Thanksgiving Memories

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As I put the last of the dishes away and marvel at the Tetris game happening in my refrigerator with leftovers, I am still smiling from the fabulous Thanksgiving table setting and dinner we hosted in our home. We were a group of twenty-three family members and spent the entire day cooking, laughing, cooking, playing games, cooking, hugging and cooking some more.

We dined in our dining room and you can see it was packed. With lots of happy family members!

I am so blessed to have the family that I do! There are thirty of us in all and we were happy to have hosted most of them. Of course, our youngest son is in France so he wasn’t able to make it. But we will see him in three weeks and I am thrilled.

We did have a lot of fun at dinner. First, check out the empty wine bottles after dinner …

And the broken “words” I found at the kid’s table. Just so you know, the kids are all older than twenty-one. Time to get out my glue gun. And reconsider next year’s Thanksgiving table setting.

Look at the rolling pin I used to make my pies!

I loved the fall decor this year.

 I am amazed I was able to fit this group in our dining room but I can’t tell you how much I loved our Thanksgiving table setting.

But it’s all changing to Christmas this weekend. I am very excited about that!

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