How to Host a Zoom Dinner Party

My family and I participated in a Zoom wine tasting dinner. It was so much fun that I think we should all host our own Zoom Dinner Party. Let me show you how!

Zoom Wine Dinner

Our family participated in a fun dinner this week and I wanted to share it with you. It was a Zoom Dinner and I absolutely loved it. And of course, that got me thinking … why couldn’t I host a Zoom Dinner Party myself?

So today I am going to share How to Host a Zoom Dinner Party.

But first, let me share the amazing one we participated in this week.

Dinner Table Set for Zoom Dinner

The Dinner was hosted by San Gabriel Country Club and featured a fully prepared dinner and wines from Dao Winery.  The only catch was we all had to enjoy the dinner at our own homes.

There were five of us so I set a nice table outside on the back porch for our dinner. This table and amazing chairs are from Arhaus.

I love our back porch so much!

Dinner Party via Zoom

The dinner and wine tasting all took place over Zoom, which if you aren’t familiar with, is an online conference call and video service. 

At the end of our lovely table, was my laptop! This allowed us to watch the chef and winemaker explain our dinner!

Dinner with Zoom

My husband picked up the dinner late in the afternoon, which was a lot more bags than I expected. It also included four bottles of wine to enjoy for the wine tasting.

Dinner is delivered

This is what it looked like after I unpacked the bags. 

Dinner delivered  

Dinner and the Zoom call started at 6:30 so I went ahead and put the 3rd and 4th courses in the oven to warm. Next, I plated the first course. The first course consisted of bread, cheese, grapes, nuts, apricot jam, and honey.

This is what it looked like in the package.

1st Course

I decided to have some fun with plating this course and here is what I came up with, If anything, this shows how important presentation is with any meal!

First course

The second course was a salad with smoked trout that I must say was amazing!

2nd Course

I pulled out my Spode dishes and Matt helped me plate our second course.

Plating the Second Course

Each course was presented on the Zoom call by the chef and the winemaker. We learned a lot about both and then tasted the wines that were provided with the dinner.

We even took notes and decided which wines we might want to buy more of during dinner.

Wine Tasting Zoom Dinner

The 3rd course was a Crab cake with lobster sauce. These were in the oven heating up and when served were the perfect temperature.

3rd Course

Don’t these look amazing after they are plated?

zoom dinner second course

I forgot to take a photo of the “before” of the main course. I ended up emptying out all of the containers and combining each item in pans to heat up in the oven. The short ribs were fabulous and they were served with potatoes and vegetables. Yum. The Cabernet Sauvignon served with the dinner was fabulous too.

fourth course for dinnerr

Dessert was a coffee-flavored Tiramasu. I don’t eat desserts, but everyone loved it!

Final Dessert Course

How to Host Your Own Zoom Dinner Party

The minute the dinner was over, I started thinking about how I could host my own Zoom Dinner Party.

It’s not that hard, and there are a lot of different ways it could be done. To start with, you need to invite say,  four couples to your Zoom dinner. Technically, they will all have dinner at their own homes, but you will all enjoy it together.

So what about the food?

  1. I am considering preparing the food like the dinner we just had and then having our friends come over and pick it up off of our front porch. Wine could be included.
  2. You could also consider sending out recipes and having each couple cook their own, but the same dinner from the recipes.
  3. You could all order dinner from the same restaurant and have it delivered to each couple. This, of course, would be the easiest.

Next, you need to set up a Zoom call. Encourage your guests to set a fun table. Of course, they need a laptop at the table for the Zoom call. I think I would also print dinner menus that each couple could have at the table.

Zoom Dinner

When dinner time arrives, everyone just signs in to the Zoom call and enjoys dinner together. But separate. 

I just love this idea.

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How to Host a Zoom Dinner Party

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  1. I just came across your blog and started following. What a lovely blog you have. I love all your ideas and recipes. I look forward to each posting.

  2. Leslie,
    I loved this idea. The party idea and presentation looks amazing.

    You have inspired me.

    1. That is so great, love hearing how people are still navigating new ways of staying connected!

  3. Looks great! So did your husband deliver each set of the meals to your family? Or did they come by to pick them up? I see five sets of meals….sorry you didn’t comment on that part? Just curious as I understand the process up to that point! 🥰🥰

  4. Looks like a great night with you guys, of course. One question, was their crab cakes as good as YOURS? 🙂

  5. I too wondered if the crab cakes were as good as Leslie’s, she is a pro with creating those delicious morsels,

  6. Great fun! Did they provide photos of the plated dishes or were you on your own to figure that out.
    I think stuff like this has tons of possibilities for parties or fund raisers in the coming months. I mean, give me the choice of getting all dressed up, making small talk with people I don’t know very well and worrying about not having more than a few sips of wine (because, driving!) vs being treated to something like this at home – I’ll pony up extra for that fund raiser, buy more of the offered wine or bid higher at that auction!
    OK, I’ll miss being wowed by beautiful synchronized service for course after course, but I’ll get over it!

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