Easy Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements


Today I am sharing three Thanksgiving flower arrangements, one fresh, one faux, and one mixed! I think you are going to like the results.

This year I am planning out my Thanksgiving flower arrangements in advance. I need a lot of arrangements for the four tables I will be setting and I am not sure if I want fresh, faux, or a mixture of both. Before you know which is which, pick your favorite.

Easy Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements

Hold that thought for a minute.

Make it Pretty

Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements

Easy Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements

Before I sat down to write this blog post, I thought it might make sense to think about the Thanksgiving flower arrangements I had made years ago.

But then something happened.

I have no recollection at all of ever making Thanksgiving centerpieces.

Assuming I am not suffering from memory loss, I think I know what happened. Every year I am so focused on preparing the meal that the flowers always seem to end up as an afterthought.

And are likely thrown together at the last minute.

Three Options for Arrangements

Hence, that’s why this post is about three different options for Thanksgiving centerpieces. They include a beautiful fresh flower arrangement using grocery store flowers, an arrangement that is part faux and part fresh, and one that is all faux branches and faux flowers.

All three are great and would be wonderful on our Thanksgiving tables.

You have to promise that you will let me know which one you liked best in the comments. Before you knew which one was which.

Fresh Thanksgiving Flowers Bowl Arrangement

Easy Thanksgiving Fresh Flower Arrangement 4

I picked up some flowers at Trader Joe’s which included seeded eucalyptus, roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, and alstroemeria.

Easy Thanksgiving Fresh Flower Arrangement 0

I bought this bowl a while ago, and I always seem to use it for flower arrangements. It’s vintage ironstone and I love it for arrangements because it is low on the table so that people can see each other across the table.

Here are the steps to arrange the flowers:

  • one – Line the bowl with plastic and fill it with wet floral foam. Cut and add the roses.
  • two – Continue adding the roses.
  • three – Add the tulips, eucalyptus, alstroemeria, and chrysanthemums.

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Faux Thanksgiving Flowers

Faux Thanksgiving flowers

Well, these faux flowers look pretty incredible. I grabbed all of the fall-colored faux flowers in the Carriage House and arranged them in this vase.

Easy Thanksgiving Faux Flower Arrangement 1

This silver vase is actually a $5 flea market find. It is not fancy, not old, and pretty cheap. (And of course, it’s not real silver!) But I love it. Don’t look too closely or you may notice how the top of the vase is a bit crooked.

As you can see, I added the faux hydrangeas, maple leaves, and a few paper flowers which I made a few years ago. Isn’t it amazing how great they look? This centerpiece took literally five minutes to put together and is so gorgeous, that you would never know it!

Fresh and Faux Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

I used the same flowers for the mixed floral arrangements and I used a ceramic vintage planter that I bought at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Easy Thanksgiving Fresh and Faux Flower Arrangement 1

Once I had the fresh flowers in the pot, I added faux hydrangeas and some gorgeous faux maple leaves. The key to mixing fresh and faux flowers is to only use faux flowers with plastic stems.

Why is that? Because the faux stem needs to be able to hold together while it sits in the water.

Easy Thanksgiving Fresh and Faux Flower Arrangement 2

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So which one do you like the best? It doesn’t matter of course. All that matters is that you know you have options for your Thanksgiving flower arrangements.

Do something easy that looks great and don’t overthink it! I think I will use all three on my tables this year!

Easy Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements

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Three fall flower arrangements ... one fresh, one faux, and one with a bit of fresh and faux!

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  1. I love your good ideas and how to copy them.
    Also love it that you don’t need the most expensive things to create the most beautiful.
    Such fun to follow you, Leslie- 🧡

  2. Love them all but I think the all-faux one in the silver vase is my favorite. The shape of the arrangement is gorgeous, and the way the light comes through the leaves — really beautiful! Thanks for yet another wonderful post and such great inspiration. Time to go arrange some flowers!

  3. I liked the all faux arrangement best and was guessing it was probably all faux. However, that doesn’t make it any less beautiful!! All the arrangements are incredible and I would choose any of them. I like how you show putting them together. That’s always the hard part for me!

  4. I liked the all faux one the best. Would love to see your paper flowers close up!
    I’d like to be just like you when I grow up…..or at least a best bud! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. They are ALL gorgeous, but the first one is my favorite. The colors are beautiful and the arrangement is a perfect centerpiece.💛🍷🧡 Fabulous!🤩

  6. All three are beautiful in their own way. Your talents are amazing and so varied. The fresh flower is my favorite.

  7. My favorite is the faux arrangement in the tall silver vase, but those yellow and orange roses are really pretty, too.

  8. The arrangements are beautiful, Leslie. Question for the Fiesta flower arrangement, you stated that you line the bowl with plastic? Do you line it with Saran Wrap or find a plastic bowl to insert inside the larger bowl?

  9. FRESH❤️ Faux is ok if kept far enough away but when it’s right in front of you on a dining table, fresh is always the way to go in my opinion.

  10. I like them all but the fresh one is my favorite. I think there’s something about the height of the arrangement and the colors that make it special. I am enjoying reading all about your fall decorating and Thanksgiving prep.

  11. Always fresh when it’s so close to everyone like it will be on a dining table… Nonetheless I love fresh flowers but most especially for any special occasion.

  12. All fresh flowers is my pick too Leslie. TJ’s has such beautiful flowers out now, so you will plenty in your color choices this Thanksgiving.

  13. Nothing beats natural, so fresh flowers for me!
    Although I must admit the fresh and faux mix had piqued my curiousity! I ‘ll have to think about that some. Since I’m currently on a downsizing/ Swedish death cleaning bent I’m not sure about going faux at all! Lol
    Great inspiration, as always!

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