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A New Space for Flower Design

I have a new space for flower design! I have a huge flower arranging area in the Carriage House and it feels like my own flower shop.

New Space for Flower Design

You know how much I love to arrange flowers. I finally found the best space for all of my flower design … in the Carriage House!

My New Floral Design Space

Until today, I always arranged flowers on my kitchen island. It was the only space large enough in our home to place the flowers and arrange them!

New Space for Flower Design

But there is a huge drawback to arranging flowers in your kitchen! Usually I am also preparing a meal for a dinner party so the space is tight. Plus, flower arranging makes a big mess.

I also had all of my vases in the basement, my flower arranging tools in the Butler’s Pantry, and the twine and wire in the Craft Room. All of these issues made flower arranging a not-so-fun task.

Until now!

As you can see below, I have designated one-half of the Carriage house the flower arranging area. This is my dream come true.

I can envision coming home from the LA Flower Mart or Trader Joe’s with a load full of fresh flowers, bypassing the kitchen door, and coming straight out to the backyard to create my flower designs. The Carriage House is in our backyard and there is so much workspace and everything I need is now in one place.

New Space for Flower Design

A Place for Faux Flowers

I bought this vintage French flower stand a few years ago. It was in the living room for years and recently it has been up on the third floor. But now my flower stand has a permanent home in the Carriage House. You might have guessed that I use this flower stand to hold all of my faux flowers.

New Space for Faux Flowers

Just so you know, these are my spring and summer faux flowers. The fall and holiday faux flowers are still on the third floor. I know, I have a bad faux flower addiction! And don’t forget, I love to mix faux and fresh flowers in my flower design arrangements.

Faux Flower Storage

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The Flower Arranging Counter

Here is a great view of the flower arranging area. I have gloves, clippers, and tools in the drawers plus items in the metal corrugated canisters. The vintage off-white brick molds are where I store all of my flower frogs. I have vases on the shelves and more down below. You can see I store my floral oasis in the vintage galvanized bucket.

I just finished arranging flowers so I thought it made sense to leave a few fresh greens on the floor. There were a lot more on the floor before I took this photo!

A New Space for Flower Design

One of my favorite things about this area is the view outside this window. It’s such a great view of our backyard. I just love it.

A New Space for Flower Design

In case you are wondering where I got this counter, it was in the Carriage House when we bought the house in 1998 from Dave’s parents. For all I know, it could be original to the house. A few years ago I painted it and added the new handles.

Since it’s old and beat up, I don’t care that it is a working area for flowers. It is perfect!

New Space for Flower Design

I hope you like my new space. This really is a dream come true and it is important to note that the only thing I bought for this space is the table in the back with the vintage crocks on the bottom shelf. (Check out my blog post titled Why I Love to Collect Vintage Crocks.) Everything else I already owned and just pulled it all together in one place.

I cannot wait to create floral designs next weekend for my daughter-in-law’s birthday dinner!

Space for Flower Design

The space is absolutely perfect. It’s like Christmas is here and this is the best present ever! I have a feeling you are going to see a lot more fresh floral arrangements in our home.

I should mention that I also have a solution for where I store flowers (after they are arranged but before they are needed) in the hot summer months. That would be in the wine cellar! (Did you know I actually served dinner in our wine cellar?)

Yes, it was nice and chilly. My husband wore a down jacket for dinner …

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a flower arranging room?

If you like to arrange flowers then you might want to consider creating a flower arranging area or room in your home. I struggled with arranging flowers on our kitchen island and started with a flower arranging area. It was small but kind of worked. Then I created a large area in our Carriage House and now I have the perfect place for my floral designs.

What do I need to create a flower arranging area or room?

First you need a large counter or table to hold the flowers and also to do the arranging. You will want to add some cutting tools, vases, bins to hold flowers, scissors, and twine to your room. Of course you will need flowers! I also store our faux flowers in our flower arranging room.

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11 Responses

  1. I also love flower arranging and it’s always in my kitchen. Would love to have your space! So beautiful as well as functional. Happy arranging.

  2. I have one of those brick molds and am just realizing I probably should have gotten a couple more at the vintage fair. I think a good idea for you to feature is to choose an item like that, that we would see at a flea market or vintage fair, and show several different uses for it. I have mine on table with seasonal fillers. We see such fun things at the market but can’t always imagine how we might use it. Just a thought. I love all your creative idea!

  3. Oh, I envy you this space! Flower arranging is my hobby and I use strictly faux so, as you know, the materials can really take over your life. I live in a one-bedroom apartment so must rent storage space and the only place I have to work is the pass-through counter in my kitchen. What with the foam and moss, I have to admit it is a messy hobby, but the only craft that really makes my heart sing. Enjoy this lovely creative space.

  4. Your planting room is just perfect!!! I’m a tad jealous, I have to say. It’s just beautiful. Every part of it. I’m wondering where you got your cute sign??? I just love every one of your posts! You’re so creative and I love your happy, excited about life attitude! You really pick me up and keep me going so thank you again, for sharing your talents and gifts.

  5. Ooh! I love your flower arranging room. I, too, arrange flowers in my kitchen and I am forever finding flower clippings.
    Blessings to you,

  6. Your flower arranging area is beautiful and perfect! The view is wonderful. It is nice to have an area devoted to a particular chore. Just makes it easier and fun!♡

    1. I bought it but check out my blog post “How to Organize Ribbons in your Craft Room” for more options!

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