Pink Peonies Pillow DIY

Pink peonies are my absolute favorite flower and today I thought it might be fun to share a brand new pillow I just made.

This DIY pink peonies pillow took just under two hours to make. I made it with a pillow cover, stamps, and some paint. It was fortunate that it was a warm day because I put the pillow in the sun and the paint dried very quickly! Isn’t this a fun pink pillow?

Pink Peonies Pillow DIY.

The Easy Pink Peonies Pillow DIY

Pink Peonies Pillow DIY

I love making pillow covers and this new pink peonies pillow DIY did not disappoint. I wanted to make a simple, more modern pillow so I chose not to add the leaves. Don’t you think it turned out great?

Pink Peonies Pillow DIY

Be sure to head to the bottom of my post to see how some of my favorite bloggers styled their homes with peonies.

What You Need to Make this Pink Pillow

Pink Peonies Pillow DIY Supplies

Most of the supplies I already had for this pillow. I always have off-white pillow covers in my craft room. At last count, I have ten left. That should last me a while, don’t you think?

I chose a color palette of pinks with a tiny bit of orange to warm up the look of the flowers. I love to mix paints so you can see I used pink, white, orange, yellow, and green. The paintbrush I used has, um, been used a few times before, which is quite obvious!

I also used a paint brayer to apply the paint to the stamp/stencil.

I found a new stamp/stencil to make this pillow on Amazon. Isn’t it adorable? There are lots of other stamps to choose from here.

Pink Peonies Pillow DIY Stamp Patterns

Step-by-Step Instructions to Make This Pink Pillow

  • one – Mix up your paints on a large piece of parchment paper.
  • two – Using a light color, pre-stamp the flowers on your pillow. This will help you know where to add the paint in the next few steps. I just added them randomly to the pillow.
  • three – If the paint is too light, you can use a slightly darker color. I decided I wanted a darker color so I could actually see where I needed to paint
  • four – Next, paint over the stencil pattern, using a few colors for each flower.
  • five – Remember you only need to paint shapes, so don’t worry about painting them exactly.
  • six – This was what the pillow looked like before I added the green stems.
  • seven – This is what the painted flower looked like. See how there is very little detail? Let dry.
  • eight – Select a darker shade of the main color in your flower and add the paint to the stamp/stencil. Carefully place the stamp/stencil on top of the painted flower.
  • nine – Remove the stamp/stencil and see the detail that is added to the flower? It is amazing.

The last step is to let the pillow dry and then iron it. The heat from the iron will help set the acrylic paint so you can wash the pillow.

Here is a closeup of the finished pillow.

Pink Peonies Painted and Stamped Pillow

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Pink Peonies Pillow DIY

I love how this pink peonies pillow turned out!

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This DIY is so easy and I can think of a gazillion things I could make with this stamp. Below is everything you need to make one of these really cute pillows!

How cute would this be if you stamped/painted these flowers on the edges of a pillowcase and top sheet, or on a duvet cover and shams? Maybe a girl’s dress, a T-shirt for yourself, an apron or kitchen towels? The possibilities are endless!

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Pink Peonies Pillow DIY

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  1. I can’t imagine anything prettier than to walk into a home décor store and seeing a shelf full of your beautiful pillows. I think I would stand there till closing time, twirling my hair, trying to pick one to buy.

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