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I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that our 100-year-old home is featured on the Home Bunch website. As I wrote to Luciane at Home Bunch, I still cannot believe she invited me to be a part of “Beautiful Homes of Instagram”. When she first reached out to me, my first thought was, “But our home isn’t beautiful. It’s just a home with of a bunch of my flea market finds!”


This is such an honor and thrill and it has been really hard to keep this a secret for three months! Now you know why I have been working like a mad woman to remodel our living room, family room, project room and master bedroom. And just when I thought I was done, I came up with the crazy idea to add a Flower Arranging Room!

You know that saying that you should throw a party every year just to get your house in order. Well, commit to a magazine shoot or feature on an amazing blog like Home Bunch and you will be astonished at what you can accomplish.



One of the best things that came from this experience is that it forced me to get all of my sources in order. Most of our home is original (as in it was built 102 years ago). The two large remodels were in 2000 (kitchen, family room, two baths and the back porch) and 2008 (master bedroom, bath, closet, and the boy’s bathroom). It took a lot of research to find the sources from so many years ago and I could not have done it without my good friends Thano and Kathy Adamson at Mission Tile West. They were able to access all of my receipts from the two remodels to find where everything was purchased!


I also had a paint color problem. Maybe this was due to the fact I am an artist, but 90% of the paint colors in our house are custom colors. I like to mix paint and apparently that also applies to paint you put on the walls. So in order to be able to share my paint colors with all of you, I went through the entire house and matched all of our colors to the Home Depot Behr Paint Collection. I was shocked that every color had almost an exact match (note to self … use an existing color next time so I don’t drive my painter crazy yet again!). So finally you will all be able to see my paint colors firsthand wherever you may live!


I have shared just a few of the photos here that you will find on the Home Bunch Blog. Of course, you need to head on over to Home Bunch and see all of them. Considering I took 350 photos, I think we did a good job finding the best of the best.

I am so proud of how nice our one-hundred-year-old home looks on the Home Bunch site today.

Thank you Luciane. You rock.

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  1. Beautiful what are the sizes of your windows decor in the dinning room? And where did you get the vases that are also on the windows display. Love it.

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