Looking Back at November

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Wow! What a month November was. Today is our monthly feature called Looking Back which is a roundup of all of the posts for the month!

We are always trying to bring you the best content in the most meaningful way. This post, titled Looking Back, has all of the holiday content I shared in November organized by category. So you can easily find my posts that are Crafts, Decor, Recipes, Entertaining, and At Home Holidays.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor in the Family Room

In case you thought this post would be full of Thanksgiving information, it is not. I shared everything for Thanksgiving in September and October. November was all about Christmas!

Craft Posts

DIY Pomegranate Season
Velvet Pomegranates

It’s that time of year when crafts are really popular so I thought I would share all of my craft posts from this past month first. I have been making Christmas gifts since I was eight years old and every year I get so much enjoyment in sharing these gifts with family and friends.

Lookig back at my crafts from this month, I also enjoyed making my own decor. As you can see below, I made a lot this month. I love the pomegranate-inspired decor items. They were so much fun to make.

My Craft Blog Posts

Christmas Napkin DIY

Christmas Napkins DIY

I love to use paper napkins for crafts and this Christmas Napkins DIY is one of my favorites. I transformed a terracotta pot! And I will tell you a secret. The terracotta pot is made of recycled plastic, so it’s not heavy and looks fantastic with the napkin decoupaged inside! I used some napkins featuring…
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Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Ten of My Favorite Vintage Christmas Crafts

I love all things vintage, so today I am sharing ten of my favorite vintage Christmas crafts. Each is vintage inspired. Something doesn’t have to be vintage to look or feel vintage. These ten vintage Christmas crafts are proof of that. And, they will technically be vintage someday! I really love Christmas crafts that have…
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Decor Posts

Farmhouse Christmas Decor in the Family Room

Holiday decor is a big part of Christmas and every year I choose a theme. This year we are celebrating a Pomegranate Christmas and you will see a few pomegranate inspired items in every room of our home. There won’t be too many but rather just enough to have some fun.

I own a lof of holiday decor so other than some items for my theme I don’t buy a lot of new decor. Looking back at previous years, I have really enjoyed re-purposing my holiday decor items. It’s a lot less expensive too!

My Decor Blog Posts

Recipe Posts

Christmas Cookies with Royal Icing

I love to cook for the holidays but be aware that I did very little holiday cooking this month. Don;t get me wrong, I cooked a lot. We had family home a lot and we all seem to enjoy eating at home the most! We also twelve for Thanksgiving and I loved every minute of it.

Looking back at this month, I did manage to share some fun holiday desert recipes. Get ready for a lot of holiday baking and cooking in December.

My Recipe Blog Posts

Entertaining Posts

Christmas Dishes and Table Decor

You all know how much I love to entertain and setting tables is a great step to hosting a fun party.

It is about time to start cooking for our Christmas party. So be sure to watch my stories as I will be baking a lot in the next three weeks! I love to entertain and this will be our first full Christmas party in three years!

I am excited to try a few different ideas. I think it’s time to shake things up a bit!

My Entertaining Blog Posts

Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving Memories

As I put the last of the dishes away and marvel at the Tetris game happening in my refrigerator with leftovers, I am still smiling from the fabulous Thanksgiving dinner we hosted in our home. We were a group of twenty-three family members and spent the entire day cooking, laughing, cooking, playing games, cooking, hugging and cooking some more.
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At Home Holiday Posts

At Home Holiday Posts encompass things we do at home and pertain to the holidays. There are also some amazing gift ideas including all of the gift guides I created this year.

My At Home Holiday Blog Posts

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Looking Back at November

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  1. Thank you for all your creations on your blog. I love your free-form pillow covers, so clever and charming. I’ll be trying the button pillow and I’ll attempt the free-form style also. Again, thank you for all the wonderful ideas.

  2. Leslie, I love every single thing here! It’s all so beautiful. I have 2 questions: How did you hang your family room window wreaths and do you have a tutorial for the lovely “real” ice buckets? Thank you for your never ending inspiration!

    1. Hi Barb! Oh wow thank you so much! I keep those nails up all year round so that we can just pop the wreaths up anytime we want to! I’m not sure what you mean by the real ice buckets? Can you clarify?

  3. In the post “At Home Holidays” – you have 3, perhaps Vodka bottles nestled inside what appears to be “ice” cylinders, embellished with cranberries and maybe bay leaves, sitting in a white tray on top of a buffet (?). Next to them is a square vase filled with cranberries and red & white flowers. I hope you can access this link – I tried to copy the photo. Thank you so much!

    https://my100yearoldhome.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Balsam-https://my100yearoldhome.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Balsam-Hill-.jpg Hill-.jpg

  4. Love, love this Pink Christmas! Please tell me about the print/picture that is on the first page of Looking back at November. This would be perfect for my bedroom that I am redecorating in pink and aqua. Did you paint this yourself?

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