How to Make a Mother’s Day Arrangement with Grocery Store Flowers

I love fresh flowers. Today I am sharing how to make a Mother’s Day Floral Arrangement, using grocery store flowers, for $25.

Fresh flowers make a thoughtful gift that doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some simple steps to help get you started so you can make a wonderful grocery store flower arrangement.

how to make a floral arrangement

Make it Pretty
how to make a floral arrangement for mother's day

There are so many places you can buy fresh flowers. There are florists, online sellers, flower marts, street vendors, and the grocery store. I use all of them but usually buy flowers at the grocery store. I bought these flowers at our local grocery store and spent $25 total on these flowers.

When we are having a big party I often buy flowers at the Los Angeles Flower Mart. But when I need a smaller amount I always buy grocery store flowers.

how to make a floral arrangement with grocery store flowers

I bought roses and tulips and used some eucalyptus from our tree. I bought these three flowers because three of my blogging friends and I created a three-item challenge. We chose to use tulips, roses, and eucalyptus to make a Mother’s Day gift. I loved this challenge!

If my local grocery store would have had orange tulips I would have bought them. But since these are for my mom, it didn’t really matter that the flowers match my home. Right? Either way, these are so pretty!

How to Arrange Mother’s Day Flowers

I came up with two ways you can make these flowers into a wonderful gift which are wrapping them in paper as a bouquet and arranging them in a vase. Today I am sharing both.

Wrapping Grocery Store Flowers in Parchment Paper

how to make a floral arrangement 2

This idea is really easy.

The only thing I don’t like about grocery store flowers is the cheap plastic that they are wrapped in. Nothing is worse than handing someone a bouquet of flowers wrapped in cheap plastic because they scream “I didn’t plan in advance so I ran by the grocery store and picked up some flowers at the last minute”. I have always thought there is so much romance in the thought of my husband planning and thinking about finding the perfect card or flowers. Call me old-fashioned, but it really is the thought that counts.

So why not spend a few minutes to re-package the flowers? I used parchment paper and some satin ribbon and it made such a difference.

All you need to do is start out by unwrapping everything. 

how to make a floral arrangement 3

Then stack the flowers.

how to make a floral arrangement 4

And wrap them in parchment paper (or brown wrapping paper). And add a ribbon. Don’t they look so much better?

how to make a floral arrangement 5

Arranging Grocery Store Flowers in a Vase

Of course, you can put together an arrangement of flowers too. Use a pretty but inexpensive vase and fill it with water. Add the eucalyptus first.

how to make a floral arrangement 6

Next, add the tallest flowers (which were the roses). Be sure to cut off about one inch at the bottom of the stems and remove most of the leaves.

how to make a floral arrangement 7

I added all twelve roses to the vase.

how to make a floral arrangement 8

Next, I added the tulips. Just be sure to cut off an inch at the bottom.

how to make a floral arrangement 9

Keep adding the tulips on the outside of the roses and turn the vase to fill in everywhere.

how to make a floral arrangement 10
how to make a floral arrangement 11

Once all the tulips are added to the vase, add a few more branches of eucalyptus.

how to make a floral arrangement 12

Doesn’t this arrangement look wonderful? It looks a lot nicer than the flowers that come in the plastic wrap. Haha.

Mother’s Day flowers can be arranged into a beautiful arrangement, you just need a vase and a few tools, and of course, some grocery store flowers!

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I am thrilled to share the amazing ideas my blogger girlfriends have put together for Mother’s Day.

Happy Happy Nester

Using only tulips, eucalyptus, roses and a few things from her garden, Janine created a beautiful floral bouquet.

Finding Lovely

Jackie from Finding Lovely created a sweet floral arrangement gift for Mother’s Day.

Modern Glam

Ashley from Modern Galm created a grocery store flower arrangement. Isn’t is gorgeous!

I hope our floral ideas have inspired you to create some affordable gifts for Mother’s Day!

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How to Make a Mother's Day Arrangement with Grocery Store Flowers

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  1. Such a wonderful arrangement. Honestly I get our flowers from the food market because they last 2 to 3 weeks. Always healthy and pretty. Our store has a wonderful selection too. Better than Trader Joe’s or florist.

    I agree with the plastic and wrapping them in parchment and a pretty ribbon is a wonderful idea.

    Happy Easter


  2. I took a flower arranging class in college (My advisor chastised me for wasting money on it, but honestly I used what l learned in it more than some courses in my major.). Anyway, we were told the dullest knife was better than the sharpest scissors for cutting stems. The scissors crush the water-absorbing parts of the stem.

  3. So beautiful Leslie! And what a walk down memory lane hearing the word “Vons”. That was our grocery store too growing up in southern California and now in New England we’ve had to get use to very different ones. Haha! Beautiful arrangement, loved the idea of presenting flowers with the brown paper and ribbon.

  4. Leslie, I love how you explained arranging the flowers, so simple yet your arrangement looks elegant.

    Happy Easter

  5. Love all the Beautiful flower arrangements. Thank you for your creativity and for sharing the beauty of it all!

  6. I am picking you up on my Facebook and Favorites pages.You go a lots of comments on my Facebook page

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