Summer Decor Ideas for the Family Room

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I have refreshed my entire home for summer and today I am sharing some summer decor ideas for the Family Room.

There is no doubt that the family room is where we spend most of our time in our home. We love to watch sports, converse as a family, binge-watch some great shows, and enjoy great meals. The family room is our most used room and I love the new summer decor refresh in this room!

Summer Decor Ideas for the Family Room

I bought these new throw pillow covers with zippers. Aren’t they wonderful?

The Family Room

Summer Decor Ideas for the Family Room

I am so excited to share my family room summer decor idea. We finished a quick refresh in our family room and the sage green looks fabulous. This was a pretty easy refresh. The only items I purchased for this were some pillow covers and a sage green throw.

Everything else I already owned!

Whenever I share this room I get asked about our paint color. So I am going to direct you to my Paint Colors so you can get the details of this amazing taupe/sage/grey color.

Summer Decor Ideas for the Family Room

The Summer Palette

My summer color palette for summer is tan and sage green. I am testing this palette for the Beach House remodel. If I like it then I am going to do it there. And so far I loe it!

You can see the kitchen refresh that I already completed here.

Summer Decor Ideas for the Family Room

One of the reasons why I use a sage green palette frequently in our home is because we already own a lot of items in this color palette. I bought these chairs from Crate & Barrel over twenty years ago and they are the best color ever! Sage green!

Here are some of the pillows I bought for our family room. Aren’t they awesome?

Summer Decor Ideas for the Family Room

I love our slipcovered sofas. They are easy to clean and have lasted a very long time.

Summer Decor Ideas for the Family Room

You can see I got a new sage green cotton throw that will be needed even during the summer. Sometimes the nights cool down here and the air conditioning can get cold too so a lightweight throw is such a nice item to have close by.

Summer Decor Ideas for the Family Room

To see this Karastan Rug by Bobby Berk, click here.

Family Room Art on the Walls

I love the art in our family room.

Just so you know, this is our TV. We have a Samsung Frame TV and the Deco Art Frame. And I change the art on our TV every few months. I love that everyone thinks this is original art (well maybe not this painting!) but I can pick from hundreds of paintings to display on our TV.

Family Room Refresh

I created a few vignettes in our family room using a mixture of new and vintage items. All of the flowers you see are faux. I really like using faux flowers in my decor and fresh flowers on my tables. Obviously, the faux flowers last an entire season.

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Whenever I change the colors for the season, I have to make sure I do the kitchen and the family room at the same time. The reason is that they are so close and the two rooms are open to one another.

You can see how well the two rooms work together with their new green/sage decor.

Summer Decor Ideas for the Family Room

Actually, the flowers on the dining table in our family room are faux. I actually made most of them out of crepe paper.

Summer Decor Ideas for the Family Room

I love the new seating arrangement in our family room. About a month ago I finally repositioned the couches so that when the boys are in town we have enough seating to watch a game or movie.

Summer Decor Ideas for the Family Room

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Summer Decor Ideas for the Family Room

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Summer Decor Ideas for the Family Room

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    1. Leslie, I look forward to seeing your emails every day!!! You are awesome!
      I would love to know where you got the container your rolling pins are in.
      I get so many great ideas from you!!

  1. so many things to go, the shabby coffee table, the ladder fixture, old locker??, wall lantern with fabric??,
    you seem to have such diverse decorating taste, either pretty (ideas to copy), or needs to go to the curb!
    all that said, it’s your house, your taste, and that’s what is important.
    just expressing my opinion, know you would come to my house and say the same thing, lol.
    still have envy over lots of this house!!

    1. Actually, if I came to your house I would never say that. We all see beauty in things and if you love it then it is beautiful. That’s how I feel about my table, chandelier, and lockers. It’s totally fine if you don’t like them. That’s your opinion. But I would never say that to you. I promise.

      1. Very well stated. Each of us has our individual tastes and style, which makes our homes unique to us and gives others a glimpse into our lives and who we are. Leslie, you are kind. And considerate. Every aspect of your home is lovely. Your response comes from a place within your heart that exudes kindness and grace.

  2. I love how you can refresh your home, and how functional and beautiful each and every item is! Where is the rug in the family room from? I love how it can go with so many other colors and not look basic. It adds so much warmth and always adapts to what’s around it!

    1. I just added the link to the rug in my blog post. Isn’t it fabulous? I love that Our lab Sport loves it as much as we do!

  3. Your entire home is you ! It is peaceful and beautiful and filled with things you love and many others of us love as well. It is timeless.
    I’ll never understand why people feel it necessary to make such remarks as the earlier response and I noticed it’s not the first time ! If you don’t like a particular design then don’t follow someone who radiates that design. It’s very simple .

  4. Thanks Erin.
    I truly do believe that it is wonderful that we can decorate our homes in a way that we love. We will never please everyone and comments like this never bother me because I don’t think they are meant to me mean. I just think sometimes people comment before they think how their words can or may be interpreted.

  5. Love your classy response to unsolicited advice. I especially love your family room rug and those pillow covers. Thanks for sharing the links!

  6. I have been in your home Leslie and whatever you decide to redecorate will always look well thought out, thats who you are and your homes has beautiful bones, pink polka dots would look fine.

  7. Leslie
    Your style is unique, interesting AND often sparks something to change in my house; NOW if a comment comes in negative about your dear lab Sport that would be ‘fighting words’!

  8. Your house is beautiful. I’m sorry for people who say such ugly things.Keep posting I love seeing your posts.

  9. The room looks so fresh and pretty! Love all the muted greens mixed with natural colors! Our homes should be a comfort to us where our family finds serenity and peaceful feelings. I’m sure your boys find that when they walk through the door!

  10. Omg I cant believe that comment! Your house is beautiful I love it all!! Mary, have you ever heard, if you can’t say anything nice dont say anything!! I would never ever, if you dont like it look elsewhere, there are many styles!!
    I love your style!! The locker’s are the best!!

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