Simple Ways to Add Color to a Tablescape

Do you ever get bored with setting your table? I have some tips to help you easily create a beautiful tablescape by adding color.

With just a few simple steps, you can add color to your tablescape in a simple and affordable way.

Simple Ways to Add Color to a Tablescape Pink Copper
Simple Ways to Add Color to a Simple White Tablescape

Setting a pretty table is something that I love to do. I have been shopping at flea markets for years, collecting dinner and salad plates, glassware, silverware, really anything, and everything to set a table. I have a pretty large collection to pull from, but it made me stop and think, for someone who is just starting out, or someone who hasn’t collected for years, how can they achieve the same pretty tables, easily?

So I reverse engineered setting a colorful mix and match table and broke down the steps so that anyone can easily set a pretty, colorful tablescape.

Crating a White Neutral Tablescape

Simple Ways to Add Color to a Tablescape White

I started with a table set in all neutrals. I chose an ivory placemat, whitewashed charger plate, white dinner plate, white salad plate, white napkin, clear glassware, and white flowers for the centerpiece. This tablescape is simple and elegant, albeit a little boring, in my humble opinion.

For a lot of people, color can be a little intimidating. Neutral colors like white, ivory, cream and beige are the go-to color choices and for good reason, they create an incredible foundation. You can build any tablescape from a neutral base.

Let me show you how!

Adding Pink to a Tablescape

Simple Ways to Add Color to a Tablescape Pink

This is where the fun begins! To introduce a color element to the tablescape, I swapped out the white napkins for pink, changed the white centerpiece to a pink centerpiece, added a salad plate with a little bit of color, and introduced a pink water glass instead of the clear one.

Such simple changes, but they make a pretty big impact!

Adding a Small Amount of Blue to a Tablescape

Simple Ways to Add Color to a Tablescape Blue

Next, I did the same with a blue color palette. I swapped the napkins, centerpiece, salad plate, and goblets. The table, even though most of the elements remain unchanged, looks so different with just a few quick swaps.

A Gorgeous Pink Tablescape

Simple Ways to Add Color to a Tablescape Pink Copper

I thought it might be fun to even add more color to pink table, so I swapped out the leftover white elements like the placemat and charger and this pink table is now really popping! I love to use copper charger plates with pink, I think it is such a beautiful combination. These copper charger plates are so versatile. I use them to set a pink table, and a holiday table, they are gorgeous on a summer table and really go with every color dish I have!

An Amazing Blue tablescape

I did the same with the blue table, swapping the ivory placemat and white dinner plate for a blue placemat, colorful blue melamine plate, and added a green water glass. I love how the colors mix together, highlighting the blues on the table.

Simple Ways to Add Color to a Tablescape Blue Green

Comparing the Five Tablescapes

It is a little bit crazy how much each element of a tablescape has such an impression on the overall look. When you see all of the place setting side by side, you can really see the impact that the small changes and addition of color have on the overall look of the table.

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Adding pops of color to your table is an easy way to make it more festive and inviting. With just a few simple changes, you can create a tablescape that will really make an impression. Try out some of these ideas at your next gathering, and see how the added color transforms the atmosphere.

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Simple Ways to Add Color to a Tablescape

Below are links to some of my favorite table-setting items from placemats and chargers to dinner plates, salad plates, napkins, and glassware. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get some really amazing table decor!

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Simple Ways to Add Color to a Tablescape

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  1. Love the way you mix and match dishes and glassware and add beautiful flowers and candles. I would love to see a picture of your famous butler’s closet where you store all your dishes and glassware—the way it looks everyday… Some girls have a million pairs of shoes…dishes and glassware are my pleasure! What joy!

  2. These are such beautiful suggestions! I would love to purchase cloth napkins but a little intimidated by stain removal. What do you personally use to remove stains from tablecloths and linen napkins? Thank you for all your efforts to help us all with our homes and entertaining of friends!

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