Decorating a Farmhouse Christmas Tree

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Decorating our farmhouse Christmas tree is something I look forward to every year. There are so many memories tucked into the boxes in the attic.

We all love decorating Christmas trees in our homes and I love that there are so many different themes. Today I am sharing many of the Farmhouse Christmas trees I have decorated in the past.

Decorating a Farmhouse Christmas Tree

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It’s Day Eleven of Twelve Days to Get Ready for Christmas and I am sharing how to decorate a Christmas tree.

A Christmas Tree with Ribbon

DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

I have decorated many different types of trees over the years. Flocked Christmas trees. Outdoor Christmas trees. Red and white Christmas trees and even a rose gold Christmas tree. Today, I am sharing a few of my favorite Farmhouse Christmas trees with you.

I have decorated a lot of Christmas trees with ribbon. How pretty was this red and white Christmas tree? I love to have an outdoor Christmas tree decorated. This one was on our back porch.

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Decorating More Than One Christmas Tree

I love grouping smaller trees together. These trees were decorated in a frosted Christmas tree theme in silver and white. These trees are the Alpine Balsam Fir Trees from Balsam Hill and I love them!

christmas tree tour mantle
A Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Tour

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Rose Gold Christmas Tree

I created this tree last year and decorated an entire rose gold Christmas tree. I made mercury glass ornaments in rose gold, added a rose gold ribbon and a rose gold tree collar. This was such a pretty tree!

How to Style a Rose Gold Christmas Tree

A Nutcracker-Themed Christmas Tree

One year, I decorated a 9 ft pre-lit christmas tree with a nutcracker theme. It was really spectacular and maybe one of my favorite themes ever!

Christmas Dinner with the Nutcracker

Christmas Ornaments

I love to craft and Christmas is a perfect time for crafting Christmas ornaments. If you are new to crafting, ornaments are a great craft to start with. They are small and so easy to make. Check out the posts below for some Christmas ornament craft ideas.

If you aren’t crafty and want to purchase ornaments, or if you are crafty but also love to buy new ornaments each year, I have you covered! I put together some of my favorite farmhouse/vintage-inspired ornaments below for you. Don’t be fooled by vintage-inspired, that does not mean expensive. Check out the prices on some of these beauties!

Christmas Tree Skirt

While I have made a tree skirt or two, or three or maybe five in my day, I put together a list for you of some amazing tree skirts and collars. Some of these may be in my cart already!

For years artificial trees weren’t so great. Today, artificial trees are beautiful AND pre-lit.

We have a tradition to go together as a family to the tree lot to choose our fresh tree together. But to be honest, these artificial trees have gotten so good-looking and so affordable, I think I might love them more than the tree lot trees. Shhh, don’t tell my family because we will still go to the tree lot together!

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Decorating a Farmhouse Christmas Tree

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  1. KariAnne turned me on to your blog and it’s just lovely! I actually got the 25 ct of Mercury glass ornaments to hang from a shelf that I’ll cover in glass and other texture trees. Just like Kari has goodies that I’ve found and loved around the same time. Guess that’s why I love y’all so much! We have a lot of the same taste! Thanks!

  2. Just love looking at your Christmas ideas,I haven’t started here yet…as I am moving house and what a big job this is…at the moment I am resting due to my back pain…can hardly walk. So I am taking a break….I just want to say your home is lovely love the style …you are a very creative. I am writing this from Australia 🇦🇺….

  3. Your trees are beautiful, Do you have a hard time every year thinking about how to decorate them differently. I probably would, I have a hard time just decorating one…you will have to give me some pointers. Merry Christmas!

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