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Christmas is in thirty-four days and we are getting ready to celebrate the best ever Christmas in California. This is just so much fun!

Dining Room Christmas Decor Centerpiece

Thanks for joining me for Sunday morning coffee. Today I am sharing my weekly thoughts about entertaining, decor, crafts, and recipes, and why I love to celebrate Christmas in California.

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A Little Bit About Me

Welcome to Sunday Morning Coffee! I hope you have a cup of coffee or tea and can join me to talk about the holidays!

So what do you think of this photo of our home?

Christmas in California

Of course, the snow is fake but I sure love this photo. This photo is from a commercial we filmed at our home a few years ago. They “wrapped” our door in red plastic instead of painting it! Can you tell it was 86 degrees the day we filmed this?

Speaking of filming … call me crazy but we are filming a Christmas commercial in our home this week! There won’t be any snow, but they will be at our home tomorrow and Tuesday. Be sure to watch my Instagram stories for lots of updates!

Vintage Christmas Tree

When I am asked, “Where are you from?”, I always answer California! I haven’t always lived here. In fact, I was born in Dayton Ohio. My father was in the Air Force and as a military family, we moved a lot. I attended 14 different schools, so I know what it is like to live all over the U.S.

I have definitely spent the majority of my life in California and I love it. The best part of living in California is the weather. We have a very consistent climate and little to no humidity.

Of course, the only time I don’t like the weather here is in November and December. I wish it was colder! Last week we had temperatures in the nineties and tomorrow it is going to be 82! What the heck? At least the low temp on one day will be 48 degrees.

I am always hoping for cooler temperatures as we get closer to Christmas.

But since that is not likely to happen, I occasionally set a table out on our back porch. Do you remember this nutcracker table? It was on our back porch.

I do love that we can entertain outside during the holidays. S’mores are always a great idea. Especially when they are in a pan.

Christmas in california

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Dining in the Family Room

Christmas in California

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Christmas on the Back Porch

decorated christmas trees 11

This is the closest we get to snow. A flocked tree! Hehehe. It makes me sad but that’s ok. It’s nice to be able to sit outside and not freeze to death!

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Watch Me Live!

I know you might not have any idea what that means, but I am sharing Amazon Live broadcasts that are so much fun! Ok, they are a bit nerve-wracking. Well, maybe REALLY nerve-wracking but I love them.

My Amazon LIVES are a bit different than most. In the first one, How to Set Up a Wrapping Area in your Home, I wrapped a gift, showed how to make a bow, made some homemade wrapping paper, and made some gift tags!

The next Amazon Live was Must Know Turkey and Table Setting Tips. My newest one was on Electronic Gifts for Christmas.

Reflections on the Week

Last week was so much fun! Can you believe I shared four craft projects for Christmas?

Tap on the link for any of the posts to see more!

Good Things From Martha

My friend (haha) Martha Stewart shared 10 Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make for Parents, Grandparents, and Teachers.

There are some really fun ideas here!

What’s Ahead for the Week

This week is going to be so much fun! I am sharing a Christmas tree craft, fun Ideas to decorate your kitchen for Christmas, my favorite holiday magazine, DIY Christmas gift tags, how to decorate bedrooms for Christmas, and my favorite homemade Advent calendars.

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Christmas in california

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    1. I really enjoy your blog. Can you tell me where your Christmas plates (that are in the photo with the Rae Dunn bowls) are from? Your photos are beautiful! I love you that you have an Amazon store too! It make it so easy for us to recreate.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Just read today’s post. So fun to know that you were born in Dayton; I was born there too. I’m still in Ohio but in Worthington, a Columbus suburb. Love your home and your crafts. Our house is 100 years old also but not movie or commercial worthy. 😀
    One of my favorite things is your glassware collection. I especially like recycled green glass and of course, beach glass. (my collection is very small)
    Take care, Happy Thanksgiving

  2. I enjoy your blog so much, and IG! Your crafts are wonderful and you do a precise how-to! The explanations are simple to comprehend and appreciated.

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