Easy Summer Styling In Our Kitchen

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Today I am sharing tips for summer and styling your kitchen. Some of you may not know our kitchen is 18 years old! I know that is pretty old for a kitchen. But I love absolutely everything about our kitchen, especially the fact that I have two dishwashers and two sinks!

Pick a Theme

As a blogger, I love to style a few rooms in our house every season. I don’t do a makeover, just what I like to call “a refresh”.

The first thing you can do to style your kitchen is to decide on a theme.  For me, this just meant selecting an accent color.  Recently, I added some blush pink (which I call orangey-pink) to our family room.

I also just partnered with Balsam Hill to show some gorgeous copper items.  So I had a good idea of what I wanted to do.

I wanted California oranges to be my inspiration!

If you want to refresh things in your home when a season changes, keep it simple. Do not feel that you have to go out and buy new things. Rather, think about what you already own and how you can use inexpensive items such as fruits, plants, and flowers to incorporate the theme you want. 

Shop Your Home

The first thing I always do when I am restyling a room is go shopping. But that shopping takes place in our home! I am always stunned by how many things I can find hiding in other rooms, or in drawers or cabinets. To be honest, we have a third floor that use to be an entertainment room and is now my storage room. This is where I keep my “out of season” (or out of style) home decor!  So, styling your kitchen should always start with shopping your home.

I don’t mind using faux flowers. There are so many that actually look like they are real and obviously they will last for a very long time. I actually bought these faux peonies two years ago!

Of course, the peppers are real and are from our local farmers market. They are currently on my menu for tomorrow night’s dinner!

Both the flowers and carrots are also from the farmer’s market. These flowers have already lasted two weeks. I have no idea how that happened!

The cutting board was a gift from when I visited The Findery in Waco a few months ago. It’s my favorite by far!

While I was “shopping” on our third floor I saw this striped beach bag bag and immediately knew I had to find a place for it! I love it either hanging on the door or the knob of the cabinet next to our oven.


The California oranges are my favorite item in our kitchen. They have always represented summer to me. I love that they are what inspired me for this easy summer styling your kitchen refresh.

I also found some cans of my husband’s La Croix that I thought looked great on the counter. It’s funny as I just realized they are still sitting here after a week! Perhaps I better tell my husband it is ok to drink the props!

I hope you can see how adding a new color or theme to a room does not require a big investment. I spent $30 on this summer refresh and we still have plenty of fruits and vegetables to enjoy! I really love how much the orange them brightens up our kitchen and even though the flowers and fresh vegetables will be gone soon, I still love it.

I hope you will add some color (or perhaps even a red, white and blue theme) to a room in your home soon. It’s really fun to brainstorm ideas and as you know, the decorating part is my favorite thing to do!


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