Eleven Ways to Repurpose Last Year’s Christmas Decor

Welcome to day three of Twelve Days To Get Ready For Christmas. Today I am sharing eleven ways to repurpose last year’s Christmas decor.

It is so smart to repurpose a lot of your Christmas decor. You will save a lot of money and time. Plus we all have so many Christmas treasures from years past that we definitely want to enjoy again!

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Christmas Tree Craft

For years I have repurposed last year’s holiday decor. Sometimes the items look totally different and sometimes they look exactly the same. Christmas is the one season when you are supposed to reuse your decor because traditions are so important. I love that so much!

Every year I look back at all of the new items I created from the past year and decide what I want to reuse. I absolutely love everything I made last year so it wasn’t hard to decide which eleven ideas I am bringing back again this year.

#1 Repurpose Christmas Decor Pillows

Christmas Craft DIY

I make a new pillow at least every month and I loved making The Best Christmas Craft DIY Pillow. I discovered Free Motion stitch embroidery a few years and added my own twist. Instead of appliqueing fabric and then adding the embroidery, I decided to paint a design and then embroider on top. I made this pillow and I absolutely love the end result. Please know that I will be making at least one more again this year. I am also going to reuse this Christmas tree design on my table. Can you guess where? I put together a complete DIY of my Christmas Tree pillow pictured here in this blog post

#2 Repurpose Wrapping Paper

DIY wrapping paper 6

I love to wrap gifts. But finding the right wrapping paper is sometimes hard to do.

I have always wanted to make wrapping paper for Christmas.  Years ago I used a styrofoam printing method to make art in our son’s elementary school classes. I knew someday I would find a way to use this creative printing method again. I want to make some pomegranate wrapping paper this year. Isn’t this fun?

You can expect to see some new DIY wrapping paper in a few weeks!

#3 Repurpose Handmade Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornaments

A few years ago I made personalized Christmas ornaments. I thought it would be fun to make a list of words that were special to everyone in our family. This included words such as people’s names, places we have visited and anything else I could think of that has a special meaning to our family. I started with a list of 35 words but by the time I finished making the ornaments, the list had grown to over 50. It’s a good thing the ornaments were easy to make!

This year I am going to make a few more ornaments to update my word list!

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#4 Repurpose Handmade Christmas Snowflake Trees

Christmas Tree Craft

These White Christmas Tree decorations take a little more effort but are just so amazing. Would you believe they are made out of pipe cleaners and Borax? I can’t wait to pull these out and use them again this year. I am even tempted to make some smaller ones for my Christmas table. What do you think?

#5 Repurpose and Make Pinecone Trees

This is one of my favorite tables and I am going to reuse almost everything you see here! I love the Christmas Pinecone Trees and the Hanging Pinecones. It’s important to save all of your favorite Christmas DIY projects because you can repurpose them all for many years. I don’t want to hang the pinecones this year. Instead, I am going to reuse them as place cards.

#6 Repurpose Mercury Glass Ornaments

Mercury Glass Ornaments

I made three different types of Mercury Glass Ornaments last year and I think these were my favorites. Rather than putting them in a bowl, I think these will hang on one of our Christmas trees this year. I also might reuse them and put them on gifts.

#7 Repurpose Handmade Tree Skirts

Tree Skirt DIY

Have you ever tried finger knitting with loop yarn? I made a Pom Pom blanket a few years ago and this Tree Skirt last year. I made it in one day and I love it!!!! You will see this Tree Skirt under one of my trees again for sure this year.

#8 Repurpose Vintage Glass Ornaments

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

My collection of Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments keeps growing and I can promise you I will be bringing out these ornaments again this year. It might be time to reuse these to make some Christmas trees. What do you think? Do you have any vintage Christmas decorations you like to collect?

#9 Repurpose Christmas Table Ideas

Ideas to Set a Christmas Table

Sometimes you create a table that is so right that you might want to create it again. And again. I loved this Silver and Gold Table so much that I have a feeling you are going to see something very similar again this season! I can’t wait to take this decor and add cranberry to it or perhaps just use the silver!

#10 Repurpose Handmade Christmas Glassware

How to Paint Glasses with Polkadots

Not only will I use these Hand Painted Polka Dot Glasses again this year but I will be making more. You can bet you will see some cranberry glasses sometime soon!

#11 Repurpose Christmas Theme Ideas


Lastly, when I created this Nutcracker Themed Dinner last year it kept getting better and better and I couldn’t stop. From the nutcracker snowflakes to hanging votive candles, I hope to recreate a similar theme in our dining room this year.

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Eleven Ways to Repurpose Last Year's Christmas Decor

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  1. Leslie-
    I love the way that you and Karianne have teamed up together. (You are my two favorite bloggers so I am so happy you found each other.) You have such different ‘personalities’ in your blogs but when you work together you seem to bring out the BEST in each other.
    What joy! Keep on teaming together and sharing with us!!

  2. Did you make the sugar’d cranberries or where did you find them? I love the look!

    I’m the follower that has all the sets of dishes lined on shelves in my garage. 🙂 Hope to run into you at Canton!

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