DIY Christmas Tree Collar


I love DIYs and have always wanted to make a Christmas Tree Collar. I can’t wait to share how I made this for our Christmas tree!

A Christmas tree collar is a great way to hide the base of the tree and also to add some personality to the tree. Christmas tree collars come in lots of variations, but this one is really special.

This rustic and vintage tree collar is a fun new addition to my Christmas decor. This DIY Christmas tree collar is not hard to make and can be made with vintage ceiling tiles or faux tile peel and stick paper.

Christmas Tree Collar

Christmas Tree Collar

I love having a vintage tree collar. Isn’t this fun?

Christmas Tree Collar

I am so in love with my new tree collar! I’ve had these vintage ceiling tiles in my storage shed forever and I am so excited I came up with a new way to use them.

Look at the previous DIYs I have created using vintage ceiling tiles.

Where to Find Vintage Ceiling Tiles

I am sure you are wondering where you can find ceiling tiles.

I see them at flea markets all of the time. I have also bought them on eBay. I found some on Facebook Marketplace too. But please know that I have never paid high prices. I bought a huge box of these ceiling tiles (eight large sheets) fun about $70.

I only used one of the eight sheets for this DIY Christmas tree collar.

But here’s the thing, you can also make this and use Faux Peel and Stick Ceiling tiles!

Look at these Faux Peel and Stick Tiles

How To Make a Christmas Tree Collar

What You Need to Make This Tree Collar

Before you get started, measure your tree to see what size box you need. I used the measurement of the ceiling tile to determine the box size. Each square measures 14″ x 14″. So I used 14″ x 28″ as my size for each side.

  • Four cut pieces of plywood, based on your measurement (see above)
  • Four ceiling tiles OR Peel and Stick Faux Ceiling tiles
  • Nails – 1 3/2″ wood nails to attach wood pieces together.
  • Brad Nails – (which are finer than finishing nails) to attach ceiling tiles to wood.

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Step-by-Step Instructions to Make Christmas Tree Collar

Cut the tin to the desired size.

If you are using faux peel and stick tin, skip this stip.

I used a saw but you can also cut the tin with large tin snips.

The cut pieces of tin should look like this.

Cut the wood to match the size of the tin.

Use the Brad nails to attach the tin to the wood. Cover each piece of wood with the tin pieces (or peel and stick tin paper). Use as many nails as needed to secure the tin.

Use the 1 1/2″ nails to nail the four wood pieces together. That’s it!

Get This Look

If you don’t want to make a Christmas tree collar, you can buy one too. They really enhance the look of your tree.

If you are a traditionalist and love a tree skirt, there are so many cute ones to choose from. I love the ones that give a nod to vintage. Sharing some of my favorites below.

You can never have too many essentials for decorating the tree. Here are some of my favorites to stock up on!

It seems we always have an issue that there is always one strand of lights that won’t light. And why can’t I ever find where the ornament hangers and the extension cord? Do you have a remote control for the lights? Yes please!

Here are some closeups of the tree collar.

As you can see, the tree stand just fits inside the tree collar. It’s so perfect for this tree.

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Christmas Tree Collar

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I bought an ornate styrofoam faux ceiling tile, cut it in quarters, distressed it, and taped it together to wrap around my skinny kitchen tree.

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