A DIY to Enjoy Pomegranate Season


These velvet pomegranates are the best DIY to enjoy pomegranate season. They are the cutest and I loved making them.

I made these for pomegranate season with velvet but I am sure you could make them with almost any other fabric. I think you can tell, they were not hard to make!

DIY Pomegranate Season

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You Made that?
DIY Pomegranate Season

Velvet Pomegranate DIY

I have been shopping for pomegranates this season because my theme for the holidays is pomegranates! But many of the ones I liked were expensive and I wanted to try making my own.

All I did was gather circles of velvet, stuff them with some rice and polyfill, and secure them around the stem. Lastly, I also used a brown marker to color the inside of the stem and that was it!

DIY Pomegranate Season

I first saw these on the Martha Stewart blog but I changed them up a bit and I am so happy with how they turned out.

I used three different colors of velvet and the silk rayon (stretchy) velvet fabric was the easiest to use. By adding the rice, the pomegranates lay flat and don’t roll over. By using a marker, it was really easy to add the stem color. And by adding a stitch to secure the stems really tight, I was able to make much larger pomegranates.

DIY Pomegranate Season

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DIY Pomegranate Season

How to Make a Velvet Pomegranate

Materials List

  • one – I used three different pieces of velvet. Two were silk/rayon and the third (the lightest one) was woven velvet.
  • two – I cut two different size circles, 7 1/2″ and 8 1/2″. I used the back of a salad plate and traced the circle on the back side of the velvet with a pen. I made three of each size in three different colors, for a total of 18 pomegranates.
  • three – Cut out the circles using sharp scissors.
  • four – Here you can see the 18 circles.
  • five – Sew a basting stitch around the outside about 5/8″ from the edge. You can do this by hand, but it is much faster to use your sewing machine. Leave the threads long to gather later on. (I used heavy-duty thread so the thread wouldn’t break when I was gathering it.)
  • six – Here you can see the basting stitch and the slightly gathered one on the right side.
  • seven – Carefully gather the threads on each side as tight as you can, without breaking them.
  • eight – Add about 1/4 cup of uncooked rice to the bottom of the pomegranate.
  • nine – Add some polyfill but be sure to leave space for the stem to gather.
  • ten – Once you have filled the pomegranate, carefully pull the gathering threads and secure each one around a straight pen.
  • eleven – Using a needle and heavy-duty thread, loosely stitch just under the gathered stitch. You are doing this so that you can pull the stem tighter.
  • twelve – Keep stitching around the pomegranate until you have tightened the stem so it matches the photo above. See the difference between photos #ten and #twelve? If you just tried to pull the gather stitch it would likely break.
  • thirteen – Wrap a paper towel around the edge of the stem.
  • fourteen – Use the marker and color the insides and the top of the velvet stem.
  • fifteen – Here you can see the difference between the colored and non-colored stem.
DIY Pomegranate Season

I just love how these turned out!

Velvet Pomegranates on Display for the Holidays

DIY Pomegranate Season

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A DIY to Enjoy Pomegranate Season

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  1. Those velvet pomegranates are adorable ♥️ I might have to try making those as it’s almost time to put away my velvet pumpkins:)

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