A Tablescape in Thanksgiving Colors


I loved creating this tablescape in my new Thanksgiving colors. I made the table runner and used a vintage flea market bowl for my holiday centerpiece.

A Tablescape in Thanksgiving Colors 6

This has been a fun week gathering and creating everything for my Thanksgiving table. I love these new Thanksgiving colors and I am so excited that I have everything planned out for the big Turkey day!

Thanksgiving Colors Redefined

A Tablescape in Thanksgiving Colors

I am absolutely in love with how this Thanksgiving tablescape turned out. I think the key to why I love it so much is that it is very much a Thanksgiving tablescape, but with Thanksgiving colors redefined.

I mixed and matched my plates starting with my favorite brown Spode Delamere plates. What I love about these plates is that while they are brown, which is one of the traditional Thanksgiving colors, they are still primarily white and very floral. They are a nod to Thanksgiving colors, but not an over the top, turkey in the middle of your plate kind of pattern. Subtle, maybe that is the word I am looking for.

A Tablescape in Thanksgiving Colors 2

I found these vintage plates not long ago at the rose bowl Flea Market and fell in love with them. I love the floral pattern, again, it is subtle, not a frilly floral and the plates looked beautiful on top of the Spode Delamere plates. I love the rope detail around the edge of the plates. The pattern is by Johnson Brothers Windsor Ware and is called Garden Bouquet. I think the purples in the plate are what make it blend so well with the browns in the Spode Delamere plate. I did find the Garden Bouquet plates on Amazon. Mine are 9″ these are almost 10″ so I think they are the same). They are used and sold by a seller through Amazon. Maybe you can beat me and buy them first. Ready, set, go!

The combination of the plates set the tone for a Thanksgiving tablescape that is just a little bit different but has the feel of Thanksgiving colors. Perhaps what I have created is updated, redefined Thanksgiving colors. Whatever it is, I absolutely love it.

Thanksgiving Table Runner

A Tablescape in Thanksgiving Colors

I shared the Thanksgiving table runner with you that I made using the Iron Orchid Designs stamps. I was able to customize the colors that I painted inside of the stamped leaves on the table runner to coordinate with the plates. Thanksgiving colors are the basis for my Thanksgiving table, but I took some artistic license and added some pinks and purples to reflect the colors in the plates and flowers.

Vintage Flea Market Bowl Centerpiece

A Tablescape in Thanksgiving Colors 5

One of my favorite things to do is to use things for their unintended purpose. I found a wonderful white ironstone bowl at a vintage flea market and decided to use it for the holiday centerpiece. I lined the bowl with plastic wrap and then added floral foam that I had soaked in water.

I used grocery store flowers to create this holiday centerpiece and I think it’s pretty amazing. It’s pretty incredible to take a regular serving bowl and grocery store flowers and be able to create something so beautiful!

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A Tablescape in Thanksgiving Colors 3

I also mixed and matched chargers. I made two fall leaf chargers with Iron Orchid Designs moulds with a leaf motif, but didn’t have enough time to make four more, so instead, I added four gold and off-white chargers that I already had. If you don’t have enough of something to set an entire table, just mix and match!

A Tablescape in Thanksgiving Colors 3

Once I got the Thanksgiving table runner, chargers, plates, and holiday centerpiece on the table, I tried a number of different water glasses and wine glasses until I settled on my beloved cranberry glass. Cranberry has got to be a Thanksgiving color, right? How can it not be? There will be cranberries on the table as well as cranberry glass! Cranberries all around.

Thanksgiving Colors

I know these colors are different but aren’t they just wonderful?

A Tablescape in Thanksgiving Colors 1

I have been collecting cranberry glass for years. I just love how the light reflects the light in these glasses.

A Tablescape in Thanksgiving Colors

Everything you need to set a beautiful Thanksgiving table, including the plates. Click the links below to stock up early!

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A Tablescape in Thanksgiving Colors

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  1. Beautiful! You did a great job and I love the color combination especially the cranberry glass. Isn’t putting a tablescape together therapeutic? 🙂

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! I have never been a lover of browns, yellows and oranges (except on the trees when they change), so these colors fit my taste so well! Great job!

  3. Love the color palette. When you think about it, so many of the changing trees have bright red leaves. The more toned down, rosy red, mixed with the greens, yellows and burnt orange is stunning.

  4. I so appreciate how uniquely beautiful your
    table setting is! Festive and lovely.

    Thank for sharing your creativeness with us. I
    know you help me break away from the repetitive
    approach with my decorating as well as recipes.

    Wishing you all the best,

  5. It’s the mixing of all the different beautiful pieces including your gorgeous silverware , then adding gorgeous colors on top that I just truly love!

  6. Leslie, I follow you and Karianne everday. I got her email just before I got yours. I love the table runner and will probably make it, just for a new twist. I asked Karianne how to transport Thanksgiving dinner for 20 200 hundred miles away any suggestions would be most appreciated. Love you and Karianne.

    Kim xoxo

  7. I love the deep pinks in your tablescape; the pink glassware and centerpiece look spectacular together! You have so many different dishes and centerpiece vessels. I wish you would show us in future emails how you store all your dishes, glassware and centerpiece items. Do you keep them in a large pantry, a storage shed or a basement? (Do people even have basements in California?) How do you organize it all? I’m also addicted to dishes, but storage is becoming a problem.

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