at Wallmart to store the supplies I need for crafting. This includes my Silhouette supplies, glue guns and all of the supplies I use all of the time.

I also bought a vintage tin cabinet and cleaned it up and painted it. Then I added labels on all twenty-seven of the drawers.

 I use this cabinet to hold pens, paper, chalk, sewing supplies, scissors, rubber stamps, etc.

#4 Keep your tools close by.

I use my sewing machine, embroidery machine and Silhouette machine all of the time. I have all three of these machines stored in my craft room and they are easily accessible anytime I need them. If they were stored far away I might not be as productive as I am.

#5 Don’t expect your craft room to be perfect.

Your craft room is for creating and tackling projects. Don’t do not think it needs to look perfect all of the time. It’s ok that it gets disheveled and messy. The purpose of having a craft room is to have a place where you can leave your projects out while you are working on them. Do not feel that you have to clean up all of the time. If everything has a place, you can always clean up when you are done. Have fun. Be messy and be creative.

Enjoy your room. It’s for you and nobody else. It’s where you get to be creative.

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8 thoughts on “Five Secrets to the Perfect Craft Room

  1. Leslie, Hope your recovery is progressing well. LOVE your craft room! I’m curious how you sew on your machines. Do you have a stool to sit at your beautiful table? If so can you reach the peddle? Also for all the creating you do, I don’t see a lot of supplies……do you have more storage?

  2. Love the windows! When we built our home our builder showed us a space upstairs which he normally made into an all-purpose closet for other clients and asked if I wanted the same or if I wanted to leave rods, etc. out and create a hobby room? Since my husband had declared a downstairs closet for his hunting clothes, etc. I jumped at the chance to create a space for spreading out my projects and then closing the door. It has been nearly perfect. Problem? No windows. And though it would be considered a really nice oblong walk-in it’s a little tight for storage and “spreading out”. Don’t get me wrong! I love having my own space but if I had it to do over again I think I might have configured the entire upstairs a little differently to accommodate a room more on the square side, like yours. Although… I might sit and stare outside and never get my little projects done. It’s always something, isn’t it?

  3. How I loved reading this and seeing the photos! You’ve motivated me to clear out my messy spare bedroom and to transform it into my own creative space! Thank You for spurring us on.

  4. I love what you did with your room! I need help getting my craft room organized. Can I hire you? I’m in Simi Valley. The challenge is, all my walls are tile as it used to be a jacuzzi room. I have no way to hang anything and now it’s just has become one big heap of things with a narrow walk through area. ????????????

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