Easy DIY for Pink Christmas Ornaments

I just made these pink Christmas ornaments to add to my new collection of pink Christmas decor. Look how easy these are to make!

Crafty or not, this craft is for you! I promise. If you have been looking for an ornament craft, you have found it!

Easy DIY for Pink Christmas Ornaments

This is my first Christmas where one part of our home I going to be decorated for a pink Christmas! Since I don’t own very many pink Christmas ornaments I decided to make some of my own. I used glass bulbs and alcohol inks. These were so much fun to make!

Making Pink Ornaments

Every year I make Christmas ornaments. This year I decided to make a more “modern” ornament so I bought some alcohol inks to see what I could come up with.

Pink Christmas Ornaments

I love these ornaments because of how the light shines through them. They are stunning and I think the tree lights will also provide the perfect light to make these ornaments glow.

Easy DIY Pink Christmas Ornaments.

I only had enough time to make five ornaments. But I fully intend to make some more.

Handmade Ornaments

Easy DIY Pink Christmas Ornaments

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How to Make Pink Christmas Ornaments

I made these ornaments with some frosted Christmas balls and alcohol inks. They were so easy to make.

Materials you Need to Make These Ornaments

Pink Christmas Ornaments Materials
I love DIY’s that have hardly any materials. I used these materials:

Frosted Glass Ball Ornaments

Alcohol Ink Set

Metallic Alcohol Ink Set

Krylon Spray Clear Gloss

I used one alcohol ink (peach red) and three metallic inks (pearl, pink, and rose gold). I wasn’t sure how to make an ornament with alcohol inks so I just tried a few different ways and came up with a system that worked. Alcohol inks are very forgiving and fun to use.

  • one – Cover your work area with parchment paper or a material that will protect your surface. Lay out one ornament to decorate.
  • two – Start with the non-metallic ink and olace the tip at the middle of the ornament.
  • three – Squeeze a small amount of ink and turn the ornaments so that the ink drips around the center of the ornament. Add moe ink as needed. and don;t try to make it perfect. It doesn’t matter! Blow on the ornament until it dries.
  • four – Use the metallic ink next. I used the pearl metallic first and continued dripping the ink around the outside of the ornament. Blow on the ornament to dry before you use another color. *I was surprised to find that if I touched the metallic inks on the ornament, even after they were dry, the ink rubbed off. So be careful not to touch.
  • five – Add the next metallic ink (pink). Fill in any spots on the ornament that aren’t covered but continue to rotate the ornament as you add the ink.
  • six – I added the gold metallic ink last since it was the only warmer color. I love how it turned out.
  • seven – Once the ornaments are entirely dry, spray them with a clear varnish to protect the inks.
Easy DIY for Pink Christmas Ornaments

I am not even sure if these ornaments will ever make it onto our tree. I love ornaments in jars and small trays and everywhere!

Easy DIY Pink Christmas Ornaments

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  1. Leslie – I ALWAYS marvel at the beautiful artistic flair you bring to DIY projects that are reasonable projects to tackle. You have helped me expand my perspective about decorating and accent colors in the house – thank you! I ALWAYS look forward to your IG and blogs. My time is limited – but when I can steal some me-time….spending it on your blog is always a good investment!

    Happy Holidays you genius you! 💖💝

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