How to Shop for Holiday and Seasonal Decor

Welcome To Day One Of Twelve Days To Get Ready For Christmas. Today I am sharing How to Shop for Holiday and Seasonal Decor.

How to Shop for Holiday and Seasonal Decor

Welcome to Twelve Days to Get Ready for Christmas! My very amazing and talented friend KariAnne Wood at Thistlewood Farms and I will be sharing tips for the next twelve days to help get you ready for Christmas. We have so many fun ideas to share!

Today we are sharing How to Shop for Holiday and Seasonal Decor.

If you don’t know my friend KariAnne then you really need to follow her. KariAnne is kind, funny, smart, creative and one of the best writers I know. She also motivates me every day! Be sure to head on over to Karianne’s blog to read about her post What You Should Be Christmas Shopping For Now.

Christmas Room Decor

Christmas Crafts with Buttons

I know it’s only November 1st. And you still have Halloween decor (and candy) throughout your house. But here is the thing. There are two reasons why I am starting to share holiday and Christmas ideas on November 1st.

The first reason has to do with a huge problem floating around everywhere called supply chain delays. The true definition of supply chain is “the network between a company and its suppliers to produce and distribute a specific product to the final buyer”.

Unfortunately, this year delays exist everywhere along the supply chain – at the manufacturer, with the shipping, at the ports, and beyond. What this really means is we all need to shop early because there are delays everywhere and it is very likely you will not be able to shop this year like you normally do.

Inventories are already running low. So if you normally shop late, try to shop earlier this year.

Today I am sharing my ideas and favorite products now, while they are still in stock.

The second reason I am starting my Christmas posts today is that I have so many new ideas and they won’t fit in a month of blog posts. It’s true! I have all new decor in two different looks. What does that mean? Well, our house has one theme and the Carriage House has another. And it is going to be spectacular.

I also have a gazillion easy Christmas crafts, more Christmas recipes, and lots of Christmas entertaining ideas.

Isn’t that exciting?

So let’s get started talking about holiday and seasonal decor.

Since I don’t have time to talk about holiday decorating every room, I picked the three main rooms in our home that get the most Christmas decor. They are the kitchen, dining room, and family/living room. Technically that is four but it works for me.

Christmas Kitchen Decor

I love to decorate our kitchen every year for Christmas. When you have a white kitchen with green painted walls, it is kind of a given. But look how much fun I have had decorating our kitchen over the years.

Do you put wreaths on the windows in your home? Wreaths are the best kitchen decor as they add lots of color and don’t take up any counter space. To add more color in our kitchen, I added minimal decor on the island, and lots of berries, branches, and flowers elsewhere. I do have to keep the counters fairly open as I spend a lot of time cooking in our kitchen, which I jokingly refer to our kitchen as a “working kitchen”.

How do you decorate your kitchen? Do you add light decor or go all out? Do you put wreaths or a tree in your kitchen? A tree wouldn’t fit in mine, but I love putting small trees on the counters and island.

Items You Can Shop For Your Kitchen

Kitchen Holiday and Seasonal Decor

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Christmas Room Decor – The Dining Room

I think my favorite room to decorate for Christmas is our dining room. Why is that? Because it changes all of the time! I love creating different looks from white Christmas decor, a Nutcracker theme, and Silver and Gold. (I know the Nutcracker theme wasn’t technically in the dining room but I will likely re-create it in the dining room soon!)

We entertain a lot over the holidays and I like to change my tables for every dinner. I love having a tree in our dining room and this year I might even try to go for more than one. Once again, I love wreaths in here as it just feels so festive!

I also like to change the art on the walls in my dining room to more holiday-themed art. It’s just the best way to add even more decor!

Items You Can Shop For Your Dining Room

Dining Room Holiday and Seasonal Decor

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Christms Room Decor – The Living/Family Room

We spend most of our time in our Family Room so I tend touse more decor in these rooms. Surprisingly we have never had a big tree in our family room. The room has five doors (yes, that’s kind of ridiculous) and a tree just doesn’t fit. So our big family Christmas tree is always in the Living Room.

You have probably figured out that I am a big fan of wreaths in windows. I often use fresh wreaths (from Trader Joe’s) or faux ones I have collected for years.

Items You Can Shop For Your Living/Family Room

Living:Family Room Holiday and Seasonal Decor

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  1. I love your home Leslie no matter what the season! It’s just such a beautiful older home and the way that you decorated is amazing! Thank you for all of the Christmas shopping ideas and suggestions, we better get hopping on it because I know things are going to definitely sell out quickly!

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