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How many days until Thanksgiving? Thirty! But let’s not panic. Let’s talk about how not to get caught up in the hype of the holidays, ok?

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Thanks for joining me for Sunday morning coffee. Today I am sharing my weekly thoughts about entertaining, decor, crafts, recipes, and staying calm as we get ready for the holidays!

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Thirty days.

How is that possible?

And to make it worse, there are only sixty days until Christmas.

The holidays have always been one of my favorite times of the year. Once Halloween has come and gone and the grocery shelves are replaced by pumpkin pie fixings and boxes of bread cubes for stuffing, my excitement begins to build. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. In our family, this holiday is to celebrate the people around our table with gratitude and thanks and to share an incredible meal.

I love the decorating, the cooking, the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Sometimes, however, we are moving so quickly towards a goal, that the process of meeting the goal is clouded and sometimes even lost. This year, I am going to slow down and savor each and every aspect of the holidays and not get caught up in the hype. I am very grateful that all of my children will be home for Thanksgiving this year.

The Best Thanksgiving Plates

I mentioned yesterday on my Instagram about some heart surgery I have scheduled in about a week. It came up suddenly and kind of got me thinking that I need to slow down and enjoy every day even more than I have. To be honest, had this not come up, would I have been so determined to slow down and enjoy the holidays?

Who knows! But probably not.

I think we have all come to a place where gratitude is something that we think about more than ever before and perhaps differently than we have in the past. It’s about gratitude for those around us. Gratitude for the ability to gather in whatever form that may be, in person or virtually. Gratitude for the big and the small things in our lives. And gratitude for the things that we may have overlooked or taken for granted in the past.

I am going to be purposeful in my planning these next two months. As I prepare for the holidays, I intend first and foremost to enjoy the process. I plan to take extra time to enjoy cooking every meal and I am going to slow down when setting the table to appreciate the beauty that unfolds as the table comes together. I plan to enjoy the process of arranging flowers, beginning with selecting which flowers to purchase at the market and determining the layers of texture and color the different flowers and greenery will create.

My goal this year is to think about my family and friends and how to thoughtfully create a holiday experience that makes everyone feel loved, honored, and appreciated. To gather together and celebrate each other. To enjoy the food and conversation and all that we mean to each other.

We are planning to take our family holiday photo over the Thanksgiving weekend. The annual holiday photo is honestly one of my favorite things that we do together. When our family gets together, my heart swells to see how much my boys and daughter-in-law truly love and enjoy each other. Capturing how much we care about each other always finds its way into a photo or two amongst handfuls of silly and outtake photos.

If you look closely, you can see many of our Christmas picture photos in our upstairs hallway.

How many days until Thanksgiving

Here are some close-ups of old family photos!

Looking back at these photos of our family over the years reminds me again to slow down and enjoy. To take in every moment for what it is, rather than planning the next. To be present in the present because it really does go by so quickly.

If you don’t slow down, then look what happens! They grow up.

Family Over Everything

But don’t worry. Having grown kids and a daughter-in-law is just so much fun!

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Some of My Favorite Thanksgiving Decor

Outdoor Thanksgiving Decor

With family and friends coming to our home for Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving, I like to update our porch with outdoor Thanksgiving decor. Our covered porch has a fireplace and heaters in the ceiling, so it’s the perfect spot to spend afternoons having cocktails and appetizers with the heaters on. After dinner, we light candles and wrap up in blankets with hot toddies and dessert in hand. We curl up in front of the fire and talk for hours and hours into the wee hours of the night.

Decorate Your Home with Outdoor Fall Decor

Looking for new outdoor Thanksgiving decor? I have curated some of my favorites for you below. Just click the photos to check out the items.

Shop This Look

Reflections on the Week

Last week, I made some decisions about plates, arranged flowers faux and real, made some yummy recipes, made a beautiful table runner, and shared what my Thanksgiving table will look like. Click on any of the titles below to read more.

Good Things From Martha

I just received my November issue of Martha Stewart Living and can’t wait to immerse myself in this gorgeous issue!

What’s Ahead for the Week

I am going to try to complete two weeks of content next week so that I can take some time off after my surgery. Next week is going to be amazing as I have some really fun ideas to share! Have you ever had Purple Sweet Potato Pie? It’s just so good! I am also making a new fall wreath and some napkin rings, which will be a first! Next, I am making some fall cookies, a really cool idea for chargers, and a Thanksgiving food checklist. This will be a great tool we can all use to plan our Thanksgiving dinners!

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How Many Days Until Thanksgiving

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  1. Good Sunday Morning lovely family good to see this in this day and time 🙏for your surgery and a fast recovery I enjoy your email very much love your engery I use to have that to but things change ……Hapoy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁🍁

  2. Blessings on a speedy recovery from surgery and know you have the positive attitude to achieve a successful outcome. Yes gratitude is what I believe many of us should practice every day to balance our days. Because I don’t do Instagram did I miss details when you hosted the giveaway of a trip to your Texas place? Reflections on that might be a relaxing post you could blog about during recuperation.

  3. Leslie, I am concerned about your surgery. And more concerned about your recovery afterwards because I know what a live wire you are. Please slow down and follow the doctor’s instructions. Rest is important to your returning to the ball of fire that you are. Sending up many prayers🙏🙏

  4. Lifting you in prayer with your heart surgery.
    I enjoy your posts so much. Thank you for all the wonderful inspirations.
    Take care.

  5. Good thoughts and prayers for your health and surgery. Try not to over do it too soon after and allow yourself to recover. You’ll be “thankful” that you give your body and mind time to recover. We will all be here when you’re ready go get back to it! 🙏🤗

  6. Everyday when I read your blog, I’m in complete ah of your amazing talents at everything you do. I hope you consider doing a book, I’d be the first in line to buy it! I have a question regarding your dining tables, both in your home here and in Waco. Can you tell me the source and name of the tables please?
    Thank you for all the joy and beauty you share every day!

  7. Prayers and thoughts are with you all the way. Take time to rest and fully recover. We are with you and will be here when you return. God bless you and all your family.

  8. Your words reflect mine exactly
    Somehow with COVID and other things going on in my family, this year feels even more important to celebrate and cherish
    I’m so looking forward to the same things… setting a beautiful table from head to toe , delicious favorite family recipes , and spending quality time with those I love the most

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