Grandma Lala (me) and my grandson.

Your Top Ten Favorite Blog Posts in 2023

The family room and kitchen in our Ventura Beach house.

Your Top Ten Favorite Rooms in 2023

Our beach house is the home of many of the top Amazon finds this year!

Your Top Ten Favorite Amazon Finds in 2023

The top ten favorite craft projects of my readers this year. And here are some pink gingerbread houses I made!

Your Top Ten Favorite Craft Projects in 2023

Living Room Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Looking Back at Happy December Memories

Decorating the Kitchen for New Years

My Top Ten Most Popular Blog Posts in 2022

New Family Room Fall Decor Table

My Top Ten Most Popular Rooms in 2022

My Top Ten Craft Projects in 2022

My Top Ten Craft Projects in 2022

Farmhouse Christmas Decor in the Family Room

Looking Back at November


Looking Back at Fall Ideas in October

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