A Cranberry Christmas Theme

Welcome To Day Two Of Twelve Days To Get Ready For Christmas. Do you have a theme for Christmas? My theme this year is Cranberry Christmas.

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It’s Day Two of Twelve Days to Get Ready for Christmas! My very amazing and talented friend KariAnne Wood at Thistlewood Farms and I are sharing tips for twelve days to help get you ready for Christmas. We have so many fun ideas to share!

Today we are sharing Day #2 – How to Choose a Theme for Christmas.

If you don’t know my friend KariAnne then you really need to follow her. KariAnne is kind, funny, smart, creative and one of the best writers I know. She also motivates me every day! Be sure to head on over to Karianne’s blog to read about How To Choose a Christmas Theme For Your Home!

How I Picked the Theme Cranberry Christmas


Every year I chose a theme for Christmas. Why? Because it keeps me on track and stay focused.

But guess what?

This year I have two themes. The theme for our home is Cranberry Christmas.

I have a second theme for our Carriage House. I am not yet ready to share what that theme is, but it is going to be amazing. Any guesses?

How to Pick Your Theme

I had a hard time deciding on this theme because there are so many ideas to choose from.

Here are just a few of the themes you might want to consider. All of the themes below are linked to a list with lots of fun items to get you started, so check them out!

So how do you select a theme? It really comes down to your style and the Christmas decor that you love. Spend some time looking at Christmas decor photos (such as Instagram, Pinterest, and back issues of holiday magazines). I like to change it up a bit every year. I certainly want to be able to reuse my decor from year to year but I like being able to change my decor just enough to fit a new theme.

Create a Mood Board

Once you have picked your theme it might be fun to put a Mood Board together. It is really easy to create a mood board on the website Canva. Here is the one I created for this year’s theme, Cranberry Christmas.

Doesn’t this just get you in the best mood for cranberries? And everything that is the color of cranberries?

Patina Green Christmas Color Palette

This is the mood board I made for my theme for Christmas 2020. I wanted green verdigris, a patina copper theme.

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Ways to Incorporate your Theme

So once you have a theme, what do you do with it? I like to use my theme throughout everything I do for Christmas. My decor matches the theme. My wrapping paper, crafts, and florals go with the theme. Even my recipes fit the theme, whenever possible.

Here are some great examples of how you can fit your theme into everything you do for Christmas.


I have a cranberry tart, scones, jam, and muffins! If you choose a theme Winter Wonderland, you could make white frosted Christmas tree cookies, a dessert sprinkled with powdered sugar or cupcakes with white “snow cap” frosting.

My Favorite Holiday Cooking Items

Wrapping Paper, Ribbons, and Tags

I have cranberry-colored ribbon and wrapping paper! If you chose a Coastal Christmas decor theme, you could use aqua and tan wrapping paper, and stamp seashells on your own homemade wrapping paper!

My Favorite Holiday Wrapping Items


Cranberry-colored berries are easy to find and I love using them in my floral arrangements. A silver and Gold Christmas theme would look gorgeous with fruits wrapped in silver and gold leaf and florals sparkling with silver and gold glitter.

My Favorite Holiday Florals


It’s not hard to use this beautiful cranberry color in lots of holiday pillows. A Plaid Christmas decor theme would look amazing with red and green plaid pillows scattered throughout your home.

My Favorite Holiday Pillows

Table Settings

I have cranberry dishes and linens and even use fresh cranberries in my vases! A Vintage Christmas theme would be so much fun to use on your tablescapes. Flea market and antique store finds would look wonderful down the center of your table!

My Favorite Holiday Table Items

Want to create a cranberry theme for your holidays? Below are my affiliate links to shop the look I have created!

Head on over to KariAnne’s post today! It is How To Choose a Christmas Theme For Your Home.

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A Cranberry Christmas Theme

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  1. Hi! I’m new here…thanks to my following of KariAnne’s.
    My Christmas decorations are very bright and colorful. Magenta, teal, lime, etc. Fun for the little ones!
    I’m having a difficult time finding Christmas wrapping paper. I don’t want the presents to look like they’ve been wrapped in birthday party paper.
    Any ideas?

  2. Hello Leslie and KariAnne;
    I’ve loved both of your websites every week. Leslie, you inspired my new collection of cranberry glassware items. My home decor colors are ivory, navy, and cranberry. I also love pink and use it in the master bed/bath and touches throughout. My question is: Where may I find cranberry glass or colored Christmas ornaments? Last year, I found 4 large glass ornaments. I love them. I found them at one of my favorite re-sale shops. I’d like to add more of similar or cranberry colored regular ornaments. Any ideas for me? And, thank-you for inspiring me so much. God bless you this Christmas time.

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